Quick Quips: WWE Smackdown 9.28.12

– Brand new Randy Orton t-shirt just in time for him to leave to shoot his movie. Just smart marketing.

– I might not mind a short Sheamus/Big Show feud. I don’t need 3 or 4 PPV matches between the two of them but once or twice should be interesting.

– You have to love Cesaro’s European uppercut.

– At least this finally ends the Cesaro/Santino feud but what babyface does he move on to? There’s not many available.
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Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 9.27.12

– Something about the name of the “Aces & Eights Clubhouse” makes me picture an adventure on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of a biker gang.

– Wow I never thought Hogan would voice his feelings about Devon live on Impact. That’s stroke.

– Why is it such a shock that Sting is on Impact?

РI like how they are really trying to sell Kurt Angle & AJ Styles as a committed team and not two main eventers thrown together. This gives TNA a reason to keep both men out of the World title picture while also giving the TNA Tag Team Titles a chance to regain some prestige.

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Quick Quips: Raw 9.24.12

– Sorry for the extreme lateness of this coverage. It’s been a rough week but I hope you enjoyed the live coverage last week live from Bridgeport.

– Nothing like bashing us over the head with the “subtle” storyline. The eye mask had to be Vince’s idea.

– I love the dynamic of Paul Heyman trying to control CM Punk‘s temper and the little comment about “navigating the political waters”.

– The interesting thing with this Brad Maddox referee storyline is that if they did want to move into a CM Punk vs Maddox match, Maddox can actually go in the ring… unlike Garett Bischoff.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 9/24/12

I’m baaaccckkk! After missing last week’s show I return to review RAW this week. Enjoy!

Get Out Here Scab!
RAW started with Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk in the ring. Heyman said RAW would not start until justice is served. Heyman replayed the footage of Punk’s foot being on the ropes last week. Heyman invited the referee to the ring and demanded he tender his resignation. The ref came to the ring and said he made a mistake and that he feels terrible. The ref refused to resign. Punk interrupted him and said he didn’t care how he feels. Punk asked how he got his job. He said when RAW expanded to 3 hours, A.J. called him and said they needed more officials. Heyman gave him a blindfold with a WWE and NFL logo and said he should wear it when he goes to sleep. Punk said A.J. should come to the ring and fire him.
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Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 9.21.12

– It’s amazing how much Shaq loves wrestling. How has the WWE not discussed putting him in the Hall of Fame yet? Surely he’s done as much as anyone else in the “Celebrity Wing”.

– As much as I would love to see AJ Styles in the main event picture, pairing him with Kurt Angle still keeps at a relatively high level.

– Remember the classic matches Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit had against Chavo and Eddie Guerrero? Yea, this match is not going to be anywhere near the same level.

– I do think it’s pretty funny that with all the Aces and Eights drama going on, Hulk Hogan finds Daniels and Kaz so annoying that he just likes messing with them.

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Quick Quips: WWE Night Of Champions 2012

– Just about time to YouTube it up! Any guesses on the battle royal? Does WWE even have 20 guys on the roster?

– A 16-man battle royal!?!?! They couldn’t even hit 20!

– Hey apparently Zack Ryder is still on someone’s radar backstage.

– Night of Champions usually has its own unique feel… but I’m not feeling it this year. Here’s hoping that changes.
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Quick Quips: WWE Smackdown 9.14.12


– This might be a shorter Quips than usual just because I am pressed for time but I really wanted to see Smackdown’s go home offering for Night of Champions, which I’m not particularly looking forward to.

– Give up the Texas Cloverleaf name for Sheamus and call it the “Four-Leaf Cloverleaf”. Simple, relates to his character but not too overtly.

– Pretty funny how Richardo has left for an accent than Alberto Del Rio.

– I don’t think that David Otunga realizes that being Irish & being called a “hooligan” isn’t derogatory. It’s pretty much a badge of honor.

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