Cam’s NXT Recap: 11.14.12


Jinder Mahal opened this week of NXT. Mahal said winning the NXT title isn’t nothing to him like the nobodies he beat last week. Bo Dallas walked in, Dallas told Mahal that if he was such a nobody that Mahal should face him again tonight. Mahal accepted but Dallas added a stipulation that if he won he would be awarded Mahal’s Number One Contenders match against Seth Rollins. At first Mahal was hesitant then he spoke a few words in his native tongue and accepted Dallas’ challenge.

The Ascension’s made their way down the aisle, they were ready for the first match of the night. Their opponents were Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson. Kenneth O’Brian started off first against Percy Watson. O’Brian dominated Watson early in the match. O’Brian quickly moved Percy into the corner isolating Watson from his partner, Yoshi Tatsu. O’Brian tagged in his partner, Kenneth Cameron to continue the damage O’Brian already started until Watson suplexed Cameron giving enough time to tag in Yoshi Tatsu. Tatsu tried to keep the small amount of momentum his team had going until O’Brian came into the ring and knocked Tatsu to the mat. Cameron hit his finisher and made easy work of their opponents.

Layla was backstage while Aksana walked in and criticized her Layla’s hair. Lyla didn’t too kindly to Aksana’s suggestions and told her in their match she would be taking out the trash.

Corey Graves was up next; his opponent tonight at NXT was Oliver Gray who was already in the ring. Gray made his way around the ring staying out of Graves’ grasp. Graves finally cornered Gray and took him to the mat, working on his right leg, even applying a modified leg lock. Graves continued to keep Oliver on the mat, Oliver tried to keep Graves off his leg but only for the moment. Graves again applied the modified leg lock and the pain grew on Oliver’s face as he screamed to way to the bottom rope. Oliver was back to his feet as he tried to change the momentum, but again it wasn’t long until Graves had him on the mat again this time forcing the young kid to tap out.

Big E Langston came out to be interviewed, he was asked about the $5,000 bounty placed on his head last week by Vickie Guerrero. Langston, confident as ever, said anyone who dared to try to claim the bounty would be given five good reasons why they shouldn’t off. The crowd broke into a ‘five’ chant until Camacho ran out and hit Langston from behind, Langston not fazed by the attack turned around and Camacho took off not attempting to cash in on the bounty.

The match between Layla and Aksana was next. Layla immediately rolled Aksana up but only for a two count. Aksana was up to her feet first and knocked the former divas champion down. Layla lying there while Aksana went to the apron and crawled across the apron trying to seduce the fans until Layla popped up and hit Aksana with a baseball slide knocking her down to the outside. Layla attempting to throw Aksana back into the ring but Aksana countered and threw her into the ring instead. Aksana locked Lyla in between her thighs trying to make Layla tap out. Controlling the pace of the match, Aksana stomped at the wounded Layla, trying to go for another pin after another until Layla fought back but she was countered by the stronger Aksana. Aksana threw Layla into the corner; again Aksana taunted Layla until she pushed Aksana out of the way to go for the momentum swing. Again Aksana went for the counter until Layla caught her with a big kick to the head for the 1,2,3.

A video package was shown of Bray Wyatt out in the country side somewhere. Wyatt said everyone thinks that he is a monster and if they want to play that game, who was going to stop him? Wyatt said he can’t be destroyed, claiming he was the king of this jungle.

Roman Regins was next down the NXT aisle. Now that this will be online after Survior Series has already aired, who was overly marking out when they saw Reings, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins? For the match his opponent for the night was Chase Donovan. Reigns dominated the match early on, power slamming Donovan to the mat, followed by another huge slam. Reigns applied that claw type submission to the neck area of Donovan. Reigns picked Donovan up and throw him toward the corner, but he was countered by Chase as Reigns ran toward him. Like what I did there? Donovan’s offense lasted as long as the Bear’s did last night. Reigns hit a big close line for the victory. Reigns went to the ring announcer and told him to call him ‘The Thoroughbred’ Roman Reigns.

It was time for the main event, Jinder Mahal against Bo Dallas for Mahal’s number one contender’s match against Seth Rollins. Bo Dallas was full of energy, quickly attacking Mahal. Mahal regained control but the match sea-sawed back and forth early on. Mahal took the upper hand, grounding Dallas. Mahal applied different submission moves trying to force Dallas to give up. Dallas somehow flipped out of the submission and went for a quick roll up for a very near fall. Dallas went for a running close line but Mahal kicked him in the stomach. Mahal went for the pin but Dallas just would not stay down for Mahal. Dallas trying to get to his feet was on the apron, Mahal used his forearm to try and knock Dallas to the ground but Dallas countered. Bo was finally back in the ring, flying around and hit Mahal for a two count. Dallas went for another flying move, Mahal moved and quickly put Dallas in the camel clutch and Dallas had no choice but to tap out, keeping the next title match in Jinder’s favor. After the match, Mahal kicked and knocked at the fallen Dallas, until NXT Champion Seth Rollins ran down to make the save and aid to the beaten Bo Dallas. Rollins and Mahal stared each other down as NXT ended.

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