“Smackdown Hits” w/ Martin 12.30.11

-Kinda wordy opening to the show but its setting up Cody Rhodes as a bigger heel.

-Cody stepped on the title after kicking Dustin Rhodes. That was weird to see.

-Mahal with the win over DiBiase. Looks like DiBiase’s good times are ever.

-Aksana with Sin Cara lighting to Drew McIntyre. That was a weird segment. Hopefully this means a McIntyre push.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The 2011 Top Rope Awards

You voted! (ok not may of you, but to those who did vote you know who you are) And now the results are in. It is time to look at the winners, or in some cases losers, in the 2nd annual 2011 Top Rope Awards. In addition to the awards I made public, I’ve also added some secondary awards to hand out.

2011 was a very up and down year for the WWE. It was up at the start and heading into Wrestlemania. It went back down until C.M. Punk began his main event push in the summer. Ever since SummerSlam it has been a very hot and cold time for the WWE. Hopefully the WWE can put together one solid year of booking, but that is about as likely as The Rock, Steve Austin, and Brock Lesnar all deciding at the same time that they want to come back to the WWE full time. There are some things I would like to see happen in the WWE in 2012, and that is something that can be saved for a later blog.
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Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 12.29.11

– The Knockouts are featured in the opening video AND open the show in the ring. Nice change of pace.

– How weird would it be if a tag team like Matt Morgan and Crimson walked down the ramp holding hands like Tara and Tessmacher?

– Last week Sting wore that coat. This week he’s dressed like a teenager who shops at PacSun.

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Afternoon Newsdump: 12.31.11

– I want to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year!

– From Mark Wayne of FightLine.com:

You knew what kind of fight it was going to be when Alistair Overeem stuffed Brock Lesnar’s first takedown attempt with ease. Lesnar came to fight, no question, he cut the Dutch striker over the eye with a stiff left and put forth his best effort to fight back as Overeem began to take the fight’s momentum.

Overeem walked through the shot and ignored the blood, stalking Lesnar down and going to work with hard knees and kicks to the body. Lesnar was on his heels but clear-eyed and returning fire, but Overeem wouldn’t be denied. He came forward relentlessly and continue his body assault, eventually dropping Lesnar with a hard body kick and finishing him off with a torrent of right hands to the head and then body.

With the impressive first round TKO, Overeem earns a shot at UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and a chance to finally collect his most sought-after title.

In defeat, Lesnar chose to hang up his gloves, having made a promise to his family to retire from the sport soon anyway. Humbly, Lesnar announced his retirement in the cage.

“My hat’s off to Alistair Overeem. I wanna take my hat off to all my training partners, my wife, my family. I’ve had a really difficult couple of years, with my disease. I’m gonna officially say, tonight is the last night you’ll see me in the Octagon,” Lesnar announced emotionally. “I wanna thank everybody. I wanna thank the Fertittas, Dana White. Brock Lesnar is officially retired, I promised my wife and my kids if I won this fight I would get my title shot and that would be my last fight, and that if i lost tonight – everybody, you’ve been great. Alistair, it’s been a pleasure.”

Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion, retires with a 5-3 record.

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Editorial: Top 5 Stars WWE Dropped The Ball On

I have a 9-month-old boy who just started crawling and therefore destroying the house. I work a full-time job that’s anywhere from 40-60 hours a week. I’m the host of Inside Pulse’s new radio show the “Wrestling Pulsecast” where I interview someone from the world of professional wrestling every week at 7:30 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio. I also run my own wrestling website where I cover every big show along with features such as original wallpapers, articles, videos, etc. And because of all of this and so much more I won’t mention, I haven’t written a full article in months. And that blows.

I love to write. It’s my hobby (along with this other thing we all tend to talk about on this site) and it’s something I just don’t get that much time for anymore. It’s been bothering me for a while that I haven’t been able to find the non-existent time to lock the office door and come up with a well thought out and reasoned article analyzing this entertaining sport we all love.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: RAW Review for 12.26.2011

John Laurinaitis As C.M. Punk? AWESOME
RAW is in Chicago tonight, so C.M. Punk’s music hit to start the show. But alas, it was John Laurinaitis, doing the complete Punk entrance and all! Classic! Laurinaitis called himself Mr. Excitement and he did that to honor C.M. Punk. Cult of Personality hit again, and this time it was C.M. Punk to a huge pop. Punk said if he didn’t know any better Laurinaitis was trying to antagonize him. Punk asked what was stopping him from kicking Ace in the face. Laurinaitis said he is his boss and he can fire him. Laurinaitis said since it is the holiday season, Punk can get the night off. Laurinaits said HA, see I can be unpredictable. Punk mocked him for that. Laurinaitis said he gives the WWE Universe what they want. He said Punk will be in a Gauntlet Match tonight, and if one of the three men pin Punk, they get a WWE Title match next week. Punk asked what he gets when he beats all three men. Punk said they should get a fourth match if he wins, and that match be Punk vs Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis said that Punk doesn’t want any of this. Laurinaitis said it wasn’t good business for him to beat the WWE Champion. Punk asked Chicago and they cheered. Laurinaitis said it was on. Great opening segment. John Laurinaitis has become great as a character. Him and Punk click so well. Survey Says: 5/5

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Quick Quips: Raw 12.26.11

– Firstly, Merry Christmas to all! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and aren’t too worn out from all the family time (I know I am).

– In other news, look for a new editorial later in the week (FINALLY) “The Best & Worst of 2011”!

– I apologize if there are more typos than usually tonight. My sticky one-year-old attacked my iPad at some point when I wasn’t looking.

– No radio show last week or this week due to the holidays. But keep an eye out for our next one featuring independent star and CM Punk-approved, Gregory Iron!

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Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 12.22.11

– So is Roode a member of Immortal with Bully Ray as an ally? Can we just completely kill Immortal already?

– I kick myself every week that I forgot to ask Bobby Roode exactly how he’s “off the chain”.

– Remember when the only wrestler who wore a suit in the ring was Ric Flair? Way too overdone now.
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