Graphic Break: ilovedust “Dead Wrestler Society”

English artist ilovedust has a new exhibit that debuted September 23 and runs until October 30th at The Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth where he depicts some of the best professional wrestlers that we’ve lost over the past few years. Check out and for more information and CLICK BELOW for more paintings.

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Quick Quips: Raw 9/26/11

– I don’t know how much of the show I’ll get through tonight as my kid & wife are really sick but whatever I don’t get to tonight, I’ll catch up on tomorrow. – Hope they’re going somewhere with this cause it seems like it’s the Triple H Buries Everyone Show. – Zack Ryder gets […]

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Quick Quips: ROH TV 09.24.11

– First let me say, I’m in love for the new ROH logo. It’s unique and big league. – Very impressed with the production so far. – Nigel was a nice surprise and a great addition to help ROH stand out. If nothing else, their announce booth will sound different from WWE and TNA.

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