Quick Hits: Raw 5/30/11

– Just got in and heard that the WWE s going through their own rapture. Would have loved to have been in the control room for that. – So Josh is gone and we’re stuck with King and Cole again? – Yay… I get to be in the dumpster skit… – Did Michael Cole just […]

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 5/27/11

– How many WWE fans only know Green Day as the old guys who sing the Smackdown theme song? – That sure sounded like a nice pop for Sin Cara. – Ok, so that wasn’t a botched finish on Sunday? That really is his new finisher? – Gotta love the “Great expense to me” line […]

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Quick Hits: Impact Wrestling 5/26/11

– Hey! Impact Wrestling is starting off with a tag team wrestling ma— competition? – I know the gimmick but does the sit-down segment called “Sting’s Sit-down” scare anyone else? – Can anyone come up with a storyline for AJ that doesn’t involve him having to work “hurt”? – Someone needs to hold a wrestling […]

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Quick Hits: Raw 5/23/11

– That’s it for Macho? – Some of the best mic work since Bret’s return to the WWE. – “I want my son back!” – R-Truth – Well, I didn’t see that coming. I’m happy they’re doing something with the titles though and this provides an opportunity for better matches than Kane and Big Show […]

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Quick Hits: Smackdown 5/19/11

– Wrestling may not matter in the WWE but Smackdown opened their show with a WRESTLING match. – And we get an old school box in box promo! Awesome! I miss Scotty Goldman. – By the way, I’ve made a vow to no longer comment on Smackdown’s commentary. It’s awful and embarrassing for the WWE […]

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Creatively Endeavored Podcast Episode #6

We’re back with Episode #6 and talking all things wrestling. From TNA’s supposed re-branding to the wrestling resurgence on Smackdown, Creatively Endeavored spares no expense to keep you entertained talking wrestling. Please email us at CreativelyEndeavored@gmail.com or visit us at http://www.CreativelyEndeavored.wordpress.com with questions or comments! Subscribe to us in iTunes or listen on Podomatic here: […]

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