Martin’s Tape Delayed Hits: Smackdown 8/30/11

-With the announcement of combined rosters on Raw my one fear is the lesser know but talented wrestlers like Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder are gonna get lost in the shuffle. Interesting to see if WWE can avoid that.

-Love the USA chant.

-Why don’t they just have a sniper take out Barret. Ludicrous squash.

-Looks like were back to rambling Mark Henry

-Thanks SyFy for reminding me why I only watch Smackdown on your channel.

-Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara. X-mas comes early.

-Michael Cole was right. Daniel Bryan hasn’t won in a month. So dumb.

-Sin Cara heel turn. Awesome

-Wonderful old school crowd heat for Christian.

-Can Aksana be the announcer every night, that was hilarious.

-Now Cole is on Punk’s side. They should keep his affiliations on an index card for him.

-Ulp CM Punk said he was a fan. He’s fired.

-Nash vs Punk vs Triple H vs Jericho vs Austin. Book it.

-Oh yeah, Redheads are outcasts in Ireland.

-Has there been one actual match tonight? Bad thing about one segment matches is you get no time to tell a story.

-I have no belief that Christian will win this match I just hope he puts up a fight.

-Really Booker. I expect the “Best Ever” to not put me to sleep when he speaks.

-That was a good match. I’m liking Mark Henry’s character turn and I really hope they put the strap on him.