Quick Hits: iMPACT 3/31/11

– It’s WrestleMania Week and people are excited about pro wrestling in general. Can TNA capitalize on a primed audience? – New episode of iMPACT, EXACT SAME OPENING SEGMENT! I’m begging someone to mix it up. – I’m glad TNA thinks Earl Hebner equals ratings. – Wait… did Earl and Brian Hebner just turn Anderson […]

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Quick Hits: Raw 3/28/11

– I came in late but caught the majority of Punk’s promo and the angle with him and Orton. I was looking forward to their match at WrestleMania simply because of their talent but now they’ve finally gotten me caring about the match. – So the Raw GM is on Edge’s side after forcing him […]

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 3/25/11

– Nice way to start off the show with two very strong workers while hyping their WrestleMania matches. – Why’d Cody have to take off his shirt to deliver a headbutt? – I really feel Drew McIntrye could be money if he felt motivated. – I picked Rosa Mendes to win the Diva search while logging […]

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Quick Hits: iMPACT 3/24/11

– For a second there I thought Anderson’s professor was Bruce Prichard in a wig. – I think I’d faint if a wrestling show actually opened up with a wrestling match. – Wow, I’m so excited for another RVD/Anderson match. No one like TNA can beat a horse like they can. – Oh by the […]

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Quick Hits: RAW 3/21/11

– I highly recommend the True Story of WrestleMania DVD. Sure it’s got alot of WWE spin but definitely worth a watch. – Didn’t Miz do this last week? – I understand the idea of not letting guys touch before a big match but I don’t know if I can still through another 10 minute […]

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