JC’s Top Rope Report: RAW Thoughts for 10/24/2011

RAW Thoughts for 10/24/2011

Nashism, Not At It’s Finest?
After a recap of the happenings of Vengeance, HHH came out. No suit and tie. Jeans and a t-shirt. HHH said the business has been tough for him, but he’s made some true friends in the business. He thought Kevin Nash was one of them, but money and business now seem more important to him. HHH said last night Nash tried to break his neck, but Nash really broke his heart. AWWWWW. HHH called Nash out to the ring, because he wants to take out his frustrations on him.

John Laurinaitis came out to try and calm down HHH. HHH told him to shut up and not walk through the ropes. HHH told him that he still works for him. And Laurinaitis job tonight is to find Nash, and give him the biggest contract he can. Because if he doesn’t, HHH will go to his house and find Nash, and he will get arrested for what he will do to Nash. As HHH was walking to the back, Nash took a sledgehammer to the back of HHH. He shoved security that tried to stop him. HHH struggled to get up, then collapsed in the back. Eh, nothing special. Leads to Nash/HHH, which will be bad. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Back from break, they recapped the opening segment. They showed HHH being put in an ambulance. Nash stopped him, took HHH off the gurney, and hit HHH with the Sledgehammer in the face. Ouch.

Great White? Does That Make Randy Orton “The Great Orange?”
RAW’s first match featured all Smackdown wrestlers. Cody Rhodes/Christian vs Randy Orton/Sheamus. Sheamus took out Christian on the outside with a shoulder tackle. But that allowed Cody to take advantage in the ring, and lock in a sleeper heading into a break. Back from break the heels were still in control. But Sheamus countered out of a Killswitch attempt by Christian and tagged in Randy Orton. Orton cleaned house. Backdrop on Christian, middle rope DDT. Cody distracted Orton, which allowed Christian to hit his corner kick. Tag to Cody. Cody worked on Orton and hit a nice dropkick before tagging Christian back in. Orton drop-kicked Christian off a high risk maneuver, then tagged in Sheamus. Eventually all four men ended up in the ring. Sheamus miss timed a Brogue Kick on Rhodes, so he made up for it with a Celtic Cross for the win. Good enough action. Still no RAW wrestlers though. Survey Says: 3/5

Backstage, Cena complained to Laurinaits about Miz/R-Truth. Cena wanted them in a match, and Ace agreed. Cena and a partner of his choosing vs Miz and R-Truth.

Dolph Ziggler beat Santino after Swagger distracted Santino. Swagger applied the ankle lock after, but Mason Ryan made the save. Nothing worth rating.

Backstage the Bellas were talking. Zack Ryder showed up, saying Laurinaitis picked him to be Cena’s partner. Woo Woo Woo.

I Demand Better From My C.M. Punk Time
Alberto del Rio came out. He said he’s done with John Cena, and he is moving onto a new challenger. But he said no one is good enough to beat him. C.M. Punk interrupted. He said ADR must be mistaken, because Punk beat him four weeks ago. He said it was in Grey’s Sports Almanac. Punk said he never got his one-on-one rematch after Del Rio cashed in Money in the Bank on him. Punk asked ADR to put the WWE Title up against him. ADR said Punk didn’t even win his match at Vengeance, so he’s at the back of the line. Punk said maybe he will put ADR to sleep anyways. John Laurinaitis interrupted. He made Punk/ADR at Survivor Series, but he said Punk has to say he respects him first. Punk asked if Laurinaitis was Aretha Franklin. Punk mocked him, then went on a rant to talk about how Laurinaitis did so little in the business but got so far up the food chain. Laurinaitis didn’t like it, so he told Punk he was going to take a week to decide. Punk said while he’s deciding, think of this. He attempted a GTS on ADR, but Ricardo saved him. GTS to Ricardo instead. That just seemed like a segment to get those two on TV tonight. Survey Says: 2/5

Alicia Fox upset Natalya. WHYYYY?

Young Guys Getting Time? WHAT?
John Morrison vs Wade Barrett. One year ago this match would have been interesting. Now? No. Barrett threw Morrison against the barricade outside going into a commercial. Back from break, Morrison took a big boot from Barrett. Barrett worked over Morrison in the ropes, then booted him to the outside. Morrison fought back with some punches, then an elbow to the face, some clotheslines than a knee to the jaw, which got a two count. Barrett caught Morrison with a Black Hole Slam for two. Barrett went for Wasteland, but Morrison countered with a Side Russian leg sweep. Morrison missed Starship Pain. He went for a springboard kick, but Barrett couldn’t catch him properly. Barrett grabbed him and hit Wasteland for the win. Fun little match. Hopefully a sign of things to come for Barrett. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Michael Cole showed some embarrassing pictures of Jim Ross. He challenged him to the “Michael Cole Challenge” next week. Cole said if he loses, Jim Ross can have his chair back, because he will quit.

The Only Man Who Can Save the WWE’s Product Will Return
Zack Ryder was being interviewed, but Miz and R-Truth attacked him. Looks like a handicap match. Miz and R-Truth said Cena got what was coming to him at Vengeance. They said that it won’t be over until Cena gets got, and that’s the Truth. Cena got the better of Truth early, so he tagged in Miz. Miz was able to gain the upper hand on Cena. R-Truth tagged in, worked over Cena until Cena Scoop-Slammed him. Tag to Miz. Traditional Cena offense. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but R-Truth hit him with the Water Bottle causing a DQ. Miz and Truth beatdown, but Laurinaitis stopped it. He said at Survivor Series, Miz and Truth will face Cena and a partner of his choosing. Cena chose The Rock. Not very suspenseful because of the promos before the match. Survey Says: 2/5

Not a good episode of RAW. The best part of the show was the Smackdown tag match and the Barrett win. I want to be interested in Punk/Del Rio, but that first interaction did nothing for me. The first 30 minutes was dedicated to HHH/Nash, taking me back to 2003. An HHH/Nash match will not be good, even if it is No DQ. I thought the Rock/Cena match was suppose to be a 5-on-5 elimination match, but that doesn’t appear to be the case right now. Boring show that did nothing for me. Giving it a 3, just like the PPV. The Muppets should at least be entertaining next week.

And remember kids, you can’t die from a broken neck, but you can die from a broken heart.

NFL Week 7 Review up tomorrow.

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