IP #7 – Shooting Straight To The Edge (Infamous CM Punk “Shoot” Promo)

Normally I plan out my articles a week in advance if not more. This week, however, I decided to wait until Tuesday. I’m not completely sure why but I knew I had a gut feeling that WWE might be working on something so I figured I’ll just wait until Raw’s over and then start coming up with an outline. After all it, it was just about a year ago on June 7th, 2010, the original Nexus debuted absolutely shocking the wrestling world and setting the stage for a very intriguing summer. Ok, well that didn’t play out quite as well as it was set up to but it was definitely a fun night on Raw and we all looked forward to the following week’s show. This summer is being widely touted as the “Summer of Punk” and knowing his history of anti-authority rebellions and downright fearlessness, it seemed like a safe bet that I’d have something to write about coming out of Raw.

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Tape Delay Hits: Smackdown 6/24/11

–┬áChristian’s character is beginning to become too one dimensional and I think he’s going to have to show us something new soon.

– Wow nice little promo for Bourne/Cara. Did not expect that but it’s pretty bad that it took “technical difficulties” for the WWE to book a week ahead.

– Can someone please scrap Ted DiBiase’s music? Or maybe make a darker remix like Cody Rhodes’.

– At least they finally found someone who can work with Cara.

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Tape Delay Quick Hits: Impact Wrestling 6/23/11

– Have you updated your bookmark to CreativelyEndeavored.com yet?

– “Dos Double J”? So close to being a great line.

– Are we really supposed to believe that Bischoff’s music played during that whole conversation.

– I was just about to write that I wonder when Sting was just going to start coming out in Joker makeup… and then he came out in Joker makeup.

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CreativelyEndeavored.COM Is Here!

With the rapid growth of Creatively Endeavored, we decided it was time to invest more than just time into the site. Therefore there’s no more need to add “wordpress” into the URL as we’ve become a full-fledged “Dot Com”. It may not seem like much to most of you but this is a very good step in the right direction branding-wise and allows us to establish ourselves that much better in the pro-wrestling online community. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to interacting with all of you in the future.

P.S. Check back soon and often as we will be having t-shirt contests and more featured content only on CreativelyEndeavored.com

Editorial – Seriously, In My Last Job I Was World Champion (How The WWE Botches Stars Not Made Within WWE)


In 1986, Harley Race entered the World Wrestling Federation as an 8-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. In the WWF, he became “King” Harley Race and never left the mid-card.

In 1975, Terry Funk defeated Jack Brisco to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. In 1994, Funk became one of the founding fathers of the newly rebranded Extreme Championship Wrestling. When he entered the WWF in 1997, he was given a gimmicked chainsaw, pantyhose to put over his head and redubbed “Chainsaw Charlie”.

Dusty Rhodes was a 3-time NWA World Heavyweight Championship when he headed up north in late 1989 for a run in the World Wrestling Federation. He was met with a “working man” gimmick complete with plunger, overweight valet and yellow polka dot tights.

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CE Looking To Expand w/New Staff

While evaluating my workload, I’ve realized I can work a lot more on exclusive articles, promotion, designs and video content if I have some people on board helping with the site. Right now I’m looking for one new writer and one graphic designer that loves wrestling and sharing their opinions with the wrestling community as a whole.

By no means will this mean I’m not going to write on this site anymore. If anything, this will give me much more time to contribute original content that will help this site stand out among the plethora of pro-wrestling websites on the internet.

If you have any interest, please email me CreativelyEndeavored@gmail.com or catch me on Twitter @Matt_Harrak.

Tape Delay Quick Hits: Smackdown 6/17/11

– Teddy Long: Longest running authority figure in wrestling history?

– Explain to me how Michael Cole is allowed to be so over the top heel on Smackdown and lead play by play on Raw. Get him off my TV.

– Is that Beaker behind Booker T?!

– I guess that kid with the Corre sign had it finished last week and doesn’t care that the group no longer exists.

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