Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E2 – “Mo’ Marriage, Mo’ Problems”

Total Divas Season 3 - Header

- I thought John Cena handled that rather well. I can tell you right now that he’s just pissed about the lying.

- “You mean how I have sex for kickpads?” – Awesome line from Bryan.

- Rosa Mendes is definitely a nice addition. At least visually.

- I know Trinity is trying to make Cameron feel better but what she’s saying is quite possible. Diesel was Shawn Michaels “bodyguard” and ended up winning the WWF Championship first. Cameron ABSOLUTELY needs a ton of training but this will at least keep her on TV.

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Quick Hits: Total Divas S3 E1 – “Eggs Over Freezing”

Total Divas Season 3 - Header


- Nice job leading off this season with a recap of WrestleMania 30. It gives the viewer a reasonable timeline of where this season picks up.

- Since when did lingerie become suitable for ANY sort of family invitation?

- It’s really cool to see Rosa Mendes clean and sober but Nattie’s right. It’s all about suits and conservation dresses when backstage at the “Corporation” even when they encourage racy when on TV.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 9.15.14

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Be A Star John!

RAW started with Paul Heyman in the ring. Heyman said he is here to give us a preview of what will happen at Night of Champions. Heyman hummed Cena’s music then mocked kids cheering for him. Then said his client Brock Lesnar will come down. He said people could boo if they want but Lesnar will give them more to boo about this Sunday. John Cena then came out. Cena asked Heyman where Lesnar was. Heyman stumbled around the question. Cena said he told Heyman last week that if Lesnar wasn’t here he was going to fight him. Heyman said if it is a fight Cena wants it is a fight Cena will get. Heyman introduced Lesnar but then laughed. Heyman said Lesnar’s private plane was delayed but he will be here. Heyman said he thinks he knew Lesnar’s plane was delayed and called out Lesnar now because he knew he wasn’t here. Heyman applauded Cena for playing the hero character so well. Heyman tried to leave but Cena stopped him. Cena said if Lesnar isn’t here in 80 minutes he will kick Heyman’s ass. Cena said he didn’t trust Heyman and put him in a headlock all the way to the back.

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My Thoughts: WWE RAW 9.15.14 (Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins)

WWE Raw Header - 2014


#1~ There’s definitely something wrong when its a special event when the WWE World Heavyweight Champion shows up for WORK!

#2~ I wonder why Kane is considered “Corporate Kane” now but not when he was in the Corporation stable during the Attitude Era… Is it just the elbow pads and slacks? He’s definitely had a very strange Hall Of Fame career.

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10 Thoughts on Smackdown 9.12.14 (Mark Henry, Bellas, Mark Henry, Bo Dallas, AJ Lee, Seth Rollins)

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

1. Smackdown is kicking off with an exciting 8 man tag team match because WWE is always looking for exciting new ways to do the same matches over and over again. You know a plus is that we don’t have to watch these teams in two separate individual matches later. I don’t mean to sound so cynical about these wrestlers because I do think that all four teams (Rowan and Harper, Usos, Star and Gold Dust and yes – even Mark Henry and Big Show) are actually perfectly capable of putting on interesting matches. I didn’t even totally hate this match, but it was all about the Usos and The Dust family so there was really no reason to have the others involved. I guess when you ask for different matches on Smackdown than you get on Raw you have to accept these baby steps.

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What’s Best for Business for Daniel Bryan?


Daniel Bryan was an indie god then the WWE machine swallowed him up and quote un quote re taught him the right way. Bryan mentored under The Miz (hate that or not but The Miz gets the business side of pro wrestling) and made his debut wrestling under his real name (Bryan Danielson); he even had a match against John Cena. Then, for reasons I will never understand, was released for choking ring announcer Justin Roberts during an NXT angle on Raw. Bryan was brought back and the rest is current history. Daniel’s time was now and it came together perfectly until Bryan’s not young body needed surgery and now multiple surgeries. Since Bryan’s departure, (which according to most dirt sheets was going to drop the title to Brock Lesnar instead John Cena did.) the three former members of The Shield have taken up major singles competition roles, Dolph Ziggler’s stock seems to be rising again and NXT is starting to fill up with guys that can easily fit the mold of Bryan. (Sami Zyan, Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze, Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt) After Daniel heels up, same around the time of the Royal Rumble, as much as it will be a huge return I can’t see the WWE puting Daniel right back into the same spot he was in last Wrestlemania season. His return will be great, he will more than likely be put into some sort of angle with The Authority, unless the program between Nikki and Brie Bella fizzles out; but what after that? Daniel Bryan will have gone from the, arguably, number one babyface in the WWE to the number four or five behind Cena, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and maybe a Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler or Cesaro. Should Daniel Bryan go back into the mid card of doom and allow the WWE to waste the prime years he was left in his in ring career or should he go command  records price booking fees and become the Kind of the Indies?

Once upon a time before the WWE went on an almost ten year pirate like theft of every indy god there was on the planet Bryan Danielson was ROH Champion and on top of the world. He wrestled everyone who was anyone including new WWE signing KENTA. But eventually the WWE came calling and the rest is history. The difference between Bryan’s post WWE return to the independent circuit to what could possibly become another one is Daniel’s name is much bigger on a global scale. If he decided breaking down his body to help benefit the WWE and not just himself he could easily command record prices for appearances and demand almost ridiculous numbers to wrestle for the major indy promotions; not to mention his wife remains under a pretty good contract with the WWE one would assume.

News broke yesterday that Bryan could return as soon as Survivor Series. Sure, the pop will be huge but how ‘huge’ will the plans be for Bryan once he comes back? He was supposed to job to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam anyhow, so what was the game plan for him after that? I’m afraid the WWE is more emotionally and financially invested in the “Yes” chants and shirts than they are the man that evokes it from the fans. Is Bryan’s time he has left in a squared circle better served in the mid card for the WWE or in the packed VFW’s around the world where every fan would consider him a god to be around?

Until next time guys, leave a comment, tell a friend, listen to the latest HTC Wrestling Pulsecast here or on iTunes, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and let’s talk rasslin!

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DVD Review: Brothers of Destruction (Kane’s & Undertaker’s Greatest Matches)


Brothers Of Destruction Review


The Undertaker and Kane have a storied lineage in the WWE on their own. Kane has been a dominant demon for 12 years while The Undertaker (in one shape or another) has been the WWE’s soul for a staggering 24 years! But this DVD isn’t about their World Championship wins or their memorable battles with WWE Hall Of Famers. This DVD focus on the Brothers Of Destruction when they WERE on the same page & not trying to destroy one another. Instead they joined together to destroy their fellow members of the WWE.

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