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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 7.30.12

– I apologize if I miss some of the show tonight, I’m sneaking a glimpse while at work. Sssshhhhh…. – Nice way to address the sudden media blitz about the fire. Just mention it and move on. – CM Punk is still getting the cheers many thought he would have lost after dropping The Rock last week. Love the indian

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Smackdown Hits w/Martin 7/27/12

-Miz opens up the night. I have no problem with him winning. It will open up some good possibilities on the midcard. -A rematch for the Intercontinental title to start Smackdown. Christian and Miz had a decent match Monday, so I expect a good rematch. -Excellent counter on the Frogsplash. -Weird win for Miz with the eye poke. It does

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Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 7.26.12

– I haven’t really watched TNA since the Aces and Eights storyline hit it’s full swing but I’m liking it. From all reports, it’s going to include numerous talented guys who deserve a job and putting them together will definitely give it a nWo feel. – Decent opening segment with Roode keeping his feud with James Storm fresh in the fans’ minds.

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