JC’s Top Rope Report: Hope And Worry For The Future

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This past week was the tale of two different stories in the WWE. We were able to see some of the very best the WWE has to offer. And then we were able to see some of the worst. And who would have thought, the best was in the WWE’s developmental program NXT. The worst? The main roster’s offering from TLC this past Sunday.

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The Wrestling Pulsecast: 12.15.14- The Year End Award Show With Special Guest Andrew Goldstein

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The entire HTC Wrestling crew was in the house to discuss the year that was in 2014 in the world of pro wrestling. Matt Harrak, Justin Czerwonka, Cam Dougharty, Heather Miller and special guest former WWE Creative Team Member Andrew Goldstein handed out their awards for the following categories:

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 12.15.14

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Does Chris Jericho Look In The Mirror While Getting Dressed?

RAW started with Chris Jericho. Jericho talked about Fandango taking his Slammy award last week. He demanded Fandango come out and give him the award. Instead, Paul Heyman came out. Heyman complained about Jericho being put in charge of RAW and said that why not put someone like him, with a spectacular record, in charge. Heyman said that he knows about Extreme and he is the father of it. Jericho said that Heyman owed him $200. Jericho picked on Heyman but Heyman said he is not a fighter he is an advocate. Heyman said he wanted to talk to Seth Rollins about his failure for not taking John Cena out of the title picture last night.

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE TLC 2014 (John Cena vs Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt


{Thanks to PhenomenonGFX for this month’s match card. – MJH}

#1~ The New Day definitely has potential, especially since they like to mix up the tag team members (although Kofi Kingston seems to be the constant). Kofi and Big E were in desperate need for a gimmick refresh and Xavier Woods just never got out of the starting block on the main roster. They all seem to like each other and seem really into the gimmick. Stardust and Goldust, on the other hand, have absolutely overstayed their welcome.

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Thoughts on NXT Takeover REvolution 12.11.14

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Well guys and gals WWE’s NXT had a huge show last night to finish up their year, and I just wanted to throw some thoughts your way. Throw yours mine!

1. Unless WWE really screws Kevin Owens up or he faces some unexpected injury, this guy is gonna be huge. I know this is an NXT crowd and a lot of these fans are probably already aware of who Kevin Steen is on the independent circuit so there could be some early translation issues with the typical WWE main show crowd, but I really think that once they see his moveset and his intensity everyone is going to eat him up. I love that his shirt is just a big KO (I didn’t pick that up before, it’s kind of A+), and I like that while they didn’t have him just run over CJ Parker he was decisive in this victory. It was good to give him a match. It gives us all a preview of what to expect and it leaves the audience longing for more. This open was excellent, and everything special shows like this need.

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NXT Takeover R Evolution Predictions 12.11.14

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I’ve been wanting to take over writing about NXT for awhile especially after not being able to continue writing about Smackdown, but the Gods of whatever it is that decide my fate have not been so kind to me. I intend for that to end now. I love watching NXT and getting the opportunity to discuss what’s going on there is something I am happy to do. Starting with their big live Special Event to end the year seems as good a time as any. This should be great.

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The Wrestling Pulsecast: Year-End Awards & WWE Giveaway Monday 12.15 @ 6PM

On Monday, December 15th, The Wrestling Pulsecast OFFICIALLY GOES LIVE at 6 PM EST leading right up to Monday Night RAW. Matt Harrak, Justin Czerwonka & a special guest will hold their Year-End Award special. Categories include the typical Match of the Year and Wrestler of the Year but also Biggest Surprise and Worst Push etc. Also, this year-end special is sponsored by the WWE – complete with great giveaways. Call in live during the show for your chance to win some of the great stuff (click “Continue reading” to see) and much more. So be sure to tune in at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insidepulseradio, EMAIL us at our new email address: TheWrestlingPulsecast@gmail.com or call (818) 532-9786 to join in with the show!
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