Jobber Video of the Week for 10/18/11 – Reno Riggins vs. Shawn Michaels

A “jobber” is a pro-wrestler brought into a company on a per appearance basis to do one thing, lose to another wrestler and make that guy look good doing it. Being a jobber is a lost artform and one we here at Creatively Endeavored want to see brought back. Therefore, we’re featuring videos of some of the greatest jobbers of all-time right here every week!

Neal Hargrove, known by his ring name Reno Riggins, is an American professional wrestler who has competed in Southeastern independent promotions including the United States Wrestling Association and the National Wrestling Alliance during the 1990s. He was also the last wrestler to be trained by Jimmy Mitchell and Tojo Yamamoto before his death in 1992.

Hargrove debuted in the World Wrestling Federation as Reno Riggins in March 1988, spending several years as an enhancement talent. He also appeared in a dark match losing to Rip Rogers at the NWA’s Halloween Havoc in October 1990. Leaving the WWF in 1992, he began competing for the USWA and eventually won the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship from Brian Christopher in August 1992. After a brief stint in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in early 1993, he returned to the WWF and frequently appeared as an enhancement talent on Monday Night Raw until deciding to retire in early 1995. Here he is in the WWF against Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels!