WWE RAW 1.15.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The BRAUN Strowman Hour

The first hour of the show was the Braun Strowman hour. He completely dominated it and came off looking like a star when it was all set and done. Kurt Angle fired him for his actions last week. Of course, Angle let Roman Reigns attempt to kill Braun in an ambulance and let that slide. Braun then went on a rampage backstage. He took out security, he took out people in catering (and ate some cake too), he tipped over a semi-truck, and threw Michael Cole into security guards off the stage. In the end, Stephanie McMahon re-hired BRAUN and put him back in the Universal Title match.

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The HTCWrestling Podcast 1-15-18: WWE Catch-Up, EC3 and Bobby Lashley, Paige’s Injury and the Young Bucks Go “All In”

On this week’s HTCWrestling Podcast, Justin C and Cam play catch-up on the WWE’s on screen product. They discuss the WWE Universal and WWE Title picture and if the Universal Title match is the worst match on the Rumble card. They also talk about Ronda Rousey’s WWE future, Paige’s injury, EC3 and Bobby Lashley in the WWE, and the Young Bucks and Co. go “All In.”

Give it a listen!

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Justin C Watches WCW Spring Stampede 2000

So here we are. Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are back in control of WCW. Last Monday was the Reboot episode of Monday Nitro. On that show, Russo stripped everyone of their Title to start over. We also now have two rival factions, the New Blood vs the Millionaires Club. Some of the people in the New Blood are laughable: Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Van Hammer, BRIAN KNOBBS. Instead of making this faction warfare, which it seems like WCW only knew how to do after the nWo, they should have just slowly integrated the new stars with the veterans. And that was happening before Russo showed up. Vampiro and the Wall were getting decent pushes.

Also, there were no matches announced for this show outside of the WCW Title match. We are told we get mini tournaments to crown new Champions.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review w/ The Chairman 1.9.18

We’re another episode of Smackdown Live closer to the Royal Rumble and we were treated to a stacked main event. We also learned some new entrants for both the men and women Royal Rumble matches. Another superstar also advanced in the United States Championship tournament and a major stipulation was added to the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match to be held at the Royal Rumble. To find out what all went down, keep reading!

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5 Thoughts: WWE RAW 1.8.18 w/Justin C

1. Goof Jason Jordan Is Stupid

I have no clue what the WWE’s end goal is with Jason Jordan. Sure, he looks like an idiot trying to be the cool guy with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. But if the WWE’s end goal is to push Jordan out of this, it isn’t working. Kurt Angle was able to make the corny heel work because of his comedic timing and mannerisms. Jason Jordan doesn’t have any of that. He just looks like a moron out there. The WWE really needs to figure out what they are doing with him. If they keep this up any longer his ship won’t have sailed, it will be sinking.

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The HTCWrestling Podcast: 2017 Year End Awards and Wrestle Kingdom Thoughts

After a holiday hiatus and Justin C celebrating the Bills first Playoff berth in 17 years, Cam and Justin are back with the HTCWrestling Podcast. In this podcast Justin C and Cam hand out their 2017 Year End Awards which includes:

Male Wrestler of the Year

Female Wrestler of the Year

Tag Team of the Year

Match of the Year

PPV of the Year

Biggest Surprise/Disappointment

Best/Worst Feud

Biggest Behind the Scenes Story of the Year

They also give their quick thoughts on Wrestle Kingdom 12! Give it a listen!

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Daniel Bryan is Medically Cleared and why the WWE is Banking on it

Daniel Bryan - Old School



When Daniel Bryan was forced into early in ring retirement after several injuries, including multiple concussions, it was a catastrophic blow for everyone and I️ mean EVERYONE in or around the world of professional wrestling. Bryan was riding high in the WWE, his ability to connect with the fans eventually forced Vince McMahon to ride the ‘Yes Movement’ wave. To say a lot has changed not only in the WWE but the professional wrestling world since Bryan retired would be one hell of an understatement. Daniel’s contract expires this year with the WWE and he has made it very clear he intends to wrestle again, with or without the WWE’s medical consent. Is Daniel Bryan really unable to be medically cleared to wrestle or has the WWE already cleared him and they are banking on it?

The WWE may be the number one promotion in the world but the water is starting to tread a bit. The independent scene is hotter than ever all over the and New Japan’s success continues to grow in the United States, daily. For every guy or girl Triple H signs to NXT there is a response felt around the wrestling world to upstage the WWE. Is the WWE really prepared to allow Daniel Bryan to potentially walk away and rake in money for NJPW, Ring of Honor or hell maybe even TNA? Imagine Vince’s face is Bryan sells a million shirts on ProWrestlingTees and wrestles Cody Rhodes in a sold out venue before the end of 2018.

If the WWE keeps Daniel Bryan the list of dream feuds and matches would not could create a whole lot of money making opportunities for everyone involved. Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode and the entire NXT roster would be first time matches in a WWE ring for Bryan; I️ can smell the money now. What’s best for business for the WWE, Daniel Bryan against AJ Styles for the WWE Title or Bryan against Kenny Omega in a sold out Japanese arena?

Daniel Bryan still has the years and fan base to go right back to the top of the WWE mountain. Bryan can lead the WWE into battle with every promotion on earth, the question becomes is this going to be a story of an unforgettable, historic Daniel Bryan come back story or does the WWE still believe they can beat anyone and are bigger than any of their talent?

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Quick Hits: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 w/Justin C

So after spending all day avoiding spoilers at work on social media, I finally sat down tonight to watch Wrestle Kingdom 12! Usually when I do my “Quick Hits” stuff I would break down stuff that happened during the match. But when you have a show this long, that is quite the task to do. So instead of breaking down each match, I’m just going to throw out some random thoughts about what happened during the night.

Match of the Night: Junior Heavyweight Championship

To me there were two options for this: the Junior Heavyweight Title match or Jericho/Omega. I’m giving the nod to the Junior Heavyweights because they brought non-stop action throughout the match. There weren’t rest or reset stops. There weren’t points where one of the wrestlers was on the outside resting for multiple minutes. Some of the spots in the match where insane: Will Ospreay’s moonsault off the light structure, Takahashi’s apron powerbombs, then Kushida getting a bit of revenge by delivering one to Takahashi, Marty Scrull’s umbrella attacks. Everyone came out of that match looking great. When comparing Title matches from last year’s Wrestle Kingdom, I would say this one is the only one to top last year’s.

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Justin C Watches The WCW Nitro Reboot 4.10.2000

This isn’t a PPV. No, this is much worse. This is the beginning of the darkest times in WCW. It is the “Nitro Reboot.” Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff were brought back to try and right WCW’s sinking ship. The problem? They went about doing it the completely wrong way. You will see that as we get into the show.

The entire roster is out there. Van Hammer is out there. How did that man still have a job in 2000? What dirty pictures did he have at his disposal? And why did he come out with the second round of people that were considered the stars of the New Blood?

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WWE Smackdown Live Review w/ the Chairman 1.2.18

The road to the Royal Rumble is a little more clear after Smackdown Live. Tonight we find out who else is entering the men and women’s Royal Rumble matches. We also find out who AJ Styles is defending the WWE Championship against at the Royal Rumble. The United States Championship tournament also seen another superstar advance tonight. Finally were the Usos able to successfully defend their Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship against the red hot team of Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin? Keep reading to find out as I break down this weeks Smackdown Live.

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