Cam’s NXT Recap: 10.24.12

Kassius Ohno was interviewed to kick off NXT. Ohno said tonight was the rubber match against Trent Barreta, but it’s only a rubber match because Trent Barreta needed help from Richie Steamboat to beat him. Kassius said Trent was going to experience more pain than Steamboat did and will be staring at retirement.

The first match of the night was Alicia Fox against Paige. Early on Paige setting the pace, trying to throw Fox from the corner but Alicia landed on her feet and took down Paige. Fans began to chant ‘Let’s Go Paige’ as Alicia held Paige down. Fox continued to smash Paige’s head against the turnbuckle and landed a backwards suplex for a near fall. Fox again went for the submission hold. Fox standing above Paige until Paige wrapped her up in an inside cradle for a near fall. Fox grabbed Paige’s hair and throw her to the mat and attempted to do it again but Paige hit her mid-air for another close call. Fox went for the counter but Paige hit the Paige turner for the victory over Alicia Fox.

Camacho made his way down the NXT aisle ready for his match this week against Big E Langston. Last week on NXT Camacho attempted to attack Langston from behind in hopes of taking not only Big E out but winning the $5,000 prize set out by Vickie Guerrero. Langston used his power to dominate Camacho early on. Big E was treating Camacho as if he had the bounty on his head instead. Camacho, backed into the corner, rose to the second rope and hit Big E over the head. Camacho went to continue his offense but Langston quickly knocked him down. Langston went for his powerful finisher for the 1, 2, 3 and the win. After the match Langston hit Camacho two separate times with his power slam.

Backstage Trent Barreta was laid out on the floor as the cameras went over to Leo Kruger, hiding, smiling around the corner. After the commercial break there was news backstage that due to Barreta’s injury he endured may miss the main event tonight.

Bronson stomped his way down the aisle to his waiting opponent Nick Rogers. Bronson took the early advantage knocking Rogers around the ring; it wasn’t long until Bronson had Rogers down on the mat just where he wanted him. Bronson applied a forward ankle lock forcing the young Rogers to tap out.

Mike Dalton was up next, his opponent was supposed to be Bray Wyatt. Until Wyatt called Dalton a lamb and he wasn’t ready for the purpose he was about to give him. Luke Harper appeared from the back; Luke a disciple of Wyatt’s was taking his place. Dalton, who does look a lot like Dolph Ziggler, was made sure he knew that as the crowd chant ‘Let’s go Ziggler!’ Harper threw Dalton down to the mat, and applied a sleeper. Dalton tried to fight out but was thrown into the corner and Harper’s body was right behind nailing Dalton down to the mat. Luke then began starring back toward Wyatt, Dalton attempted to attack Harper but Luke wasn’t fooled. Luke hit Dalton was a big side-walk slam picking up the victory. After the match Wyatt said Luke would continue to do the work until he decided it was time.

Seth Rollins was preparing to do an interview until Jinder Mahal attacked him from behind. The two exchanged blows back and forth until referees broke it up and Mahal escaped.

Kassius Ohno made his way to the ring. Ohno took the mic and said his opponent for the night is Trent Barreta, but where’s Trent? Dusty Rhodes’ music hit, and the WWE Hall of Famer walked out. Rhodes said he knows Kassius was behind the attack of Barreta; and that he had already found a replacement, Richie Steamboat. Richie came out with high energy and seemed focused on beating Kassius. Steamboat, with the momentum building, caught the right leg of Ohno before he could kick Richie directly in the head. Steamboat knocked Ohno over the top rope as Richie climbed to the top and hit a flying fist to the fallen Ohno. Steamboat rolled Kassius back into the ring and went directly for a submission move. Ohno managed to sneak under the bottom rope. Richie went after Kassius but Ohno kicked Steamboat at the post knocking Richie down. Ohno climbed back into the ring along with Richie, Ohno hit a low drop kick on Richie and went for the cover; only for a near fall. Ohno again tried to pin Richie but only for another two count. Ohno then applied a sleeper hold but Richie escaped until Ohno knocked Steamboat back into the corner. The pace of the match had slowed down quite a bit and Ohno continued to keep Steamboat cornered. Kassius hit a big closed fist on Steamboat and again went for the cover but again Richie kicked out at two. Ohno continued to dominate the match and throw Steamboat toward the ropes; Richie came back and caught Kassius in a small package for a near fall. Richie knocked Ohno down again and went for another cover but again Kassius kicked out. Both men were back to their feet and exchanged blows back and forth, Kassius ran toward Richie and walked right into a backwards body drop. Kassius struggled to the corner, Richie went again to the top rope and jumped but Ohno hit a head but mid air to Kassius. Ohno went for the cover but Richie would not quit. Kassius went to end the match but Steamboat, mid-air, hit the sling blade finisher and pick up a big win over Kassius Ohno to end the night at NXT.

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