Quick Hits: 1/22/11

— Dolph Ziggler had another stellar performance at Raw against Orton. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a star making breakthrough like this without the help of a Money in the Bank briefcase. — Punk/Cena was a lot more than I expected on free TV. Hopefully the rest of their program is just… Read More Quick Hits: 1/22/11

Quick Hits: 1/17/11

— Barrett’s leading a new faction to take over Smackdown. He’ll be missed on Raw but he’ll get a stronger chance to shine on the “B”- show and this group definitely looks impressive with the addition of Jackson. Good move all around. — Brock Lesnar has signed on as a coach for the new season… Read More Quick Hits: 1/17/11

Quick Hits: 1/14/11

— Along with CM Punk’s messiah complex, the Straight Edge Society has been reborn with the “new” Nexus. Hopefully this group will be able to hang around longer than the typical Sunday prayer service. — Speaking of Nexus, can we get a name change for Mr. Perfect’s son? No one’s going to buy a t-shirt… Read More Quick Hits: 1/14/11

HTR: The Podcast!

Hittin’ The Ropes is looking to get into the weekly podcast field! The show would start as a 1-hour/weekly review show and will also answer email questions. We’re looking for hosts who follow the WWE, TNA and to a lesser extent ROH products and want to share their opinions in a radio format. Please comment here or… Read More HTR: The Podcast!