Quick Hits: iMPACT 3/31/11

– It’s WrestleMania Week and people are excited about pro wrestling in general. Can TNA capitalize on a primed audience?

– New episode of iMPACT, EXACT SAME OPENING SEGMENT! I’m begging someone to mix it up.

– I’m glad TNA thinks Earl Hebner equals ratings.

– Wait… did Earl and Brian Hebner just turn Anderson heel?

– Holy canned crowd heat!

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Creatively Endeavored Podcast – Episode #2

Creatively Endeavored Podcast: Episode #2

It’s Episode #2 and we’re talking WrestleMania 27 preview and predictions. We also go into detail about The Rock wrestling again, a review of the new WWE Allstars video game and Matt’s eerie prediction of TNA dropping the ball once again. Please email us at CreativelyEndeavored@gmail.com with questions or comments!

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Tonight, I Know Why I’m A Wrestling Fan


So what’s left for WrestleMania 27? In three words… No freakin’ clue!

Everything we thought would happen in the Rock/Cena/Miz confrontation at WrestleMania took place in the final segment of tonight’s Monday Night Raw and so much more. With theories running rampant about The Rock’s return to the ring after a series of recent interviews, Dwayne Johnson came out on free television to not only deliver a promo that many thought they’d hear at the biggest PPV of the year but also perform the majority of his signature moves that have not been seen in a live ring in 7 years. The Rock was truly back like he said he would be.

And that wasn’t even close to being the biggest story of the night.

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Quick Hits: Raw 3/28/11

– I came in late but caught the majority of Punk’s promo and the angle with him and Orton. I was looking forward to their match at WrestleMania simply because of their talent but now they’ve finally gotten me caring about the match.

– So the Raw GM is on Edge’s side after forcing him off Raw… Yea I think the GM storyline has gone off the rails.

– I think Del Rio’s character has been damaged in the past few weeks by losing to Christian. Not good for your #1 contender.

– There’s that awful Trish Stratus promo shot. Google Trish Stratus and you’ll see the exact same shot, blonde and sans Photoshop.

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 3/25/11

– Nice way to start off the show with two very strong workers while hyping their WrestleMania matches.

– Why’d Cody have to take off his shirt to deliver a headbutt?

– I really feel Drew McIntrye could be money if he felt motivated.

– I picked Rosa Mendes to win the Diva search while logging 40 audition tapes in 2006 and tried to feature her in some packages. I’m sorry.

– It’s strange to think that this is Wade Barrett’s first REAL victory in the WWE ring. And with this victory, the only babyface champions are Edge & Eve. Seems like it’s going to be a big babyface ‘Mania.

– All the heat and stigma around the first interaction/wordless promo for the HHH/Taker match is long gone after these windless promos for 4 weeks.

– Is R-Truth on Smackdown now so they can edit his entrance in case he forgets where he is?

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Quick Hits: iMPACT 3/24/11

– For a second there I thought Anderson’s professor was Bruce Prichard in a wig.

– I think I’d faint if a wrestling show actually opened up with a wrestling match.

– Wow, I’m so excited for another RVD/Anderson match. No one like TNA can beat a horse like they can.

– Oh by the way, I’m glad I tuned in for an update on TNA’s franchise after the life and career threatening angle from last week.

– I think RVD has whined more in this TNA run than he has his whole career.

– What’s the point of Bischoff and Hogan if “The Network” overrules all of their authority?

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Editorial – “Book This!” Ted DiBiase

Book This! is a new feature where I’ll take a look at a current pro wrestling superstar or up-and-comer and throw out ideas or storylines for their particular character. It’s basically fantasy booking and is purely for entertainment purposes.

When I came up with the idea for Book This!, two wrestlers came to mind immediately… Matt Morgan and Ted DiBiase Jr. Who would have thought 2 weeks later that DiBiase would be squashed by Triple H in the first segment of RAW and appears on his last legs on the big stage. I think Ted said it best when he stated that “last year I was in my first WrestleMania match and this year I’m nothing more than an afterthought.” It’s about time Ted DiBiase got a second chance to prove he’s the blue chipper everyone predicted he would be.

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Quick Hits: RAW 3/21/11

– I highly recommend the True Story of WrestleMania DVD. Sure it’s got alot of WWE spin but definitely worth a watch.

– Didn’t Miz do this last week?

– I understand the idea of not letting guys touch before a big match but I don’t know if I can still through another 10 minute interview by “The Game”.

– Way to belittle the WORLD championships once again.

– I really don’t understand the “retirement” match allusions. It’s not needed.

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