Well, There Goes My Business

As many of you know, I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 20 some years even going so far as to work for the company from 2005-2006. I’ve been to numerous live events and spent thousands of dollars, maybe tens of thousands on various products. Being as big of fan as I’ve been throughout childhood and my adult years, I have boxes of action figures, magazines and t-shirts. WWEShop.com is bookmarked on my computer and I check it on a semi-regular basis to see if there’s anything new. If you’ve been reading this blog, then you’ve also seen that I’m a big fan of Edge and so naturally I wanted one of the pretty slick “Edge Farewell Tour” shirts. So it’s a pretty big deal when after decades of being a loyal customer, I’ve made the decision to never order a thing from the WWE again.

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 4/29/11

– Randy Orton smiled on TV! I feel like I just saw the Loch Ness Monster!

– I never realized how much Drew McIntyre reminds me of a young Randy Orton circa 2004.

– So close to a star making DDT for Drew.

– Orton did not need to be established as a dominant star on Smackdown, he already is. There was no reason to derail McIntyre’s & Riley’s momentum before it even started.

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Quick Hits: iMPACT 4/28/11

– Live blogging iMPACT for the first time in a few weeks. Let’s see how long I last without being able to fast forward.

– Is that graphic on the Jarretts’ TitanTron supposed to be a heart? Design-wise, it’s just horrendous.

– Miss Tessmacher got a bigger pop than Jeff or Karen.

– This entire segment is full of racist & sexist comments. I’d love to see the numbers of how many people have changed the channel already.

– What did that segment accomplish? Besides giving Karen “X-Pac” heat?

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WWE Draft 2011


The annual WWE Draft (lottery) is being held on Monday night and this year more than ever it feels like a panic move. The Draft is usually saved as a ratings booster for that midsummer lull when nothing is happening and the WWE desperately needs to create interest in their product. Similarly, the Draft is typically to be held on a 3 hour addition of Raw since the show typically needs some sort of gimmick to keep people interested for 3 straight hours.

But not this year. The WWE & USA network have watched Raw’s rating drop rapidly since WrestleMania and this is as close to the panic button I think we’ll see Vince hit this year. He knows people are tuning out but instead of revamping storylines, he thinks people are switching the channel because they’re tired of seeing the same guys interact with each other; although I don’t see how this is the case since the brand split has been nonexistent for months. So it’s time again to “shake things up a bit” and switch some guys from blue to red (because it’s the Raw ratings that are worrisome). So let’s take a look at the top 3 guys from each brand that I see switching their colors to try and make a mark on a new show.
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Quick Hits: iMPACT 4/21/11


– Anytime I see someone repel from the ceiling like AJ Styles just did, I can only think of the Owen Hart tragedy. And Styles wasn’t even wearing a harness. TNA needs so start caring for their damn performers.

– So one PPV entirely full of cage matches wasn’t nearly enough so let’s give one away for free on TV.

– Bully Ray just getting up and running away was hilarious.

– Who the hell thought it was a good idea to send Rob Terry out there with the mic?

– Ugh I hope I don’t see another cage match until next year’s Lockdown. Actually longer would be better.

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Creatively Endeavored Podcast – Episode #4


Episode #4 is here! Matt flies solo for the first 20 minutes with his review of TNA’s Lockdown PPV & then Martin joins in to talk WWE Raw, Vince McMahon rising from the dead and Freddie Prinze Jr.

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The Creatively Endeavored Top 25 Wrestlers of All-Time

A few months ago, my wife (a relatively new wrestling fan) & I sat down to watch the WWE production The Top 50 Superstars of All-Time. Not only was this her first time seeing some of these guys in the ring but it was also the very first time I was sitting down to watch this WWE version of wrestling history.

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