Quick Quips: Smackdown 8.31.12

– They are REALLY trying to sell this faux Triple H retirement. – Looks like they’re pulling the trigger on Damien Sandow already. – Cody Rhodes seems to be booked in No Man’s Land. He’s not going to challenge Antonio Cesaro for the US Title but he’s not quite at the point of challenging Sheamus. […]

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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 8.27.12

– I only made it home for the end of that segment but it sure as hell looks like CM Punk‘s not going to be the face of “Be A Star” again anytime soon. – First it seemed like they were getting into talking about Jack Swagger‘s losing streak… and then they introduce Ryback. The […]

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Quick Quips: Raw 8.20.12

– I missed the opening segment but from what I heard it wasn’t anything impressive besides of the expected Paul Heyman awesome promo. – NO reaction for Sin Cara but still gets the pin in the tag match. Can’t really blame the fans. If they don’t watch Smackdown, they have no idea what the storyline […]

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