Quick Hits: iMPACT 4/28/11

– Live blogging iMPACT for the first time in a few weeks. Let’s see how long I last without being able to fast forward. – Is that graphic on the Jarretts’ TitanTron supposed to be a heart? Design-wise, it’s just horrendous. – Miss Tessmacher got a bigger pop than Jeff or Karen. – This entire […]

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Quick Hits: Raw 4/25/11

– Battle royal = always a fun way to start a show. – Green Day is just awful for wrestling. – That was totally a shock to shock the audience. I full expect him to be drafted back but this was definitely a great way to start the show.

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WWE Draft 2011

The annual WWE Draft (lottery) is being held on Monday night and this year more than ever it feels like a panic move. The Draft is usually saved as a ratings booster for that midsummer lull when nothing is happening and the WWE desperately needs to create interest in their product. Similarly, the Draft is […]

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Quick Hits: iMPACT 4/21/11

– Anytime I see someone repel from the ceiling like AJ Styles just did, I can only think of the Owen Hart tragedy. And Styles wasn’t even wearing a harness. TNA needs so start caring for their damn performers. – So one PPV entirely full of cage matches wasn’t nearly enough so let’s give one […]

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Quick Hits: Raw 4/18/11

– Anyone else think that cigarette line was directly from Vince? – Wait the draft is next week? Since when? – This feels like they realized how flat R-Truth’s involvement in the main event was so they went back to the original plan of Morrison and bum rushed R-Truth’s heel turn. – “That’s illegal!” chant. […]

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