HTC Wrestling Pulsecast: Brock Lesnar, Stephanie McMahon, Brie Bella & Top 3 Most Attractive Women In Wrestling Today

HTC Wrestling Pulsecast

Matt Harrak, Justin Czerwonka, Cameron Dougharty & special guest the “Wrestling Wife”, Colleen Harrak talk all things pro-wrestling from the past week plus the Top 3 Most Attractive Women in Wrestling Today.

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You Book It! – Roman Reigns Run To WrestleMania 31

You Book It - Roman Reigns


Another week and another chance to book your own WWE. If you’ve watched WWE in the last few months you’ve surely noticed the rapid rise of former Shield member, Roman Reigns.

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My Thoughts: WWE RAW 7.21.14 (Triple H, Brie Bella, Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesnar)

WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ Nice slip of the word “mark” by Triple H in the opening promo but how did he forget to mention Tout? 2 problems with the opening segment for me. One is that they had to tease Triple H’s decision for the whole night. It’s completely out of character for this version of his character who always is two steps ahead of anyone. The other is that the opening segment was ridiculously formulaic. Maybe I’ve been watching wrestling too long but those segments used to kick off every show and to me that’s just lazy writing.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 7.21.14

JC Top Rope Logo

HHH Is Trolling Us

Triple H came out to start the show. He said no one backstage wants to look him in the eye because they are scared he will blow a gasket after what happened last night. HHH said that he has options, and then he said he is going to tweet or instagram or vine about it. He said he is going to threaten to stop watching if him and his friend Mark don’t get what they want. HHH said it doesn’t matter, because he can guaran-damn-tee that John Cena will not be WWE Champion after SummerSlam.

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CM Punk “RETIRED” T-Shirt

CM Punk - RETIRED T-Shirt


Before it was just a rumor & a LOT fan denial that he would ever leave, let alone RETIRE for the sport! But that all changed just a day ago when WWE moved one of their top wrestlers to the Alumni section of as well as discounting almost all of his merchandise from Shop.WWE.COM (where his section has also been moved to the Alumni page). All signs have been quietly alluding to CM Punk being completely retired and since he let his contract lapse a few days ago without signing a new one, this feels like the file nail in Punk’s in-ring career at least. But Punk won’t think of this as a bad day but a new and exciting time in his life where doesn’t have to get his ass kicked or kiss everyone’s ass who are higher than him in the hierarchy everyday like we all do (if you have a boss anyway). So get his retirement shirt HERE and celebrate what CM Punk gave us during his time in wrestling by proudly wearing this “RETIRED” t-shirt.

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My Thoughts: WWE Battleground 7.20.14 (John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kane, Randy Orton)

Battleground 2014 Match Card


1. Hey The Usos vs The Wyatt Family are up first! Did you know the “Wrestling Wife” just created a new t-shirt for the Samoan brothers? You can find it right here! I love the fact that this is a 2 out of 3 fall match and putting some focus on the Tag Team Championships. Granted these two teams are basically the ONLY two teams in the WWE right now but at least they put on a good match. Well that match was going well until Luke Harper’s shoulder was up during the second fall. Not a single mention of it so we never saw it right? Speaking of Harper, his plancha to the outside is insane. WOW, despite the botched 2nd fall this was an awesome match. I honestly don’t see a title run for The Wyatt Family anytime soon since they lost again tonight.

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The Usos – Make Way & Move Aside T-Shirt

The Usos - Make Way & Move Aside T-Shirt

The Usos “Make Way & Move Aside” T-Shirt is our newest offering from HTC. Featuring the first original artwork by the “Wrestling Wife”, the new Usos shirt features their trademark war paint and lyrics from the war chant they perform before their match, the Siva Tau.

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