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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 10.29.12

– I’m sitting in the middle of this little hurricane called Sandy so who knows how long I’ll be with you tonight. – Hey! Check out a “sports-entertainer” selling “injuries” from a pro-wrestling match. How novel! (You’d never see “Super-Cena” go to these lengths.) – As I said in my coverage last night, since the referee that screwed Ryback was

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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 10.22.12

– Nice to see Rey Mysterio up and moving again well. Seemed as if it was the flu that I caught last week. It definitely wasn’t fun. – Full tag team entrance for Rhodes Scholars, including a new logo. Interesting and promising. – Fantastic moonsault from Sin Cara where he looked hesitant at the beginning before Mysterio’s reassurance. That’s what

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