Retro Theme Thursday: It’s Vader Time!


It’s time to get your Thursday dose of awesome classic theme songs. This week, you get to listen to Vader’s WWF Theme. Try your best not to agonize over what could have been with Vader’s tenure in the company.

Also, try your best not to walk around and shout at people when you hear it.

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WWE Smackdown Live 9.7.16: Five Snarky Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

New Smackdown Logo


Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt the new Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum

  1. Randy Orton opened Smackdown Live looking to fight Bray Wyatt, after being medically cleared and then beat up again by Brock Lesnar in Chicago this past week. Bray in typical, dare I say ‘Vintage Bray Wyatt’ as he appeared on our TV’s telling Orton to find him. Is it just me or was Orton dressed almost too similar to Bray on a casual Tuesday? Do I smell a power tag team happening on Raw and Smackdown?


American Alpha is back to make Smackdown Live great

       2. One of the biggest fears I had about the WWE splitting the roster down the middle ‘ISH’ was they would be exposed in either lack of depth for feuds and or lack of depth in the title races. Smackdown proves that point almost every week. I am almost on board with the Usos grand new look, Heath Slater and Rhyno are a breathe of fresh air but this division is going to be dominated by American Alpha until maybe that wild pick of mine above comes to live. I can see it now, American Alpha against Wyatt & Orton, that would be one hell of a feud and contrast of styles; here comes the money. Continue reading

Women Crush Wednesday: Elizabeth and Randy Savage Reunite

woman crush wednesday

Oh the times of simplicity in wrestling.

The time: 1991. The place: Wrestlemania 7. The Macho Man Randy Savage had just lost a career ending match to the Ultimate Warrior. It is one of my favorite matches in Wrestlemania history. The story told by both men was great.

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Tag Team Tuesday: The Midnight Express vs The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

tag team tuesday

We go back into the 1980s for this week’s edition of Tag Team Tuesday.

For those of you that don’t know, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs the Midnight Express was one of the most heated tag team feuds of all time. The feud started in Mid South Wrestling and would also take place in Jim Crockett Promotions. I highly recommend watching any of their matches. You can tell from this Scaffold Match that the heat was there for this feud. So sit back and enjoy!

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WWE RAW 9.26.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. What A Waste Of A Best Of 7 Series

-After last night I had a feeling that Cesaro and Sheamus were going to get a Tag Title match. And as they argued in the ring with Mick Foley, I think it became even clearer.

Talk about a stupid waste of time. Cesaro and Sheamus, from a storyline perspective, beat the crap out of each other for seven matches. Then at Clash of Champions, they have the best match of their series. You expect a rubber match at the next PPV. But nope. The WWE takes the easy way out. I now feel like watching these two fight the last month was a huge waste of time. The series deserved a proper blowoff. Instead the WWE goes with a lazy solution that won’t help either Cesaro or Sheamus.

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The Monday Night Wars: DDP Fools The nWo

Monday Night Wars

We go back to WCW this week looking at the Monday Night Wars. Diamond Dallas Page was always at the front of the line for WCW challenging the nWo. His feud with “Macho Man” Randy Savage helped make DDP a star. He also got the Diamond Cutter over HUGE during this time.

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Quick Hits: WWE Clash of Champions

-I’m in a good mood so lets see how long it takes for the WWE to ruin it. Go Bills!

Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax

-Alicia is bumping around like crazy to start.

-Foxy gets some hope spots in and hits a crossbody for two.

-Nia has had enough. She slams into Fox in the corner and hits a Samoan Drop for the win.


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WTF Friday: Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand

You will probably end up seeing Mae Young a lot on Fridays.

This week we look back at her most infamous moment. Mark Henry and Mae Young were in a relationship. Mae ended up getting pregnant and gave birth to a hand. You don’t need any other backstory here. Although it was funny to see the hand all grown up at RAW1000.

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.21.16

Lucha Underground Header

-Dragon Azteca Jr and Rey Mysterio are training. Chavo suddenly appears. Yay! Dragon Azteca calls him a liar and charges at him but Chavo puts him in a half crab.

-Dario is out there with his Dial of Doom. It lands on The Mack.

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza (c) vs The Mack

-Matanza waits at the bottom of the stairs. But The Mack comes from the back and attacks Matanza.

-It looks like The Mack has gotten bigger since Season 2. And not in a muscular kind of way.

-Mack gets the offense in early. He goes for a Stunner but Matanza counters into a German suplex.

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