Friday Afternoon Newsdump 8/26/11

  • is reporting that Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, also known in Mexico as Mistico, who was the original Sin Cara in WWE, returned as the character at last night’s house show event in Tacoma, Washington.As many of you know, Alvirde was serving a 30 day suspension for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. Alvirde had garnered some backstage heat for speaking out in an interview about the suspension, and claiming that he was unaware that the drugs he had taken were not allowed in WWE.Additionally, there were backstage rumblings that Alvirde would not be brought back as Sin Cara as there were concerns that his ring work was not up to par, coupled with the fact that there was existing heat over the interview and his backstage attitude. It seems as of now, however, that Alvirde will resume the role from here on out, and that FCW talent Hunico, who had been working the character, is finished.

  • The original plan for Matt and Jeff Hardy was return to TNA storylines around Bound for Glory this October. Jeff Hardy is still with the company, and TNA will be releasing a DVD on his career this Fall and have also licensed him out for several new products, including children’s Halloween costumes. Matt Hardy had been home on suspension. The suspension was said to be due to excessive lateness to events, but some think that it was a cover story due to the video that featured Matt and Jeff Hardy, along with Matt’s girlfriend Reby Sky. In the video, they held and tazed Sky.Hardy was arrested yesterday in North Carolina for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Hardy was arrested by the state patrol and released at around 7PM yesterday A trooper had discovered Hardy after his 2009 Corvette ran off the road and struck a tree. No one was with Hardy, Hardy was not injured and there were no other reported injuries.
  • TNA co-founder Jerry Jarrett (father of Jeff Jarrett) spoke out against TNA’s creative direction in an interview with Mike Mooneyham of the Post & Courier newspaper.”The core of their problems is the creative development of their product. They have to cut the cancer out,” Jarrett said, referring to head writer Vince Russo, who clashed with Hulk Hogan at the Hardcore Justice PPV two weeks ago. Mooneyham also quoted unidentified TNA talent on there being “too many chefs in the kitchen” creatively.Jarrett has been criticized for hiring Russo, but Jarrett says it was his son’s decision. “I would deserve the label ‘stupid’ if I had made the decision to hire Vince Russo,” Jarrett said. “But, I made the horrendous mistake of yielding to my son’s (Jeff) wishes.”
  • Recently released WWE star Harry [DH] Smith is upset with WWE, having posted the following on his Facebook page:”Well I’m not one to bury any companies or people but I’m afraid I have no choice here. The WWE after great difficulty of my begging, finally sent me back “some” but not all of my familie’s possessions from the Hall of Fame/Fan axxess. This includes, my dad’s ring gear, my ring gear, owen hart’s blue blazer masks, and singlet and lots of priceless family possessions. They sent a framed picture of my dad smashed, half the other stuff missing but they threw in a Mae Young framed picture,” Smith wrote.”Then they have the nerve to call me, two weeks after firing me, sniffing around asking if they can have it back for their precious Hall of Fame/fan axxess. Even though I am expendable talent, they wouldn’t mind just keeping my family’s last remaining wrestling stuff.

    Anyone can feel free to post this on dirt sites as I feel the world should know about how selfish and inconsiderate the WWE truly is.”

  • WWE star Rey Mysterio announced that he will be undergoing surgery on August 26. “Need to have surgery again,” Mysterio wrote on his Twitter page. “Sorry for the letdown. Promise to make it back as soon as possible.”
  • Recently-released TNA wrestler Matt Hardy was rushed to an emergency room in North Carolina on Wednesday after “falling down in his home,” reports TMZ. Hardy was not feeling well, according to sources cited by TMZ, but it’s unclear what caused his fall. The extent of his injuries are “unknown,” but Hardy is expected to be kept overnight and released on Thursday. On Saturday, Hardy crashed his Convertible into a pipe and tree driving between 55 and 70 MPH, according to a N.C. patrol officer. Hardy was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Hardy was not drinking, according to the officer, but appeared to have taken an “impairing substance.”

    Hardy, who was suspended by TNA at the time of his crash, was released from the company shortly after news broke of his arrest. Hardy’s mug shot following his arrest was released online this week showing Hardy in poor condition with what appeared to be cuts on his forehead.

  • C.M. Punk played up his anti-authority TV role in a new interview with the Chicago Sun-Times published Wednesday. Highlights: Asked if he had a tough time keeping a straight face when Kevin Nash called him a short-order cook two weeks ago on Raw, Punk said, “I don’t think I did…he’s completely out of touch.” …

    On his WWE Title win at the MITB PPV in Chicago: “I don’t have the words to explain the gravity of that situation. The love I got from Chicago was astounding. I know it sounds cliché and corny, but no words. Words couldn’t do it justice.” … Punk quipped he’d like to take over the Chicago Cubs’s GM role: ” It’s a good team – we just make stupid decisions. As far as GM, hmmm…they should offer me the job. I could be a reliever, too. We’re in discussions.”

  • WWE announcer Jim Ross has published a new blog on discussing various topics including a possible tag team resurgence: “Are tag teams making a come back in WWE? I can only say that I hope so and if last week’s Raw is any indication it would seem that there is a good chance the tag team scene is going to receive added exposure and the chance to develop. There are many younger fans today who have never experienced quality, tag team wrestling done on a major scale as was done in WWE in generations past. Some fans actually are bigger fans of tag team wrestling than one-on-one bouts.”
  • Kurt Angle has updated his 2012 Olympics aspirations to make the U.S. amateur wrestling team: “Lastly, to Everyone Cheering Me On for Olympic Comeback. I have a legitimate Shot. My training Is Going Awesome. I Pray I Make the team:)” Two key upcoming events to qualify are the U.S. Open in December and the Olympic Trials on April 21-22, 2012.
  • WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and C.M. Punk are back at it on Twitter playing up their social media feud hinting at a possible encounter down the road. Punk, who does not drink due to his straight-edge lifestyle, jumped into a conversation between Austin and Zack Ryder about why to put a lime in beer, commenting, “To make it not taste like piss. It’s still poison.”

    Austin retorted to Punk, “You oughta mind your own business…stay focused on Nash and leave the beer drinking to me…Punk.” Punk retorted, “Focus is my middle name…Steven.” Austin retorted, “My middle name is Whoop Ass…now go about your business before you step in a big pile of what did I get myself into now??”

  • Stephanie McMahon is asserting herself more and more behind the scenes lately, including grabbing reins of the WWE digital media division and firing Brian Kalinowski and Mark Keys, the two top people in Digital and Interactive media. Now the Wrestling Observer notes that Stephanie is not a fan of Kevin Dunn, yet Dunn is Vince McMahon’s closest confidant, so there could end up being a power struggle in coming months or years as Stephanie and Triple H gain more power, especially if Vince McMahon willing scales back his involvement. Dunn is so tight with Vince, though, that it’s hard to imagine Stephanie completely ousting Dunn from power. Many in WWE will be happy to see a strong counter-voice to Dunn within WWE.
  • Bret Hart endorsed World Hvt. champion Randy Orton as worthy of his “Excellence of Execution” label in an interview with WWE’s website prior to Tuesday’s Smackdown TV taping in Hart’s hometown of Calgary, Alb., Canada. “Randy Orton is another one of my favorites. Randy doesn’t necessarily get credit for being a great technician, but he is. People always use that term for me, ‘The Excellence of Execution’ — and that’s what Randy is. I expect that he’s going to get better and better and better. Also in the interview, which mainly focused on Smackdown storylines and Hart’s role as GM on Friday’s episode, Hart talked about his Calgary memories, Natalya joining Beth Phoenix, and the Sheamus-Mark Henry feud.
  •, an off-shoot website headed by ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, published a detailed expose on Ric Flair’s various legal, marital, and professional turmoil over the past 20+ years, citing public record documents from Flair’s divorce proceedings and legal matters. The full article by columnist Shane Ryan, subtitled “Ric Flair’s long, steady decline,” can be read at The following are newsworthy highlights from the research cited in the article:

    — As of February 2011, Flair’s TNA contract called for him to be paid $22,000 per month, although Ryan says the figure “can fluctuate from month to month.” Over a full year, Flair would be paid $264,000 per year.

    — Also as of February, TNA had not paid him royalties for six months. This was shortly after Flair tried to leave the U.K. Tour in January after requesting a draw – or upfront payment – that TNA declined, citing TNA owed him money.

    — Ryan noted Ring of Honor won a judgment of “more than $40,000” against Flair in 2010 for failing to make contracted appearances in 2009.

    — The legal issue with was broken down. Flair was in contempt to pay $35,000 he owed for failure to fulfill obligations, which was eventually paid.

    Highspots’s owner, Michael Bochicchio concludes the article: “We made our bed with Ric Flair, and it took us two years to get out of it. He has absolutely no plans for the future. He could never separate Ric Flair from Richard Fliehr.”

    — Personal legal issues in 2011 alone: Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Fliehr’s former lawyers, sued Flair for $88,000 in legal fees. The firm helped Flair in his divorce proceedings against his third wife and aided him in trademarking signature phrases such as “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.”

    — Regarding the end of his WWE run in 2009, Ryan reports that Flair had debts “totaling $1.7 million” and he was earning $32,824 net monthly income from WWE.

    Flair was quoted in legal documents, “I borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from WWE, my family, and friends to make ends meet. Tiffany (his divorced third wife) and I also accrued marital liabilities related to our own failed business ventures and Tiffany knows as well as anyone that we have no assets and a lot of debt.”

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