Cam’s NXT Recap: 3.27.13

Natalya v. Kaityln WWE Divas Title Match

: Howard Finkel was the guest ring announcer; he built the match like it was WrestleMania 3 all over again, bravo.

: These two divas put on great match, hey WWE officials watch this and stop pairing Natalya with The Great Khali.

: The crowd was actually into the match and at one point split in chants for the two divas. Eventually Kaityln would retain her title via the spear. The Divas Champion continues to get better and better using that spear.

: Tony Dawson was backstage with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. If Alberto would continue to use comedy into his seriousness like in this promo his face turn would be a lot smoother.

: Yes even on NXT we need to be reminded of The Rock and John Cena.

El Local v. Brodus Clay

: I’m confused, is Brodus Clay still being booked in debut squash matches? This match completely threw off the tempo of the show. Clay’s dance routine lasted longer than the match.

: A great vignette for The Shield. I am very excited to see what happens during this match. I think The Shield wins, but what does that do for Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show?

: At the announce table William Regal and Jim Ross were talking until Kassius Ohno, from behind, attacked Regal until referees forced him away. Good I wish they would move this storyline to Raw or even SmackDown. Money story/feud

Damien Sandow v. Randy Orton

: This particular show may have been good for live audience purposes but did nothing as far as NXT goes. Nonetheless I will not be so snarky.

: Orton and Sandow put on a hell of a show for the NXT crowd. It’s nice to see Randy Orton give a crap every once in a while.

: Orton picks up the win, I know I said I wouldn’t be snarky but when’s the last time Sandow won? He’s over as a heel. Give me a feud, please!

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