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JC’s Top Rope Report: Quick Thoughts on 2 Possible Wrestlemania Returns

Come Wrestlemania time, rumors start flying about potential surprise appearances and finishes to matches. I would say about half the time these rumors actually happen and half the time nothing comes of anything. Lots of people just throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks, but there are times when rumors actually have a bit more credibility to them,

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Quick Quips: Raw 3.26.12

(ED. NOTE: ALL LINKS YOU SEE ON THIS PAGE TONIGHT WILL LINK TO A SPECIFIC DESKTOP WALLPAPER FOR THAT PARTICULAR SUPERSTAR. JUST SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR WRESTLEMANIA SEASON!) – Firstly, I caught the last about 15 minutes of the Cena/Rock special and it looked impressive. It’s absolutely insane the schedule The Rock keeps and I’ve always said this about John Cena,

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Quick Quips: Raw 3.19.12

– Honestly one of the best opening segments of Raw in a long time. Love that they are showing a different side of Punk. – I like the Cody/Big Show angle, I just feel both guys could be used much better. They’re making the most of it though. – Not only has Otunga stolen Chris Masters‘ posing but now also

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