Quick Quips: Raw 8/22/11

– Will WWE finally begin to answer the truckload of questions that surfaced after SummerSlam & last week’s Raw?

– Can Alberto Del Rio rise to the level of the WWE Championship and turn in a more intriguing promo than last week’s?

– No ballyhoo tonight. I guess firing all those executives didn’t save as much money as they thought.

– Wow I’m actually happy Cena’s music just hit. Del Rio really does bore me.

– Nice old school IC title belt in the front row.

– That rental car comment was probably their way of getting rid of that gimmick.

– “Jack Tunney” got the pop of the week out of me. too bad everyone under the age of 25 had no idea who that is.

– Many people will question Punk vs Cena – 3 be given away for free but it’s the 3rd encounter… Everyone knows Cena’s going over.

– Oy, Morrison = Jobber to the upper card.

– John Morrison is starting to get the “John Cena” reaction from the crowd. That’s not good.

– That was a pretty damn good match. If Morrison had more creditability this would feel much more important.

– Whoot, Nash trimmed the homeless, crazy man beard.

– Kevin Nash seems a bit for comfortable this week. A week to prepare really makes a difference.

– “Leave ya lying where you stand.”

– This is a very focused, “Attitude Era” type show. Unfortunately, although the main event story is great, a lot of guys are getting left by the way side.

– A tag title match announced right before their segment. Ouch.

– Way to bury the tag champs, King.

– McGillicutty has always had a sick dropkick.

– Woah Bourne! Good thing he’s a good athlete!

– 2 week old tag team win the belts after the announcers bury McGillicutty and Otunga for the whole match. It’s not that I don’t agree but the announcers should not be ripping the reigning champions no matter how blah they are.

– The title change followup made it feel important so good for them.

– Johnny Ace almost forgot one of his three lines. Oh boy.

– Well now that was a random beat down.

– That was a GREAT heel promo… And then they danced and rapped.

– Ah ECW One Night Stand flashbacks.

– You know what would have been nice? If WWE tried something different and went commercial free for the main event of this caliber.

– Does Cena do the top rope leg drop to show up Hogan?

– Obviously not nearly as good as their other matches but still a stellar TV main event with a flukey finish to continue the Punk/HHH/Nash storyline. Overall, it didn’t live up to recent Raws but still a good show.



  • Jack C. Catalano

    Seems like ADR was in the background of that segment. You know if he was on Smackdown working with Christian and Randy Orton, he would be ok. But there is NO WAY anyone is going to one up CM Punk right now. Hes too hot right now and fans look forward to seeing him. And as far as Cena goes, everyone wants Punk to beat Cena.


  • Jack C. Catalano

    You know I can see or I really wish that Vickie’s new client is Alex Riley. Think about it. He beat Swagger already and lets say he beats Ziggler. She can say that her new client is Alex Riley and Ziggler can either feud with him or align himself with him.

    Whatever, because I dont think the Alex Riley babyface turn is working.


    • I can see it but there’s WAY too many heels as it is. Riley might not be setting things on fire but he hasn’t really been given a shot either.


      • Unless they turn someone babyface, either Ziggler or Swagger and have Riley as the heel. I think he was better as the heel, playing “The Varsity Villian” on NXT.