Quick Quips: WWE Raw 11.26.12

– Hey! Look who’s back! Hope all you Americans had a happy and safe holiday weekend and now we’re back full throttle… at least until Christmas.

– So we don’t even get a live interview with Ambrose, Rollins or Reigns? Ugh.

– Well that was a sloppy mess.

– Ok, if Ryback is chanting “Feed Me More” for the next 15 minutes, I’m changing the channel.

– Ryback vs CM Punk in a TLC match. Does that mean we half to watch Ryback try to climb a ladder to get the belt?

– Why was Alberto Del Rio just staring at Khali’s boobs? I mean if he was staring at Rosa Mendes’ I would completely understand but not Khali.

– Aww damn. The Great Khali vs Alberto Del Rio. Why was I interested in watching Raw tonight?

– Wow Vickie Guerrero was way off in that backstage segment. Sounded like she had one too many names to remember.

– I don’t mind the name “The Shield” but I do hope this is a short-lived faction. Ambrose REALLY stood out in that interview but him and Rollins are so different, I’d rather see them in separate feuds instead of forced to team together. But hey, either way we get to see them on WWE TV.

– Fandango might have been a little bit more effective if Johnny Curtis hadn’t been on Santino’s popular YouTube show for the last few months. At least called him Johnny “Fandango” Curtis.

– This storyline really feels like Vince McMahon asked his writers how they could make smart marks hate John Cena even more than they already do.

– Plus, why is there a “scandal” anymore? Technically both Cena and AJ are on the same level, so who cares if they date?

– Nice robes, Vickie. I’m glad you took the time to pin a name tag on them because this storyline needed just A LITTLE bit more white trash added into it.

– Hey! At least AJ is following the logic of storylines.

– I think it takes longer to cut up Dolph Ziggler’s shirts each week than it does to design them.

– Who would have thought we’d ever see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins all on the same Monday Night Raw?

– It really is amazing that how quickly Tensai as become the big man jobber of the WWE. Even Brodus Clay lasted longer than “Lord” Tensai.

– Luckily they just happened to have that “first-time ever” match between Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio cued up in case Bryan wasn’t “voted” to face CM Punk.

– Glad someone ran out Daniel Bryan’s tag team title belt. We really needed that 2 second shot to remind us that he’s part of the tag team champions.

– Good match between Mysterio and Bryan though it felt very anti-climatic. Wish we were able to see these two one on one earlier in their careers.

– That was a long video package for a match taking place at 9:45 on Raw. You have to give at least the production team credit for trying to turn this feud into a main event storyline.

– Really good match between Cena and Ziggler but a clean Cena win already? I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. And disappointed since it was a damn good match. Ziggler really has become the HBK of today. He can have a great match with anyone.

– Sheamus vs Cesaro should be a stellar brawl. It should be a matchup that we’ll be seeing for years.

– I feel like I’m watching William Regal vs Bob Holly seeing (and hearing!) all the stiff shots in this match!

– Good God Cesaro is deceptively strong! I know he’s strong but he wasn’t able to really show it in Ring of Honor. It wasn’t until this match and his man-handling of Brodus Clay that it really stood out as amazing.

– Gotta love Zack Ryder’s Ghostbusters gear. I’m sorry, “Bro-busters”.

– That was a time filler if I ever saw one.

– Heath Ledger’s Joker! That’s who Dean Ambrose’s voice and promo style reminds me over! Damn, that was bugging me.

– Well that was an odd finish. Punk and/or Kane really could be hurt after that match. It definitely looks like Punk might be injured and definitely more so than John Cena.

– I like how they keep saying that The Shield isn’t working for CM Punk but no one is asking if they are working for Paul Heyman. It’s a simple thing that most people will overlook but it will be a nice reveal when it does come out.