Cam’s SmackDown Recap: 3.20.13

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: The Miz and Miz TV opened SmackDown with his guests Sheamus and Randy Orton. They both choose Show to be there partner and out walked Show. The four of them in a ring together, talking; who’s the worst game in that picture?

Mark Henry v. Zack Ryder

: Yes, it was a squash match, but hey Zack did get to collect that extra cash for showing his face on TV.

: After the match Ryback came down to the ring, Henry yelled you ain’t nothing at him as Ryback close lined The World’s Strongest Man. How simple is this feud? A stare down set this all up; easy idea, money match.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Big E Langston v. Kofi Kingston (AJ on commentary)

: Between Kofi and Dolph busting their asses I was exhausted. It’s a shame Kofi has fallen as far as he has.

: Dolph picked up the win, finally the WWE realizes he can’t lose every week or he will lose all steam like Kofi or Zach Ryder did.

: Again Orton, Sheamus and Show had a segment, talking, backstage. Does Sheamus really think he’s funny or good?

: As much success and TV time Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter has been getting I have the strangest feeling he’s going to lose not only at WrestleMania but his job shortly after.

Jack Swagger v. Chris Jericho

: The WWE did get something right this week on SmackDown, this match. Jericho is a great person to put Swagger over. It looks much better, as far as Swagger’s ‘real’ chances go if he beats someone like Jericho instead of mid to bottom card guys.

: The WWE totally out did themselves this week, take a vacation creative. Not only did they put Swagger over Jericho but they used Fandango to do it. Fandango against Jericho seems to be happening, and I can’t wait.

: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Rhodes Scholars are still together, and apparently they also stole Daniel Bryan and John Cena’s girlfriends, sorry kayfabe.

Rhodes Scholars v. Brodus Clay & Tensai

: The only thing I gathered from this match is the Funkadactyls looked like Antonio Cesaro’s cheerleaders this week.

: The match ended in a double disqualification, and the tag team division continues to plummet.

Antonio Cesaro United States Champion v. The Miz (Wade Barrett on commentary)

: Way to make, arguably, the best wrestler in the WWE look completely weak just to continue Miz and Barrett’s storyline. Shame.

Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show v. 3MB

: You’re telling me that to prepare for The Shield the best way to do that is to face 3MB? Talk about swing and a miss.

: Somewhere in the middle of this match Big Show turned babyface, as he smiled and applauded his teammates.

: Needless to say, Team Nothing To Do wins, after the match the three of them began arguing as The Shield’s music hit.

: The six men shared a stare down as SmackDown ended.

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