Quick Quips: WWE Raw 11.12.12

– Wow, I’m shocked they didn’t open with Jerry Lawler‘s return. They must be saving it for the top of a different hour. – I thought they dumped the “Supershow” name but just basically said every Superstar can be on Raw? – “And John Cena, who appears to wear his wrestling gear to dinner.” – […]

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Cam’s NXT Recap: 10.31.12

NXT started off with a huge tag team match up featuring the Usos against Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty. Johnny started off the match show boating in front of Jimmy Uso as the match began. Jimmy Uso took the early advantage, capitalizing off the arrogance of Curtis. Jimmy had Curtis in the corner until McGillicutty […]

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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 11.5.12

– With Miz not involved in the main event of Survivor Series, it’s kind of silly that he’s on the Survivor Series poster. – Well that was a weird “America’s Most Wanted” style of opening. Why the hell would they go with that? – Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth? Ugh.

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