Quick Hits: 2/20/11

– Sorry about the lateness of this post… It’s been a long week.

– Of course I have to lead of with the emergence of The Rock. I’ll admit I was one of the skeptics that truly thought The Great One would never have anymore involvement in the wrestling business outside of the occasional video promo. By God am I glad I was wrong. Monday was special. Monday gave me chills. And The Rock might just save WrestleMania.

– Speaking of Monday, how good was the Daniel Bryan/Miz match? I think The Miz is surprising just about everyone with his rapid improvement in the ring. He’s always had the charisma and picked up on his storytelling in the last few years but how technically sound he’s become in the past few months is a true testament to his work ethic.

– TNA’s Against All Odds was booked as an afterthought PPV with the big NC iMPACT taping taking place later this month and it definitely translated onto the screen. None of the matches seemed to mean a thing and the World Title match wasn’t even booked until the Thursday before the PPV. It’s been said time and time again that TNA needs some sort of REAL change and I’m not so sure it’s just in creative anymore. They need an executive producer who would notice problems like the fact that there’s a PPV in 3 weeks and we don’t have a single match booked… or even a storyline that would lend itself to an obvious match. I can’t even fathom that happening under Vince McMahon.

– That being said, Jeff Hardy vs Ken Anderson was a pretty damn good ladder match and that is a true testament to these two individuals. Both Hardy and Anderson have both gotten slack over the years concerning their in ring work and I really feel these two personalities take that as a personal challenge to show the critics up. I wish there were more workers like that at the top of TNA.

– Even as little as 5 years ago, AJ Styles vs Matt Hardy would have been considered a fantasy dream match. Today, fodder for iMPACT and another showcase of how far Matt Hardy as fallen with his in ring work.

– Dolph Ziggler is being genuinely recognized as a former World Heavyweight Champion by the WWE. Go ahead, just ruin that accomplishment a little more, Vince.


Quick Hits: 2/12/11

– Robert Roode showed me a lot this week with his mic skills. I’m looking forward to seeing a stronger presence from him in the future.

– Fortune had a good introductory babyface showing and I could see crowds getting behind these 4 “Originals”.

– The Jeff Hardy TNA belt is just awful and if Anderson has such a problem with it, why does he keep carrying it around when the original belt is apparently backstage with TNA’s Santino?

– I’ve never been a fan of the Suicide character and even less so when Christopher Daniels has to don the getup to get a job.

– Hernandez’s return is welcome if for no other reason that I hope this fazes Rob Terry out as Immortal’s muscle.

– The Angle/Jarrett storyline is uncomfortable and bad TV. And now even moreso since Angle’s Twitter comments.

– I’m begging Smackdown to give me a Mask vs Mask match between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. I keep waiting for Rhodes to show up with a face mask a la Brutus Beefcake at Wrestlemania IX.

– I can’t see the appeal of the Edge/Ziggler matches week after week. They might have chemistry but everything gets stale after awhile.

– I can see Vickie stripping Edge of the title next week leading to the Elimination Chamber match being for the vacant World Championship. Granted if that happens, one is lead to wonder why Vickie didn’t strip him sooner.

– Clay Matthews in a WWE ring was a nice moment for the live crowd. I just hope WWE leaves the story in Green Bay and doesn’t try to push it into a town who couldn’t care less.

– Many have said it and I’m slowly jumping on the bandwagon, Alberto Del Rio is money… when he’s not on both shows every week.

– I know it’s Wrestlemania season but WWE needs to make a decision, brand split or no brand split.

Quick Hits: 2/7/11

– There was no way this year’s Super Bowl was going to live up to last year’s Saints win. And I’m starting to get the feeling Wrestlemania is going to follow suit.

– So it seems that everyone is denying Sting is on his way to the WWE. This might be a rare instance where Vince might heed the IWC buzz and make this signing happen if he hasn’t already.

– Anderson Silva proved once again why he is the most talented and the most frustrating fighter in the world today. He’s capable of some of the most dominating and electrifying fights ever seen but he’s just not motivated to perform at the level that put him at the top of his division. A match with GSP is absolutely needed.

– I applaud WWE for finally including some storyline continuity with the CM Punk/Randy Orton storyline. It’s about time.

– I almost threw up just watching Punk trying to hide his bloody nose by swallowing it. I know it’s TVPG but that was dedication.

– What’s up, Green Bay? Sigh.

– “Ain’t no grave can hold my body down”… Finally, the rumor killer.

– I think Alberto Del Rio’s constant appearances on Raw are going to backfire a la Randy Orton’s forced babyface turn in 2004.

– Another week and another good showing for Jerry Lawler. I’m more excited for his title match against The Miz than either of the Chamber matches.

– What was with Ziggler’s prom tux?

– Vickie’s heat is absolutely phenomenal but I worried if I was the WWE and my top heel couldn’t compete in the ring on a weekly basis.

Quick Hits: 2/4/11

– Raw following the Rumble really lived up to expectations, even without the appearances of Booker T or Kevin Nash. Solid solid show.

– It looks like Jerry Lawler will FINALLY be getting his Wrestlemania match. It’s well deserved and well past due. I just hope they give him someone to work with who can hold their own and not Michael Cole.

– EVERYONE seems to be talking about the “2-21-11” video that aired on Raw and they should be. It was well produced, mysterious and peaked interest among even the most jaded fans. That’s one aspect of working in the Promos department at WWE that I miss.

– On a personal note, I recently purchased one of “Don West’s Insane Deals” where I received James Storm and Sting shirts, an AJ Styles figure and 3 DVDs for $40. You’ll never see something like this from WWE and even if you just have a passing interest in TNA, I would highly recommend capitalizing on these specials.

– Fortune turning babyface and being revealed as “They”, I believe, made as much storyline sense as TNA can muster considering the situation. The 4 Horsemen (whom Fortune are usually compared to) were always extremely over with the crowd and seemed to be walking that fine tweener line between a heel and babyface faction. To my recollection, the Horsemen never truly made that turn. Fans, especially the TNA diehards, WANT to cheer the “Originals” of Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money and Immortal was just too big for their own good. I feel splitting the two factions will shine more light on the younger guys in the company, giving them more of a major role in the main event storyline instead of just as henchmen. If I was any member of Fortune, I’d be giving Nash and Booker a call to thank them for heading up North.

– Justin Gabriel’s 450 splash from tonight’s Smackdown was just brutal and spectacular. I’m sure he earned some confidence from the suits in back for pulling that off safely.

– Booker T showed some promise in his commentary debut but also left a lot to be desired in his performance. The nerves and uncertainty he had in his new role definitely shined through.

– Del Rio’s first segment on Smackdown as the winner of the Royal Rumble is with Hornswoggle? And we thought the WWE couldn’t get any more PG.

– That being said, I like the Kofi/Del Rio matchup for Elimination Chamber. It’s a rare pairing of two Superstars where they might elevate each other with a good match.

– Barrett showed again he has what it takes to be a top level guy. I think the fans just need to get used to seeing him in that position for them to react to his matches a bit more.

– Is it just me or did Kelly Kelly’s spear look better than Edge’s normally does?