Quick Hits: 2/12/11

– Robert Roode showed me a lot this week with his mic skills. I’m looking forward to seeing a stronger presence from him in the future.

– Fortune had a good introductory babyface showing and I could see crowds getting behind these 4 “Originals”.

– The Jeff Hardy TNA belt is just awful and if Anderson has such a problem with it, why does he keep carrying it around when the original belt is apparently backstage with TNA’s Santino?

– I’ve never been a fan of the Suicide character and even less so when Christopher Daniels has to don the getup to get a job.

– Hernandez’s return is welcome if for no other reason that I hope this fazes Rob Terry out as Immortal’s muscle.

– The Angle/Jarrett storyline is uncomfortable and bad TV. And now even moreso since Angle’s Twitter comments.

– I’m begging Smackdown to give me a Mask vs Mask match between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. I keep waiting for Rhodes to show up with a face mask a la Brutus Beefcake at Wrestlemania IX.

– I can’t see the appeal of the Edge/Ziggler matches week after week. They might have chemistry but everything gets stale after awhile.

– I can see Vickie stripping Edge of the title next week leading to the Elimination Chamber match being for the vacant World Championship. Granted if that happens, one is lead to wonder why Vickie didn’t strip him sooner.

– Clay Matthews in a WWE ring was a nice moment for the live crowd. I just hope WWE leaves the story in Green Bay and doesn’t try to push it into a town who couldn’t care less.

– Many have said it and I’m slowly jumping on the bandwagon, Alberto Del Rio is money… when he’s not on both shows every week.

– I know it’s Wrestlemania season but WWE needs to make a decision, brand split or no brand split.