Quick Quips: WWE Raw 7.30.12

– I apologize if I miss some of the show tonight, I’m sneaking a glimpse while at work. Sssshhhhh….

– Nice way to address the sudden media blitz about the fire. Just mention it and move on.

CM Punk is still getting the cheers many thought he would have lost after dropping The Rock last week. Love the indian style sit on the announce table.

– Everything he said about Raw, the WWE Champion and WWE Championship are all true and should be.

– Bringing Big Show out right away makes me think they’re going to let the fans decide whether or not to cheer for CM Punk.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 7.30.12

The first regular three hour RAW of the WWE Era. C.M. Punk will start the show, whenever that is. Apparently the RAW set started on fire and the building had to be evacuated. See, it is all proof that God doesn’t want RAW to be three hours.

RAW: Now With Promos On Tables
After an extended recap of last week’s show and video of the set fire from earlier, C.M. Punk came out to a decent response. C.M. Punk said that everyone talks about wanting a Wrestlemania Moment, but last week he had a RAW Moment. Before he explained his actions, C.M. Punk addressed how Jerry Lawler ended last week’s RAW. He said Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe. Punk went to the announce table. He asked Lawler how he jumped to such a conclusion. Punk said The Rock is not the WWE Universe. He’s one delusional movie star who showed him a lack of respect. Rock interrupted him, ignored him, and acted like he was just going to take the WWE Title from him. Then at the end of the night, Dwayne tried to make the show all about him. Then at the end of the show Punk put him in his place. And now what? Rock has stayed silent and the 1000th episode of RAW ended how every show should end, with the spotlight on the WWE Champion.
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Smackdown Hits w/Martin 7/27/12

-Miz opens up the night. I have no problem with him winning. It will open up some good possibilities on the midcard.

-A rematch for the Intercontinental title to start Smackdown. Christian and Miz had a decent match Monday, so I expect a good rematch.

-Excellent counter on the Frogsplash.

-Weird win for Miz with the eye poke. It does line it up for a rematch.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Looking Ahead After RAW 1000

It has come and gone. The 1000th episode of RAW is in the history books. If you read my review, it was a slightly disappointing show. Had it been a normal RAW with not as much hype it might have been better. But this show was hyped up like no other RAW before it and it just seemed to be a bit of a letdown. And just think, now the WWE has to fill 3 hours worth of programming with their own stars. They can’t rely on legends to fill various time slots. The easy route is to just let their guys have 10-15 minute matches each week to help take time up. But we can’t have that on a wrestling show.
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Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 7.26.12

– I haven’t really watched TNA since the Aces and Eights storyline hit it’s full swing but I’m liking it. From all reports, it’s going to include numerous talented guys who deserve a job and putting them together will definitely give it a nWo feel.

– Decent opening segment with Roode keeping his feud with James Storm fresh in the fans’ minds. Completely bored with Sting though.

Madison Rayne‘s “crush” on Earl Hebner is just wrong but she’s playing it really well.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 7.23.12

An awesome opening by the WWE Production Crew. These guys are awesome.

Dolph Ziggler Was In D-X?
Vince McMahon came out to start the show. He welcomed everyone to RAW and introduced D-X. Shawn said he had to catch his breath. He said he feels it, but something is missing. Triple H agreed. He asked if there used to be more of them. Out came Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac. Road Dogg did his traditional entrance. Triple H said he will see everyone when they hit 2000 episodes, and to get ready to suck it. Billy Gunn and Shawn Michaels argued over who would do the next part. HHH ripped on HBK for posing for Playgirl.
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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 1000 Episode

– The night we’ve all been waiting for, well, a thousand episodes of Raw. And yes, I’ve seen EVERY episode.

– The Edge retirement moment just hit me hard. Probably the most memorable Raw I had the pleasure of being at.

– The new stage setup is HUGE! Good GOD, I don’t know if it’s just for tonight or from now on but that’s one way to make sure the shows are sold out. Just take over most of the seats!

– This is just plan awesome and damn does Billy Gunn still look jacked! It is completely amazing to see all these guys in the ring, healthy and having fun.
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Smackdown Hits w/ Martin 7/20/12

-We start with the night with Rey Mysterio who returned on Monday. No surprise seeing as how we’re in San Diego tonight.

-Really Alberto Del Rio? Short jokes? Why don’t you start calling him a perro again?

-I don’t think Dolph Ziggler would survive a feud with Del Rio without an unintended face turn.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: A Look Ahead to the 1000th Episode of RAW

Hey, did you guys now that episode of 1000 of RAW is tomorrow night? You think the WWE would do a better job of promoting it. How will they expect people to know the show starts at 8, or that all the big stars from the past will be on? Or that the WWE Title will be defended? What is the WWE thinking?

All sarcasm aside, tomorrow is the first time in a very long time that I can say I am looking forward to watching RAW. More than likely, it will be one of the few times I look forward to writing about these three hour RAWs. The WWE will pull out all the stops tomorrow night. They know they will have a large viewing audience, bigger than normal. That means the WWE has a big opportunity ahead of them. Not only to give the fans a treat with the stars of the past, but also to keep new viewers around by showcasing the stars of today. I would like to see some actual wrestling on the show. Give your current stars an opportunity to show what they got.
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