Quick Hits: 2/7/11

– There was no way this year’s Super Bowl was going to live up to last year’s Saints win. And I’m starting to get the feeling Wrestlemania is going to follow suit.

– So it seems that everyone is denying Sting is on his way to the WWE. This might be a rare instance where Vince might heed the IWC buzz and make this signing happen if he hasn’t already.

– Anderson Silva proved once again why he is the most talented and the most frustrating fighter in the world today. He’s capable of some of the most dominating and electrifying fights ever seen but he’s just not motivated to perform at the level that put him at the top of his division. A match with GSP is absolutely needed.

– I applaud WWE for finally including some storyline continuity with the CM Punk/Randy Orton storyline. It’s about time.

– I almost threw up just watching Punk trying to hide his bloody nose by swallowing it. I know it’s TVPG but that was dedication.

– What’s up, Green Bay? Sigh.

– “Ain’t no grave can hold my body down”… Finally, the rumor killer.

– I think Alberto Del Rio’s constant appearances on Raw are going to backfire a la Randy Orton’s forced babyface turn in 2004.

– Another week and another good showing for Jerry Lawler. I’m more excited for his title match against The Miz than either of the Chamber matches.

– What was with Ziggler’s prom tux?

– Vickie’s heat is absolutely phenomenal but I worried if I was the WWE and my top heel couldn’t compete in the ring on a weekly basis.