7/24 – 7/31/11: @WWE_Creative on CreativelyEndeavored.com

When @CMPunk put the WWE Title in his fridge, it became a more prestigious venue than the Impact Zone #TNAwful

A TNA/DC crossover? Hope Superman realizes that @HulkHogan doesn’t do jobs to anyone. #TNAwful

Tonight begins the Triple H Era, so look for a lot more sledgehammers-ah, spit-takes-ah and elongated syllables-ah #RAWTonight

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Tape Delay Hits: Smackdown 7/29/11

-So Smackdown is gonna be one long advertisement for Raw now?

-Christian/Orton again for Summerslam, this time it’s no holds barred. Not excited by this prospect.

-YES! Zack Ryder makes his way to Smackdown.

-I hate Cole so much. Which I think is the point. I just don’t have to like the point.

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JC’s Top Rope Report #4 – So C.M. Punk is Back Already. Now What?


Well, that happened much quicker than I expected.

Monday on RAW, John Cena won the “WWE Championship” from Rey Mysterio, the same “Championship” Rey won just two hours earlier. After the match, C.M. Punk came out and had a stare down with John Cena to close RAW. Punk came out to “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour. It’s a great song and fits perfectly for everything Punk stands for now. It was also his theme during his “Summer of Punk” run in Ring of Honor. Again, as I said in my last piece, it is a great hook to attract viewers again next week.

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Live Hits: Raw 7/25/11

– No new belt design?!?! This was the perfect opportunity to destroy that terrible belt and introduce a new one and they failed. I can’t even put into words how much I desist that belt.

– Very loud “Miz is awesome” chant.

– God, Miz has gotten good in the ring. Remember when he was just the guy with the cheesy fedora and capris?

– I don’t know if it’s just me but this really doesn’t feel like a WWE title match.

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@WWE_Creative on CreativelyEndeavored.com

It took me awhile to get into Twitter. I just didn’t the point of spending even MORE time online reading other people’s thoughts. Well that all changed with the discovery of the @WWE_Creative Twitter account. No other person’s postings make me laugh as much as this one and I figured what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than reliving the best WWE_Creative tweets from the last week. So welcome to the new Sunday staple… WWE_Creative on CreativelyEndeavored.com!
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JC’s Top Rope Report #3 – Unpredictability Is Finally Back

It has been a long time since I said this, but this is a fun time to be a wrestling fan. This last month of WWE TV has been the best string of TV shows put together in a very long time. There are a lot of contributing factors to this. The majority of the greatness has come from C.M. Punk. Punk proved how valuable of an asset he can be to a wrestling company in the last month. He was under-utilized as a performer for the strong majority of his run, and now the possibilities are endless with Punk when he returns.

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Tape Delay Hits: iMPACT 7/21/11

– If I wasn’t nauseous enough, having to relive Sting’s evil clowns really did me in.

– Please just let Sting be back to normal now. Pretty please?

– Shit…

– So wait, Sting was doing this Joker gimmick to get into Hogan’s head and then win back the World title right? So why is he still the Joker?

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