Wrestling Pulsecast Interview With Artist Rob Schamberger

Rob Schamberger (94)

Today I had the absolute honor of speaking the renown artist Rob Schamberger. Now if you’ve never heard of Rob, maybe you’ve heard of some of his clients: Bill Goldberg, Gerry Brisco, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and so on and so on. Rob Schamberger is widely considered to be one of the best artists to ever portray the art of pro-wrestling on canvas. His style is unique but his love for wrestling is no different than from you and I.

Rob and I spent over 90 minutes talking wrestling. From topics like which wrestler inspires him the most to who in the business are huge fans of his work, Rob obviously knows his stuff and it shows through his work and passion for the sport we all love. Listen to our interview at the bottom of this page but before you do, here are just a few examples of his work. For more, you can visit his website at RobSchamberger.com, his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @robschamberger.

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