JC’s Top Rope Report: The 5 Worst Booking Decisions In Wrestlemania History

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And I’m back again with another Top 5 List. This time, I look at the five worst booking decisions in Wrestlemania history. Again, these are my opinions on these and some of you may agree while some of you may disagree with them. Go ahead and read along and enjoy!

5. Wrestlemania XVIII: Y2J vs HHH Going On Last-This Wrestlemania was built around one match: Hulk Hogan vs The Rock. While the Undisputed Title was important as well, it just didn’t live up to the magnitude that or have the same importance as the Rock/Hogan Dream Match. I am usually an advocate for the WWE Title Match going on last on the show. It is the top prize in the WWE, and it should be treated as such. But under certain circumstances, there are just matches that are so big that they should go on last.

It was the case at WM26 with Shawn Michaels career on the line. It was the case at WM28 with the Rock/Cena match. And it should have been the case with Rock/Hogan at WM18. Two of the biggest stars in wrestling history were going one-on-one for the first time in their career. It should have gone on last. By having it go on where it did, it took away a ton of heat from the HHH/Y2J match. Both HHH and Jericho have said in interviews that Hogan/Rock should have gone on last, and by not doing so it affected their match.

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Weekend WrestleMania Wallpaper: Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

Here’s another in the Weekend Wallpaper edition of our WrestleMania 29 series of matchup wallpapers: WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston.

Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston - WrestleMania 29


Cam’s NXT Recap: 3.27.13

Natalya v. Kaityln WWE Divas Title Match

: Howard Finkel was the guest ring announcer; he built the match like it was WrestleMania 3 all over again, bravo.

: These two divas put on great match, hey WWE officials watch this and stop pairing Natalya with The Great Khali.

: The crowd was actually into the match and at one point split in chants for the two divas. Eventually Kaityln would retain her title via the spear. The Divas Champion continues to get better and better using that spear.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: 5 Surprisingly Good Wrestlemania Matches

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Hello everyone. It is time for another Top 5 list!

Today, I look at five surprisingly good matches from past Wrestlemanias. What do I mean by surprisingly good? Matches that many people probably didn’t expect to be good but turned out to be rather entertaining. So this isn’t a list that is going to include the likes of Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage or Bret Hart. It is a list full of wrestlers that aren’t known for their in ring work, or weren’t expected to put on a good match. But on the big stage of the WWE, they delivered a good match.

This isn’t a list of the best Wrestlemania matches. It is a list of matches that exceeded expectations and should be given credit for it.
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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: What’s Next for the Best in the World?


     After having the longest WWE Title reign of the last two decades plus booking 101 finally caught up with CM Punk. Punk was built as the unbeatable heel, and if you could beat him he had a few insurance policies to make sure he still left with the WWE Title. That’s where classic wrestling booking comes in and bites Punk’s momentum right on the ass. The unbeatable heel finally crosses paths with the ultimate babyface, in this case The Rock. CM Punk had a great title reign, a promo no wrestling fan will ever forget, and maybe most importantly he made The Rock coming back much better than it would have been if Punk wasn’t champion for 434 days. Since Punk’s loss to The Rock at Royal Rumble, he has since lost again to The Rock then John Cena on Raw and has since continued to work injured. He is now set to take on The Streak and The Undertaker at WrestleMania. While the Punk mark in me believes there is hope, there isn’t. This feud hasn’t been booked well enough to make the part-time fans or hardcore fans think Punk has a chance to end the streak. What’s next for the best in the world once the glam and glitter of WrestleMania has been swept up and thrown away?

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 3.25.13

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Heyman to Punk: TOUCHDOWN
CM Punk came out with Paul Heyman carrying the urn. Heyman threw a pass with the urn to Punk in the ring from the apron. Punk said everyone says the Undertaker can’t be beaten at Wrestlemania. They say no one can stop the Deadman. But Punk said “they” don’t know what they are talking about. But they are irrelevant. Punk said everything should have ended at last year’s Wrestlemania, with Undertaker, HHH and Shawn Michaels walking into the sunset. But Taker had to come out on Punk’s show and point at his sign. Punk said the urn means nothing to him and threw it on the ground. He said he knows he will beat The Streak and he has something Taker wants. And Taker is at a psychological disadvantage. Punk said Taker could have fought any other man and had his Streak continue, but he had to choose Punk. And Punk is the one to end the Streak. Punk said at Wrestlemania, the Undertaker’s perfect record will Rest in Peace.

Suddenly the lights went out and Taker went to town on Punk, landing multiple punches in the corner before Punk escaped with the urn.

Segment Analysis: Very strong opening. Punk made up for kind of a weak promo from last week. Punk sounds confident when he speaks about breaking The Streak. And Taker, in the limited time he was out there, looked good and in wrestling shape. Of course, there is a difference between landing some punches and working a 20 minute match, but it looked promising. Survey Says: 4/5

Oh NOW You Want To Build The Undercard Of Wrestlemania
Fandango came out for a match, but Chris Jericho came out and jumped him. Jericho got the upper hand and Fandango bailed. Great way to give heat to a match that needed it.

Dolph Ziggler came out for a match against Chris Jericho. Jericho had the upper hand early before Ziggler caught him with a kick to the chest. Jericho grabbed Ziggler’s legs and he went for the Walls, but Ziggler pushed him away. Ziggler caught a Y2J elbow and then a crossbody for two. Dolph had control back from break with a headlock. Jericho countered with a nearfall but got back up and ate a dropkick. Dolph hit a splash in the corner then applied an abdominal stretch. Jericho got out with a hip toss. Dolph missed a splash and Jericho went to work. He hit a top rope double axe handle then a running bulldog. Big E got on the apron and ate a Jericho dropkick, but the distraction allowed Dolph to hit a DDT for two. Jericho grabbed the ropes to block the ZigZag, and Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho. Ziggler tapped out.

After the match Big E took out Jericho with his finisher. Fandango came out after and did a brief dance over Jericho then attacked him. He hit a flying leg drop off the top rope then said his name.

Segment Analysis: Well, how do you build up to a match that had little heat in two weeks? That is how you do it. Good showing by Fandango and this little mini feud has some legs. Another strong match between Dolph and Jericho as well. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Backstage Matt Striker asked Sheamus about what happened last Friday on Smackdown. Suddenly, The Shield attacked. Randy Orton came in with a chair but was eventually stopped. Big Show finally came in to even the odds and The Shield retreated.

Mark Henry made quick work of the Usos. He hit World’s Strongest Slams on both of them and then a splash.

The Mid-Card Champ Didn’t Job? What Show Is This???
Alberto del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro. After Del Rio released an armbar, Cesaro caught Del Rio with an uppercut. Del Rio came back with some clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Zeb Colter came out and distracted Del Rio. Cesaro caught Del Rio with a knee then a headbutt. Del Rio crotched Cesaro on the turnbuckle then hit a superplex. Suddenly, Jack Swagger attacked Ricardo and beat on his broken ankle some more. Del Rio made the save and brawled with Swagger through the crowd. Del Rio was counted out. Del Rio attacked Cesaro and applied the crossarmbreaker after the match.

Segment Analysis: While other feuds are gaining steam headed into Wrestlemania, this one seems to be losing some. The crowd just isn’t that into ADR, and they are using Ricardo to get some sympathy heat for him. Del Rio has really dropped off as a face after a promising start. Survey Says: 2.5/5

More A.J.? Works For Me!
Team Hell No vs the Prime Time Players. Bryan and Kane dominated O’Neil early on. Darren Young came in but Bryan and Kane hit a double hip toss. Bryan hit a handful of kicks until Dolph, Big E and A.J. came out on the ramp. Young hit a belly-to-belly on Bryan. Bryan ducked a clothesline and hit one of his own on Young then tagged in Kane. Kane hit a couple of boots to Young’s face then a sideslam for two. Titus broke up the count but then was thrown to the outside where he ate a Daniel Bryan flying knee. Kane hit a chokeslam on Young for the win.

Match Analysis: Nothing too exciting here. Match was okay. Cole calling the Tag Title “prestigious” at the end there was kind of funny. Survey Says: 2/5

A Short HHH Promo???
After a video package Triple H came out. He said Brock Lesnar is a destroyer and can end anyone’s career in the ring. But he has had a 20 year career where he has fought every night like his life depended on it. He said he feels no pressure being backed into a corner. HHH said Brock should fight like his career is on the line. He’s not there to fight at Wrestlemania, he is there to kick Brock Lesnar’s ass. Wade Barrett came out during HHH’s exit for his match. He stared down HHH then HHH kicked him below the belt.

Segment Analysis: Short and to the point. I could live with that. But what was the point of the whole Wade Barrett thing??? That is why HHH is terrible as a face. Survey Says: 2.5/5

From One Bad Face To Another…
Miz came out to fight Wade Barrett. Miz hit a couple of atomic drops and Barrett bailed after both, still selling the effects of HHH’s kick. Barrett finally got the upper hand with a knee, then a couple of knees to the gut in the corner. Miz regained control with a backbreaker. Barrett countered the neckbreaker but Miz tossed him over the top rope. He hit an axehandle off the apron. Barrett had control back from break after tossing Miz into the apron during commercial. Barrett caught Miz with a knee. Miz started fighting back. He hit his corner clothesline then a top rope axe handle. Miz charged at Barrett but he went right into the Winds of Change slam for two. Miz went for a Figure Four but Barrett countered into a pin for two. Barrett hit a kick to the head. Miz ducked a Bullhammer elbow, and Barrett ended up crotched on the ropes. Miz applied the Figure Four, and Barrett tapped out.

Segment Analysis: Not a bad match. It seemed obvious Miz was picking up the win with what happened earlier. But similar to ADR, Miz is just not getting over as a face. I don’t get the crowd chanting “boring” during the match. It wasn’t that bad. Looks like we are getting these two again at Wrestlemania. Survey Says: 3/5

Backstage, Kane and Bryan argued that they other wasn’t over A.J. Kaitlyn was randomly standing there and called A.J. crazy, who was behind her. A.J. attacked Kaitlyn.

The Shield made quick work of The Great Khali, Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. They hit a Triple Power Bomb on Great Khali after the match. Randy Orton and Sheamus came out. As they were walking down the ramp, Big Show came in through the crowd. All three took it to The Shield. The Shield retreated. Looks like Big Show joining Sheamus and Orton is “official.”

Chris Jericho said Vickie Guerrero made Jericho/Fandango official at Wrestlemania.

The Rhodes Scholars defeated Tensai and Brodus Clay. The Bellas and Naomi/Cameron fought on the outside during the match.

Ryback beat 3MB. He hit a pretty impressive Shell Shocked with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater both on his shoulders.

A.J. beat Kaitlyn via countout. Kaitlyn missed a Spear on the outside and went right into the barricade.

Stop Teasing “The Turn” Already…
The Legends for the Rock/Cena Panel: Booker T, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart. mMick Foley asked John Cena if he is ready to live with the possible regret of losing to The Rock again at Wrestlemania. Cena said win or lose, it will change the face of the WWE forever. If he wins he gets redemption. Cena said if he loses he will be like Donovan McNabb. Despite being the best QB to ever play for the Eagles, he still gets booed because he didn’t win the big one. He rambled on some more. Rock said when he was 23 he was broke and got his mattress out of a dumpster. Then he tore his ACL and when he came back, asked them to give him a mic. Cena became the youngest WWE Champ ever, then lost to Austin. Rock rambled too.

Bret Hart asked what changed between them and why it doesn’t seem like there is any bad blood. Rock said Cena took his loss like a man, and in 13 days we will see how Rock handles his. Booker asked Cena why he is going to beat The Rock at Mania. Cena said because he has too. Rock said to wipe his ass with that. Cena said Rock didn’t beat him, he beat himself. Cena said he made one mistake, and he knows he is better than The Rock. Rock said to quote another legend, to be the man, you have to beat the man. And Cena will never be the man.

Dusty said Wrestlemania is about winning or losing. Dusty asked them what they really want. Cena said he wants to win the big one and dominate The Rock. And Rock will realize that he is better, and hand him a loss so devastating that it will effect him the rest of his life. Rock said the day after Mania, he will still be WWE Champ and Cena will be eating some Fruity Pebbles. Rock wanted Cena to prove him wrong, right now. Both men stared each other down. Cena did the “You Can’t See Me” then went for an AA. Rock got out and hit a Rock Bottom. The show ended with Cena looking dejected in the ring and Rock standing tall on the ramp.

Segment Analysis: That didn’t start off very well. The way that first question was going made it look like this segment was going to suck. But both men picked up their intensity at the end. And despite no one believing it, Cena sold pretty well that losing to the Rock last year has haunted him forever. It was a strong showing by Cena, who again continues to tease a possible heel turn. At this point, I think the WWE is just baiting us with it to try to get us to believe it is happening. I would still put it at less than 50%, but they are doing a good job of making us believe it will happen. Was that enough to get me into this match? Not yet. They have one week. Survey Says: 3.5/5

I thought that was a strong episode of RAW. The WWE needed to do something to get people caring about the ENTIRE Wrestlemania card, and they did a good job of doing that here. The Taker/Punk opening was great. And Taker looked like he was ready to go at Mania, which was an encouraging sign. They did a GREAT job of getting some heat and intensity into the Jericho/Fandango program. In one week they made it seem like a big deal. Ryback and Mark Henry got a decent build. They did a good job of convincing us that Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show can be a cohesive unit. But I still think Orton is turning at Mania. The last job did a good job of adding some heat to the Rock/Cena program that was on hiatus for two weeks. It was a good job by the WWE building to the biggest show of the year. Two good matches as well. I’m giving it an 8.

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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.25.13 (The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, CM Punk)

Raw 2012 - 2

1. The opening promo (and ESPECIALLY The Undertaker‘s attack) was played out perfectly. No one sees CM Punk as a threat to The Streak and why should they? Shawn Michaels and Triple H couldn’t do it on 5 different occasions and no one’s been able to in over 20 years. With the legendary status of Undertaker already cemented, there’s no reason to believe that he will lose at WrestleMania. BUT this segment showed that The Undertaker feels threatened by Punk. When was the last time we saw The Undertaker ditch all of the mind games and just jumped his opponent from behind? Finally we get a WrestleMania/Undertaker match where the main focus isn’t about respect but it’s personal. I still don’t think they’ve convinced anyone that The Streak is in jeopardy but they’re trying pretty damn hard which is awesome to see.
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Cam’s SmackDown Recap: 3.20.13

WWE Smackdown 2012 Header.jpg



: The Miz and Miz TV opened SmackDown with his guests Sheamus and Randy Orton. They both choose Show to be there partner and out walked Show. The four of them in a ring together, talking; who’s the worst game in that picture?

Mark Henry v. Zack Ryder

: Yes, it was a squash match, but hey Zack did get to collect that extra cash for showing his face on TV.

: After the match Ryback came down to the ring, Henry yelled you ain’t nothing at him as Ryback close lined The World’s Strongest Man. How simple is this feud? A stare down set this all up; easy idea, money match.

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