JC’s Top Rope Report: 10 Thoughts on SummerSlam, NXT and More!

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SummerSlam weekend is in the books. While I wasn’t here to review NXT/SummerSlam thanks to my computer being down, I did still watch both shows. Thanks to my colleague Matt for filling in for me this weekend.

So I’m here to give you my thoughts on the last 4 days of the WWE, and where things could go from here!

1. AJ Styles Is The Best Wrestler In The WWE Right Now

-This one is rather easy to understand. The AJ Styles vs John Cena match at SummerSlam is easily the WWE Match of the Year right now. I don’t think it is close. Nothing tops the story told going into and during the match. It may be hard to believe but Styles actually is improving during his WWE stint. Styles mic work might be the best of his career right now. He’s acting like and carrying himself as a top star. I look forward to him being the face of the Smackdown brand in the very near future. He deserves it for all of the work he has done this year.

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WWE RAW 8.22.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. The WWE Came Up With The Lamest Way To Crown A New Champion

Could they not have come up with something more creative? I would have settled for a battle royal. That would at least give the idea that anyone had a chance. Or even a large tournament that ended at Clash of the Champions. But instead we received a “series of matches” that leads to the Fatal 4 Way next week. A battle royal, I might have gone with a mini Royal Rumble instead, that lasted the third hour would have been fun. But the matches that were set instead were very predictable and took a good amount of steam out of the night.

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Finn Balor Injured At SummerSlam UPDATE: Relinquishes Universal Championship

Finn Balor - Changing The Face Wallpaper

Wrestling fans aren’t apparently allowed to have nice things.

What has been rumored all day was just confirmed by WWE.com:

Inaugural WWE Universal Champion Finn Bálor suffered an injury to his right shoulder against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, WWE.com can confirm.

The injury came in the course of Bálor and Rollins’ match to determine which Superstar would become the first WWE Universal Champion, specifically when Bálor absorbed a running powerbomb to the barricade at the hands of The Architect.

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Quick Hits: WWE SummerSlam 2016

WWE SummerSlam_show_Header 2016


  • Yup I’m here standing in for JC during the second biggest night of the WWE year, SummerSlam!


The Dudley Boyz vs Neville & Sami Zayn

  • The idea of Zayn and Neville looks fantastic on paper. At least for Neville. Zayn, on the other hand, was on a roll after his blow-off match against Kevin Owens and I can’t help but think this was a step back. If both men decide to put everything into this team however, it could be a fantastic pairing.
  • And the right team wins in the first match of the night. Here’s hoping this leads to more Neville & Zayn matches and maybe less Dudley Boyz as a team.

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WWE SummerSlam Preview

WWE SummerSlam is this Sunday. The show always seems to cap off the end of the WWE’s summer storylines. You could also say when SummerSlam comes about it signals the end of summer as well.

On paper, this looks like a great card. The top 4 matches on this show should all deliver from an in ring standpoint. Some of the stories are lacking in substance, but hopefully the in ring action makes up for it. The card will easily be better than last year’s show. I hate that SummerSlam is 4 hours again. But the matches taking place will hopefully make the time fly by.

There was a six woman tag from Smackdown that had Becky Lynch/Carmella/Naomi vs Natalya/Alexa Bliss/Eva Marie. But Eva Marie is suspended and the WWE.com preview itself says the match is in limbo. So I’m not previewing that.

But on to the rest of the card!

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WWE Smackdown Live 8.16.19: Five Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

New Smackdown Logo

Where is Apollo when you need him?

  1. Another outstanding edition of Miz TV graced us all this week adding more and more fuel to the fire Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler ignited weeks ago just days before the two battle for the WWE World Title. The Miz has a match on Sunday too as he defends the Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews.  My gut told me the WWE was going to put the title on Apollo and let the new generation of stars collide against each other; I’m starting to think otherwise.


12 Man Tag Team Match, because, ya know.

2. American Alpha headlined a showcase, if you want to go in that far into it, of every tag team the Smackdown brand has to offer. Secretly I was hoping Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens would both be drafted to Smackdown to reign supreme as tag team champions forced together but I’ll settle for American Alpha having solid matches with the Hype Bros and Vaudevillians.


Randy Orton has a match on a WWE PPV this Sunday

3. After Brock Lesnar won his fight at UFC 200 the anticipation grew for his match against returning Randy Orton. The two exchanged blows on their opponents respected brand and now both men were fed the free agent talent, Heath Slater. Summerslam is this Sunday and the card is stacked, Brock and Randy’s match, as must see as it is for a lot of people, will only be lost in the shuffle of the Summer’s hottest event. Continue reading

Eva Marie Suspended 30 Days For Violating The Wellness Policy

Whereas this is the first time I've caught Eva Marie live. She's improving and becoming more & more confident in the ring but she still has work to do.

Well they say all things come in threes:

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has suspended Natalie Coyle (Eva Marie) for 30 days effective immediately for her first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.


Why can’t these news stories break when I am actually home?

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WWE Cruiserweight Classic Review For 8.17.16 w/JSP


NXT was mostly video packages this week. So Jake took over the Cruiserweight Classic review this week!

Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher

-This ought to be excellent. Akira Tozawa doing the screaming into the BE QUIET gimmick isn’t the same when he can’t yell SHUT THE FUCK UP instead like he did in PWG, although dude’s so charismatic and fun that it won’t matter all.

-As it turns out, I thought this match was absolutely sensational. Just a notch below Ibushi/Cedric for me if we’re being honest. Loved the character work, psychology, and gradual escalation of aggression throughout the whole thing. It wasn’t as drop-dead exciting as your archetypal cruiser match, but they worked such a brilliantly smart match that even small turns of the tide made for compelling viewing.

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Paige Suspended 30 Days For Violating Wellness Policy

Paige - The Anti Diva Wallpaper

It isn’t a good day for the Alberto del Rio/Paige household.

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has suspended Saraya-Jade Bevis (Paige) for 30 days effective Thursday, Aug. 18, for her first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy


The news came hours after Paige’s real life boyfriend Alberto del Rio was suspended 30 days as well. It also came on Paige’s birthday. Ouch.

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Alberto del Rio Suspended 30 Days For Violating WWE Wellness Policy

Alberto Del Rio 'Champion' Wallpaper

The WWE released the following news on WWE.com today:

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has suspended Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) for 30 days effective tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 18, for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.


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