Wallpaper Wednesday: CM Punk “434” Wallpaper

Thank you, CM Punk.

CM Punk '434' Wallpaper


The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: The Future Is Now


      Allowing part-time wrestlers to come back and win big time matches is a double edge sword, it may work for you now but what happens down the road, say in ten years when The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H and other part-time draws can’t wrestle anymore? The need to build stars for the time when WrestleMania 38, 39, 40 and beyond is past due now. Who will Vince McMahon and Triple H be able to call in to cash in on the big pay-day when they need a star from the past to come beat down the unbeatable heel or face? Other than John Cena the WWE has done a great job at booking for ‘the moment’ but they’ve done a horrible job in the past almost decade building toward the future.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 1.28.13

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Vickie introduced the RAW Roulette wheels. There are 3. The first result: Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton with a special guest referee.

Hey Look, Someone Cares About Losing A Match
C.M. Punk came out in a rage. Punk said this was day 435 of his WWE Title reign. He beat The Rock and is the People’s Champion. Punk asked if they really wanted to support someone who couldn’t pin him without someone’s help. He never needed anyone to restart a match. He called last night the Phoenix Screwjob. Punk said he is here to crash the party. Vince McMahon came out. Vince said he has tape from an anonymous source that he is complicit with Paul Heyman that they are involved with The Shield. Vince said Heyman is do for a performance review that could result in his job termination.
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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 1.28.13 (CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Raw Roulette)

Raw 2012 - 2

1. First off, my overall reaction to the Royal Rumble last night was good. Sure the finishes were predictable but the show overall had its memorable moments. Chris Jericho’s shocking return, Team Hell No’s & Kofi Kingston’s Rumble spots and Alberto Del Rio‘s championship win all come to mind off the top of my head. And yes, while CM Punk had to be the victim, seeing The Rock win the WWE title 10 years after his last win was something special. I think if he was in the ring with almost any other man, The Rock’s win wouldn’t have been such of a let-down for some of the most hardcore fans. And while I would have liked to see The Rock win the title on Raw or maybe the Elimination Chamber PPV, I was lucky enough to be able to pull myself away from my CM Punk-jaded eyes and live in the moment of The Rock’s emotional win. All in all, I thought it was a very good PPV.
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Quick Quips: WWE Royal Rumble 2013 (CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler)

Royal Rumble 2013 Banner

{Editor’s Note: I didn’t have time to create a banner myself so I want to thank M2K-82 for their work above.}

– Just about time for my personal favorite PPV of the year, The Royal Rumble!

– I don’t understand why I can’t watch the pre-show on my TV if I paid for the PPV.

– Instead I have to watch a stuttering feed of what should be at least a decent US Title match.
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Cam’s SmackDown Recap 1.25.13

WWE Smackdown 2012 Header.jpg


: Team Hell No walked their way down the aisle and told the WWE Universe that they haven’t gone soft; they would beat Rhode Scholars this Sunday. Kane said he would go on later that night to win the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan interrupted him and said Kane has never won a Royal Rumble match and that he would win the Royal Rumble.

: Big Show’s music hit and the former World Heavyweight Champion made his way down. Show said that neither member of Team Hell No will win the Rumble match and this Sunday he would squash Alberto Del Rio like a bug.

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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Royal Rumble Predictions, Hopes and Fears


The Royal Rumble was my favorite pay per view as a kid, I love that once a year 30 men have a chance to take on the champion at WrestleMania. I still love the Royal Rumble but TLC is fast becoming a top four pay per view, and the fact that I live close the the Staples Center SummerSlam has a closer spot in my heart then years past. I have some predictions which you can read below, but I also have some hopes and some fears as the Royal Rumble draws closer. You may of read my column about Rock against Punk so I’ll try not to snark too much about my hatred of lazy booking.

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Royal Rumble Wallpapers

In honor of this week’s Royal Rumble, I’m posting 2 different wallpapers created for Creatively Endeavored!

The first is the CM Punk vs The Rock “Match Up” Wallpaper I created last month and the second is a new wallpaper featuring every past Royal Rumble winner on one page! Happy downloading and we’ll see you Sunday for the big event!

Punk vs Rock Royal Rumble Wallpaper   Royal Rumble Winners Wallpaper

JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Royal Rumble Preview

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This Sunday the WWE will present us with the Royal Rumble. In my opinion, the biggest non-Wrestlemania PPV in quite some time. Some might argue that this PPV itself is bigger than any Wrestlemania in recent memory. It will set the course for Wrestlemania season and give us a glimpse into what the WWE has planned for the biggest event of the year.
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