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Quick Quips: Raw 2.27.12

– I didn’t see Smackdown from Friday yet but from what I heard it was a pretty good show. Be sure to check out Martin’s review on the main page. – I wondered when they were bring up the Hitman catchphrase. – “Did you invent him being from Canada too?” – I think CM Punk just insulted all of the

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Quick Quips: Raw 2.20.12

– Well that was the heel turn I expected. I’m just glad they didn’t go full “pro-wrestling” with the assumption that John Cena doesn’t watch the show. – “Skank juice”, “hoeski”, “bitches” and a STD reference all in one John Cena promo. Yup, we are on the road to WrestleMania. – Called it, Eve is 2012’s answer to Lita. –

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