Editorial – Reigning in the Kingdom of Madness (R.I.P. “Macho Man” Randy Savage)

“Pro wrestling is an art form.” We’ve all heard that phase once or twice in our lifetimes and it was never as true as with the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The robes, the sunglasses, the flying elbow, “Pomp and Circumstance” and that voice all were part of a man who truly leapt off the TV screen and made you pay attention whether you were a fan or not. Randy Savage was a larger than life personality that stood second to none even within the crazy world known as professional wrestling.

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Quick Hits: Raw 5/30/11

– Just got in and heard that the WWE s going through their own rapture. Would have loved to have been in the control room for that.

– So Josh is gone and we’re stuck with King and Cole again?

– Yay… I get to be in the dumpster skit…

– Did Michael Cole just mention a storyline from Smackdown? Maybe he DID turn over a new leaf!

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 5/27/11

– How many WWE fans only know Green Day as the old guys who sing the Smackdown theme song?

– That sure sounded like a nice pop for Sin Cara.

– Ok, so that wasn’t a botched finish on Sunday? That really is his new finisher?

– Gotta love the “Great expense to me” line from Rhodes referring to the paper bags.

– I think Cole just turned back heel a quarter way through the show.

– Did Booker T really just call Daniel Bryan “eccentric”?

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Quick Hits: Impact Wrestling 5/26/11

– Hey! Impact Wrestling is starting off with a tag team wrestling ma— competition?

– I know the gimmick but does the sit-down segment called “Sting’s Sit-down” scare anyone else?

– Can anyone come up with a storyline for AJ that doesn’t involve him having to work “hurt”?

– Someone needs to hold a wrestling tights intervention with Tommy Dreamer.

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Quick Hits: Raw 5/23/11

– That’s it for Macho?

– Some of the best mic work since Bret’s return to the WWE.

– “I want my son back!” – R-Truth

– Well, I didn’t see that coming. I’m happy they’re doing something with the titles though and this provides an opportunity for better matches than Kane and Big Show can have at this point.

– WWE should return that camera. And $100,000 camera should not distort that easily.

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Tape Delay Quick Hits: Over The Limit 2011

– Just an FYI, I’m reviewing this as if it was live. Wasn’t home last night for the show as it was my one year wedding anniversary. I’ve not read any results of the show.

– Nice little Macho Man tribute but I hope we get more on Raw.

– Interesting switch for Truth with the lack of music. I like the dynamic from his previous entrances. Plus, I don’t have to listen to him rap anymore.

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 5/19/11

– Wrestling may not matter in the WWE but Smackdown opened their show with a WRESTLING match.

– And we get an old school box in box promo! Awesome! I miss Scotty Goldman.

– By the way, I’ve made a vow to no longer comment on Smackdown’s commentary. It’s awful and embarrassing for the WWE to have these guys on the air.

– That might have been the slowest “quick victory” I’ve ever seen.

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Quick Hits: Impact Wrestling 5/19/11


– Nice! Time for Jail-Impact-Coal!

– Going to do my best tonight to hang in there but it’s been a rough day and having another long one tomorrow. I swear this has nothing to do with tonight being TNA…

– Yea… new opening montage, new theme music, new look arena… show starts the exact same way with Immortal. Sigh.

– The first episode of “Wrestling Matters” and Bischoff is in a match?

– Did they just bleep out “midget”?

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