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Quick Hits: iMPACT 4/28/11

– Live blogging iMPACT for the first time in a few weeks. Let’s see how long I last without being able to fast forward. – Is that graphic on the Jarretts’ TitanTron supposed to be a heart? Design-wise, it’s just horrendous. – Miss Tessmacher got a bigger pop than Jeff or Karen. – This entire segment is full of racist

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WWE Draft 2011

The annual WWE Draft (lottery) is being held on Monday night and this year more than ever it feels like a panic move. The Draft is usually saved as a ratings booster for that midsummer lull when nothing is happening and the WWE desperately needs to create interest in their product. Similarly, the Draft is typically to be held on

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Quick Hits: iMPACT 4/21/11

– Anytime I see someone repel from the ceiling like AJ Styles just did, I can only think of the Owen Hart tragedy. And Styles wasn’t even wearing a harness. TNA needs so start caring for their damn performers. – So one PPV entirely full of cage matches wasn’t nearly enough so let’s give one away for free on TV.

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Creatively Endeavored Podcast – Episode #4

LISTEN HERE OR AT iTUNES Episode #4 is here! Matt flies solo for the first 20 minutes with his review of TNA’s Lockdown PPV & then Martin joins in to talk WWE Raw, Vince McMahon rising from the dead and Freddie Prinze Jr. Please email us with questions or comments! Thanks to Mike Perry for the album art… you can

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Quick Hits: Raw 4/18/11

– Anyone else think that cigarette line was directly from Vince? – Wait the draft is next week? Since when? – This feels like they realized how flat R-Truth’s involvement in the main event was so they went back to the original plan of Morrison and bum rushed R-Truth’s heel turn. – “That’s illegal!” chant. Awesome. – New and generic

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