Quick Quips: WWE Raw 8.27.12

– I only made it home for the end of that segment but it sure as hell looks like CM Punk‘s not going to be the face of “Be A Star” again anytime soon.

– First it seemed like they were getting into talking about Jack Swagger‘s losing streak… and then they introduce Ryback. The ol’ “Bait & Switch”.

– Ouch that was a Sabu-esque faceplant by Swagger. Just hope it doesn’t have the same result as it did for Sabu.

– They’re really building this Triple H announcement as if he’s a full-time competitor. That in itself says he’s not retiring.

– Jeez, Nattie’s first spotlighted match on Raw in months and Vickie Guerrero interrupts? Just have to feel for the last remaining Hart in the WWE.

– Not only did Layla just use the same move CM Punk has been using prominently but it was also Trish Stratus‘ Chick Kick. Please, please come up with something on your own.

– Woah, who was busted open earlier? There’s blatant bloodstains on the mat, maybe from a Superstars match?

– A Triple H career retrospective?!? Looks like WWE is QUICKLY running out of ideas to fill 3 hours.

– These Daniel Bryan vignettes can really be an opportunity to showcase his personality more fully. And damn it’s going to be fun.

– It’s kind of hard to believe that these two men headlined WrestleMania 2 years ago. Then again, there was this other guy involved in the storyline too…

– Man, Chris Jericho didn’t get a career retrospective last week and his career was ACTUALLY in jeopardy.

– I just lost it when Daniel Bryan just shook his head at Kane while everyone else scooted away.

– Seriously, why are the WWE brass so high on Heath Slater?

– I thought for a second that Sin Cara and Brodus Clay were going one on one.

– If Rey Mysterio wasn’t out again with a concussion, I would team him and Sin Cara for a solid 6-8 months to get Cara over. There’s absolutely no reaction when he enters the arena anymore.

– The Funkadactyls are WWE PG’s version of the Nitro Girls.

– Now THAT was a career retrospective! God, Kane’s been in some awesome (& awful) stories.

– The Brock Lesnar fan is beginning to turn into Sign Guy.

– “Let’s cut to the case.” … “Let’s go back to the beginning.”

– After seeing Edge’s real retirement 2 years ago, there really isn’t a way to do a retirement angle that’s believable.

– Here’s a match featuring one of the biggest names in your company (Randy Orton), the #1 contender for the World title (Alberto Del Rio), the Money In The Bank winner (Dolph Ziggler) and the World Heavyweight Champion (Sheamus) and you did not advertise the match once during a 3 hour show. Shows you how much effort is being put into Smackdown lately.

– Has Dolph Ziggler won a match against anyone not named Jericho since winning the briefcase?

– Looks like Zack Ryder was dipped into a bowl of bleach again. Hopefully his SLEW of new action figures are blonde.

– I guess that’s the “definitive” Kane babyface turn?

– There’s something less ominous about a steel cage when a disco ball is hanging next to it.

– I wonder how much it pisses off the graphics department that CM Punk changes up his look so much?

– I’ll be covering Raw live at the @PulseWrestling Twitter account the night after Night Of Champions. I just hope it’s not a celebration party for John Cena.

– How the hell do they expect to get heel heat on Punk tonight when only next week they’re in Chicago? The crowd is typically pro-heel as it is (& definitely anti-Cena) and now they have their hometown boy as the WWE Champion facing Cena at the next PPV.

– Holy hell, did Punk blade? I really didn’t see anywhere he could’ve been split the hard way. Maybe it was an accident cause it doesn’t seem to be gushing.

– Annnnnd why doesn’t Cena just climb the cage?

– There’s not a chance that CM Punk beating up the “lovable” Jerry Lawler will move the Chicago crowd to boo Punk. It’s going to be an interesting show next week.



  • Jack C. Catalano

    Wouldnt it be funny if Vince McMahon was the last guy they were waiting for at the Anger Management? It would certainly fit his character.

    Ryback almost broke Swagger’s neck. Im sure he’ll hear a mouth full from Gorilla.

    I dont know how they build up Punk for next week. I mean they’ll be in Chicago, how are they NOT going to cheer Punk?


  • Jack C. Catalano

    Im just glad that Zack didnt lose this week. And he didnt even get chokeslammed by Kane so I consider it a win-win.

    Good tag match. I wonder if they play into the fact that Orton helped Sheamus win the tag team match?

    Orton vs. Ziggler on Smackdown? Thats a pretty good match!!

    I think the Nitro Girls were also PG, like Cameron and Namoi.