WWE Smackdown Review for 11.21.17 w/ The Chairman

Smackdown Live had a strong showing at Survivor Series, unfortunately the brand just fell short of defeating Raw. Now that Survivor Series has come and gone, Smackdown Live can get back to business. That business involves a Smackdown Live Women’s Championship match where Charlotte Flair defends the title against Natalya. Also what does Shane McMahon have in store for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for getting involved in the main event at Survivor Series? Keep reading to find out more.

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WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.20.17



After an… interesting Survivor Series which gave us a great Brock Lesnar/AJ Styles Match and a headscratching 5 on 5 Men’s Raw vs Smackdown match, Monday Night Raw is riding high after a 4-3 victory over their Tuesday night competition.  Here are the big things we saw go down on Monday night!

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5 Thoughts On WWE Survivor Series w/Justin C

1. Once Again, It Is Time For Some McMahon Family Drama

The main event 5-on-5 match had so many big stars in it that everyone thought there was no way it could be a let down. Well the WWE decided to prove all of us wrong. The ending turned into an awkward McMahon Family Drama storyline. Triple H turned on Kurt Angle to help Stephanie McMahon, and then he turned on Shane. So now we will have RAW’s up until Wrestlemania filled with constant bickering between Triple H and Kurt Angle, along with the ever so annoying Stephanie McMahon. Everyone else was made to be an afterthought in the entire match. Nothing mattered until the end sequence. And even BRAUN going over Triple H at the end to close the show just didn’t have the same impact.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review for 11.14.17 w/ The Chairman

On the go home Smackdown Live before Survivor Series, Baron Corbin’s United States Championship and Natalya’s Smackdown Women’s Championship are on the line. Do they retain or will Raw’s Miz and Alexa Bliss be facing new challengers at Survivor Series? Also before New Day has their huge match against the Shield at Survivor Series, they find themselves in the main event against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Does New Day gain some momentum before Survivor Series or do Owens and Zayn play spoiler? Find this out and more in this Smackdown Live review.

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WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.13.17


We are 6 days away from the now most least enjoyed show of the WWE Big 4 – Survivor Series!

What will Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose do now that they’ve been beaten for the Raw Tag Titles??

Will Stephanie McMahon have anything to say about a second “invasion” of Smackdown??

Who will be the fifth member of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team??

How exciting will Miz TV be?

Does Brock Lesnar have a response to AJ Styles beating Jinder Mahal??  (Maybe not…but Paul Heyman does…)


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Justin C Watches WCW Starrcade 1999

We are right in the heart of Russo Land in WCW. This show would be one of the nails in the coffin for Russo’s first run in the Company. The buyrate was the worst in Starrcade’s history. And how can you blame people for not buying this? They butchered the build to what should have been a dream match between Bret Hart and Goldberg. Every other storyline written for the show was awful. I couldn’t tell you one match I’m actually looking forward to. The Nitros leading up to this have all been awful.

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The HTCWrestling Podcast 11/10/17: Catching Up On A Wild Week In Wrestling

After a brief hiatus, Justin C and Cam are back to bring you a new edition of the HTCWrestling Podcast! We take a look at a wild week in the world of pro wrestling. From Chris Jericho fighting in New Japan, to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn being sent home, to AJ Styles winning the WWE Title, we have you covered! Give it a listen!

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The Montreal Screwjob: 20 Years Later

Wrestling is really starting to make me feel old. Last year it was twenty years since the formation of the nWo in WCW. This year it is twenty years since the most real life, off the script incident to ever take place inside the wrestling ring: The Montreal Screwjob.

If you are reading this site, you know the history of what happened in Montreal. Bret Hart signed a lucrative 20 year deal with the WWF one year earlier. Bret was to wrestle then take a backstage position with the company once his wrestling career was over. By the summer of 1997, Vince McMahon was already having buyer’s remorse. The company was facing money problems and  Vince didn’t think he could afford to pay Bret anymore. In addition, by the summer of 1997 it was becoming more obvious that the WWF was moving towards a more edgier product. Bret wasn’t the biggest fan of that. It also started to become clear to Bret that Shawn Michaels was Vince’s next chosen star.

All of this added up to Vince letting Bret Hart begin negotiations with WCW. But the problem? Bret was still the WWF Champion, and Vince McMahon had to find a way to get the Title off him. And that is where the drama kicks into high gear.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 11.7.17 w/ The Chairman

Survivor Series is less than two weeks away and last night on Raw we seen Cesaro and Sheamus get crowned Raw Tag Team Champions meaning they’re taking the place of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to challenge the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions The Usos. Now it’s the Usos turn to defend their titles against Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. Will the Usos survive and represent Smackdown Live as tag team champions or will Gable and Benjamin rise up and face The Bar instead? Also Shane McMahon announced that due to the attack to AJ Styles at the hands of Jinder Mahal, Mahal would be putting the WWE Championship on the line against Styles. Does Mahal keep his title and match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series or did AJ Styles win the top prize of Smackdown Live? To find out this and more keep reading.

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