Quick Quips: Raw 8/30/11

– Big week in the WWE the next two days with Raw and SmackDown going back to back nights live. My fear is SmackDown is going to feel too much like Raw-lite but we’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow night.

– BTW I will be covering SmackDown live tomorrow night as well. Also, at 6:30 PM EST, I’ll be hosting the Inside Pulse Wrestling Radio show on BlogTalkRadio where we will be taking live callers. You can get more details at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/InsidePulseRadio.

– You know I thought HHH was going to have a reduced role…

– Did HHH just combine the roster?

– What a throwaway line for a MAJOR announcement…

– Nash gets the nWo music? Really?

– Ok, the “panties” comment was awesome.

– Did the US title get bigger?

– Gotta love the word “manager” being allowed again.

– Sick Zig Zag on the floor.

– Is it just me or does it sound like King actually knows what’s going on on SmackDown?

– Damn that was a GREAT match!

– Finally, they are letting JR be JR.

– Great, now we get “wigs split” on Raw too.

– Christian is essentially doing the same character from 2005 but yet it’s still over.

– Huge push for Sheamus to stand by Cena.

– Wait what the hell?! Laurenitis can make matches now? Or at least try to?

– Remember when Miz challenged Punk for the ECW title in his first PPV title match at Cyber Sunday? Don’t worry, not too many people do.

– Second two segment match on the show. Is wrestling back?

– Damn that finish sucked.

– As old as Nash is, that’s still a hell of a long way to fall for a powerbomb.

– Looks like Hunico got the live show gig.

– Why the hell is Michael Cole telling Mistico’s story when THAT IS NOT MISTICO?!?!?!

– I don’t understand the heels fighting? Shouldn’t they want allies so they can cheat to win more matches?

– Someone forgot Kofi’s pyro.

– Air Boom? Ugh. I guess it’s better than High Energy.

– Otunga vs King? That’ll draw money for the fall.

– Look for my article about “Michael McGillicutty” Joe Hennig tomorrow afternoon.

– Woah! Did Beth Phoenix lose a ton of weight?

– Has anyone else noticed Raw’s music isn’t Nickelback?

– Not a single live shot of WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and it’s after 11 PM EST. Del Rio needs as much help as he can get to get over and not being the focus of the show doesn’t help at all.

– Good momentum for Christian going into a World title match TOMORROW NIGHT!

– Nice tease for tomorrow night. They needed something.

– Oh and the WWE Champion did not make a single live appearance on Raw. Wow…