JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Survivor Series Review

David Otunga was named the fifth member of Team Ziggler. Ziggler’s fellow heels did not like the pick.

3MB beat Team CoBro after McIntyre caught Ryder with his cast, allowing Mahal to pick up the win.

Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio vs Tensai, Primo and Epico, Prime Time Players

A bonus match to start the show. Is seeing Tensai a bonus? Epico and Tyson Kidd started. They exchanged some offense until Epico pulled Kidd down onto the apron. Kidd was able to escape and tag in Gabriel. Gabriel tagged in Rey, but Epico caught him with a kick and tagged in Young. Rey tagged in Sin Cara, who hit his normal offense on Primo. Primo took out Sin Cara with a leg sweep and tagged in Tensai. He hit some bodyslams then tossed Cara into the corner where he tagged in O’Neil. The heels took turns working over Sin Cara. Tensai took out the faces until CLay punched Tensai and Cara tagged him in. All of the faces hit dives to the outside on the heels, leaving Tensai and Clay. Tensai took out Clay and hit his back dive, eliminating Clay. Gabriel moved out of the way of Tensai’s back dive and Gabriel rolled him up for a three count. The heels took turns working over Kidd this time. O’Neil missed a charge at Kidd and crotched himself. Kidd caught O’Neil with a kick and rolled him up for a three count. Kidd then caught Epico in a sharpshooter, eliminating him. Primo went to the top, but Kidd caught him mid air with a dropkick. Kidd tagged in Rey. Rey hit a seated senton from the top. Primo ducked a 619, but Rey rolled him up for a three count. Rey then hit a 619, then all the faces got some offense in on Young and picked up the win.
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FLASHBACK – Quick Quips: WWE Survivor Series 2011

– The last time I was in the Garden, it was WrestleMania 20 which ironically was the last time The Rock was as well. We didn’t know it was his last match at MSG or in the case it was, for 7 years. The night was amazing and he stood out as a legend even in the ring with Foley, Batista, Flair and Orton. So far, that’s the only ‘Mania I’ve had the pleasure of attending and if I never did again I’d be perfectly happy.

Survivor Series used to be one of my favorite events. Last week, I went through a bunch of recently past events and none of them stood out as something great. And then I watch the first few PPVs and remember why this show is awesome. Now tonight, we again only have 1 “Traditional Survivor Series” match. For a company who prides itself on it’s legacy (and it does), they really don’t “get” what people like about their product.

– Honestly, if The Rock wasn’t returning for this, the 15th anniversary of his WWE debut at Survivor Series, I really don’t think we’d have a Survivor Series this year. I think it’d be something like Last Man Standing 2011.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Survivor Series Preview

If the booking for Survivor Series has showed us anything, its that the WWE’s creative team is as much of a mess as it ever has been. In the span of the week, they changed their main event match and completely just over looked feuds various wrestlers were in. On one side we have C.M. Punk, who’s been in a war of words with Mick Foley over the last couple of weeks. So what happens? They make those two the captains of respective Survivor Series teams and they make a match for the PPV. Okay, fair enough. But what happens a week later? That match is scrapped, and now Dolph Ziggler is the captain of Team Punk? And Mick Foley has what kind of beef with Ziggler?

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that John Cena is in a program with Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero and A.J. It would only make sense to maybe see a Ziggler/Cena singles match at the PPV, right? Nope. Ziggler is instead inserted into the traditional Survivor Series match, and Cena is in the WWE Title Match. But they continue to have Ziggler and Cena interact on TV. See what kind of jumbled mess this whole PPV is? Why should the WWE expect people to care about the PPV if it seems like they are putting such little effort into the show themselves? It really looks like Vince McMahon doesn’t consider Survivor Series a Big 4 PPV. He tried to scrap it once before, and it looks like he is trying his best to get people to not care about it again.
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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: The King, The Creative Rabi and The Champ


Jerry Lawler suffered a life threatening heart attack last month but that didn’t stop the real king of Memphis. Lawyer returned to the WWE ring last night much to the chagrin of CM Punk and his manager Paul Heyman. Punk and Heyman interrupted the return of the king by mocking his heart attack, eventually leading to Heyman faking a heart attack and CM Punk reviving his friend. Many fans took to the Internet in up roar accusing the WWE, Punk and Heyman went too far. I am here to tell you otherwise.
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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 11.12.12

– Wow, I’m shocked they didn’t open with Jerry Lawler‘s return. They must be saving it for the top of a different hour.

– I thought they dumped the “Supershow” name but just basically said every Superstar can be on Raw?

– “And John Cena, who appears to wear his wrestling gear to dinner.” – Awesome. You can tell Dolph Ziggler is getting much more comfortable on the mic.

– Creative must be chopping on the bit now that Cena’s divorced. They can now do romantic angles with him!

– Poor William Regal. His first semi-prominent TV role in a few years and he’s playing the sentimental, sacrificial lamb.
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Quick Quips: TNA Turning Point 2012

– I really don’t know which is worse… DOC or Festus?

– As much as we all may knock TNA for their creativity, their work w/the Red Cross is to be commended.

– Wow they’re really going with the new commentator for a 3 way booth & not Borash? Is Mike Tenay retiring?

– Did I just hear Tenay mention Ring of Honor? Its about time! Too bad he didn’t bring it up during one of the MANY Joe/Styles/Daniels matches.
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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Ryback’s Push 2012-2012


Ryback may be good for the ratings (and to keep CM Punk’s heel turn moving along) but what happens when the calendar turns to 2013? Where will Ryback land on the card, if at all, once The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk and possibly Triple H begin the road to WrestleMania?
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Cam’s NXT Recap: 10.31.12

NXT started off with a huge tag team match up featuring the Usos against Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty. Johnny started off the match show boating in front of Jimmy Uso as the match began. Jimmy Uso took the early advantage, capitalizing off the arrogance of Curtis. Jimmy had Curtis in the corner until McGillicutty tapped Curtis’ back for a hidden tag catching The Uso brother off guard. McGillicutty dominated Jimmy, laughing in the face of Jey Uso in the corner as he watched his brother take a beating. Michael turned his attention back to Jimmy Uso; Jimmy jumped and got the hot tag to Jey Uso. Jey was on fire knocking McGillicutty to the floor several times, Curtis came into the ring to help his fallen teammate but to no avail. Jey tagged in Jimmy and he hit the big splash off the top rope for the win to open NXT with a bang.

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