Quick Quips: SuperSmackDown 8/30/11

– Be sure to look for Martin’s review of this big show as well.

– This is my fear of ending the brand split – John Cena opening every show.

– And this is how they should have addressed Del Rio’s absence… LAST NIGHT!

– Relatively hot start to the show. Definitely feels special.

– Well, that was a squash.

– 2-0 for Hunico.

– Woah where the hell did that come from? Maybe they are still going to go with the “fake” Sin Cara angle.

– Yea… Let’s have the girl who can barely speak English be a ring announcer.

– Wow, way to throwaway Natayla and Beth vs Kelly.

– There’s more pink in the ring right now than there is natural hair color.

– Punk = The King of Contract Signings

– Now just imagine if that was the lead up to WrestleMania with Rock/Cena. Damn…

– Wasn’t CM Punk scheduled to face Great Khali? Glad back to back shows allow for better continuity…

– They REALLY milked those entrances and then jumped straight to commercial. Nothing like killing time on a show that featured around 10 total superstars.

– Another very good match between these two and a sick RKO. But I’m glad this feud is over though.



  • Jack C. Catalano

    Man does Barrett losing so much steam. I mean when he talks about the Cnea/Nexus angle , how can he possibly be taken seriiously when he was totally buried in that angle.


  • If you want to have a nice dream tonight check out the pic that I linked on your Twitter page. If you look at what Mets99 (which i s me) linked to , I think you ‘ll have pleasant dreams of Layla. I know I will. LOL