Quick Hits: 2/4/11

– Raw following the Rumble really lived up to expectations, even without the appearances of Booker T or Kevin Nash. Solid solid show.

– It looks like Jerry Lawler will FINALLY be getting his Wrestlemania match. It’s well deserved and well past due. I just hope they give him someone to work with who can hold their own and not Michael Cole.

– EVERYONE seems to be talking about the “2-21-11” video that aired on Raw and they should be. It was well produced, mysterious and peaked interest among even the most jaded fans. That’s one aspect of working in the Promos department at WWE that I miss.

– On a personal note, I recently purchased one of “Don West’s Insane Deals” where I received James Storm and Sting shirts, an AJ Styles figure and 3 DVDs for $40. You’ll never see something like this from WWE and even if you just have a passing interest in TNA, I would highly recommend capitalizing on these specials.

– Fortune turning babyface and being revealed as “They”, I believe, made as much storyline sense as TNA can muster considering the situation. The 4 Horsemen (whom Fortune are usually compared to) were always extremely over with the crowd and seemed to be walking that fine tweener line between a heel and babyface faction. To my recollection, the Horsemen never truly made that turn. Fans, especially the TNA diehards, WANT to cheer the “Originals” of Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money and Immortal was just too big for their own good. I feel splitting the two factions will shine more light on the younger guys in the company, giving them more of a major role in the main event storyline instead of just as henchmen. If I was any member of Fortune, I’d be giving Nash and Booker a call to thank them for heading up North.

– Justin Gabriel’s 450 splash from tonight’s Smackdown was just brutal and spectacular. I’m sure he earned some confidence from the suits in back for pulling that off safely.

– Booker T showed some promise in his commentary debut but also left a lot to be desired in his performance. The nerves and uncertainty he had in his new role definitely shined through.

– Del Rio’s first segment on Smackdown as the winner of the Royal Rumble is with Hornswoggle? And we thought the WWE couldn’t get any more PG.

– That being said, I like the Kofi/Del Rio matchup for Elimination Chamber. It’s a rare pairing of two Superstars where they might elevate each other with a good match.

– Barrett showed again he has what it takes to be a top level guy. I think the fans just need to get used to seeing him in that position for them to react to his matches a bit more.

– Is it just me or did Kelly Kelly’s spear look better than Edge’s normally does?