Quick Quips: Impact 6.28.12

– I’m surprised they’re still allowed to get away with the “asshole” gimmick with the move to 8pm.

Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe could be awesomely stiff but I’m guessing “Joseph Park” is involved somehow.

– Ok match to open up the show but I’m just not a fan of these two guys’ work.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 6.25.12

After a WWE Title recap, A.J. appeared to be talking to Daniel Bryan, Kane and C.M. Punk off screen. She told Bryan they have to be apart to grow as people, she called Kane a monster, and told C.M. Punk she thought it best if they go their separate ways. It was then revealed that A.J. was talking to herself in a mirror? Crazy chicks, am I right?

Skipping Never Looked So Good
After the intro Vickie Guerrero came out. She said that she knew she would be named permanent GM after her performance this week. She announced a triple threat elimination match, but didn’t give any reason for it or what the winner got. Daniel Bryan came out, followed by Kane and C.M. Punk. Kane fought off both men early on. But both Bryan and Punk took Kane down with some kicks. Kane rolled to the outside and Bryan and Punk were left to go at it. Punk caught Bryan and delivered an inverted atomic drop. Kane caught Punk with an upper cut and then caught Bryan diving off the apron and slammed him into the barricade going into commercial.
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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 6.25.12

{Ed. Note: If you’re following along live with me tonight, stay tuned because I’ll have a sneak peek of this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday featuring WWE Diva & resident “crazy chick” AJ before anyone else sees it on Wednesday.}

– WWE Diva gets the opening video package the same week she’s our Wallpaper Wednesday? I gotta start checking for wiretaps.

Three Way Elimination match featuring 3 WWE title main eventers? I’m game!

– Man, AJ really is THE biggest thing in WWE right now. And to help prove that point, just check this out: “Who Is ‘AJ’?”
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Smackdown Hits w/ Martin 6/22/12

– Looks like they are continuing this Brodus Clay, Big Show story. I like.

-A very loud “You Can’t Wrestle” chant

-Why does David Otunga still have a job? Also so much for the Clay/Show story.

-Booker T’s little “facts” about the independent wrestlers Ryback squashes are dumber than his normal “facts”.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: Is It Time For An Off-Season In The WWE?

If you are a normal reader of mine, you know that I have not been the biggest fan of the WWE product recently. My RAW reviews have been under five for the last month, except for one. I thought No Way Out was by far the worst PPV of the year. Anything involving John Cena and John Laurinaitis has pretty much been unwatchable. There has been way too much filler on TV in recent weeks. Ryback and Sin Cara are perfect examples of that. The best part of WWE TV in the last month has been C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan and A.J. But if you believe Vince McMahon, those guys aren’t big enough to be legitimate WWE superstars.
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Quick Quips: Impact 6.21.12

– Really like what they are doing with Austin Aries. Logical & effective way to move a guy like him into a main event spot.

– Very smart idea for the X-Division title. As long as they keep up with this stipulation throughout the years, they have the potential of making the X title as important as the old WWF Intercontinental championship.

– Love Daniels with his appletinis lately.
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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 6.18.12

– Decent No Way Out PPV with only one or two standout matches. Honestly, I think TNA put on the better PPV performance this month.

– Why do I have a feeling we won’t see Zack Ryder tonight, simply because we are in his hometown?

Mick Foley? Well this is a welcome surprise.

– I always loved Mick Foley as the commissioner but he was extremely goofy. Don’t think they’ll be going with Foley as a permanent fixture on the show.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 6/18/12

Hey guys. I will be doing RAW updates live tonight as Matt is stuck at work. I love having banker’s hours!

Have A Nice Day!

Mick Foley of all people came out to start the show. Foley said that as the Board of Directors looks for a new permanent GM, they would be reaching out to past GMs for the time being. Foley said he will be GM of both RAW and Smackdown this week. He made a tag team match for later: C.M. Punk and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and Kane. He then welcomed John Laurinaitis to give his farewell address. Laurinaitis came out in a neckbrace, arm sling and crutch. The crowd chanted “YOU GOT FIRED.” Laurinaitis tried to quiet the crowd to no avail. He then asked Mick Foley to quiet them down. Laurinaitis said they were being rude. He said before he was fired, he made a handicap match: Big Show, David Otunga and Himself vs John Cena. Laurinaitis told Foley to have a nice day and left.

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