Quick Hits: 2/20/11

– Sorry about the lateness of this post… It’s been a long week. – Of course I have to lead of with the emergence of The Rock. I’ll admit I was one of the skeptics that truly thought The Great One would never have anymore involvement in the wrestling business outside of the occasional video […]

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Quick Hits: 2/12/11

– Robert Roode showed me a lot this week with his mic skills. I’m looking forward to seeing a stronger presence from him in the future. – Fortune had a good introductory babyface showing and I could see crowds getting behind these 4 “Originals”. – The Jeff Hardy TNA belt is just awful and if […]

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Quick Hits: 2/7/11

– There was no way this year’s Super Bowl was going to live up to last year’s Saints win. And I’m starting to get the feeling Wrestlemania is going to follow suit. – So it seems that everyone is denying Sting is on his way to the WWE. This might be a rare instance where […]

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Quick Hits: 2/4/11

– Raw following the Rumble really lived up to expectations, even without the appearances of Booker T or Kevin Nash. Solid solid show. – It looks like Jerry Lawler will FINALLY be getting his Wrestlemania match. It’s well deserved and well past due. I just hope they give him someone to work with who can […]

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