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Tape Delay Hits: Smackdown 6/24/11

– Christian’s character is beginning to become too one dimensional and I think he’s going to have to show us something new soon. – Wow nice little promo for Bourne/Cara. Did not expect that but it’s pretty bad that it took “technical difficulties” for the WWE to book a week ahead. – Can someone please scrap Ted DiBiase’s music? Or maybe

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CreativelyEndeavored.COM Is Here!

With the rapid growth of Creatively Endeavored, we decided it was time to invest more than just time into the site. Therefore there’s no more need to add “wordpress” into the URL as we’ve become a full-fledged “Dot Com”. It may not seem like much to most of you but this is a very good step in the right direction

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CE Looking To Expand w/New Staff

While evaluating my workload, I’ve realized I can work a lot more on exclusive articles, promotion, designs and video content if I have some people on board helping with the site. Right now I’m looking for one new writer and one graphic designer that loves wrestling and sharing their opinions with the wrestling community as a whole. By no means

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Quick Hits: Raw 6/13/11

– Seems like the censor for this show took the day off when he realized Austin was hosting. – As good as Miz/Austin was, I kept waiting for CM Punk. And honestly, the opening segment didn’t really get me too excited for the rest of the show. – As cold as the Del Rio/Big Show feud is, that was a

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