JC’s Top Rope Report: Showing Respect For The Best In The World

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Every once in a while, a wrestler comes along that stands out. Someone who is different from the pack. He isn’t your prototypical every day wrestler. His look his different. His persona is different. He doesn’t blend in with the group, he sticks out from it. He’s a wrestler that whether you love him or you hate him, you respect him for what he has done in the wrestling business. In the 1990s that man was Shawn Michaels, who in my opinion is the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the squared circle. But in this era of wrestling, the man that sticks out from the crowd is CM Punk.

CM Punk is different from any wrestler currently in the WWE today. He isn’t the star jock, or the big bad bully. He’s the loner. The guy who sticks to his guns and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. When CM Punk picks up a microphone, you feel like you aren’t watching a wrestling character speak, but rather the man portraying a character speaking. CM Punk may have more passion for wrestling than any other wrestler on the planet today. He cares about his performance in the ring. Night in and night out, he’s the one guy you can trust to give it his all and know that when he leaves the ring, he left it all in there.
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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Why Unifying Titles Is JUST PLAIN LAZY & UNCREATIVE


    The more I read or listened to so many respected wrestling columnists or podcasters advocate the need to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles along with unifying the Intercontinental and United States Titles as well makes me feel not only baffled but almost furious. I wrote last week the WWE is filled with so much talent there is a need for another title. The WWE wants to continue to expand, and before they can make more movies, sell out Olympic sized arenas, make more action figures and video games they need to take a step back and really push the professional wrestlers they have under contract. Someone having a title and another one wanting it should be the easiest storylines to write. There is already a dispute between two, three or even four Superstars. In a day and age where the WWE is a sports entertainment company wanting to generate as much revenue as possible without spending the proper amount of time making sure the product is good enough to generate said revenue shouldn’t they want to feature as many talents as they can in the six and one half hours they have programmed into your television each week?
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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 4.22.13 (The Undertaker, The Shield, John Cena, Ryback, Triple H)

Raw 2012 - 2

(Just an FYI, as much as I would have liked to watch Raw at a normal hour, I’m being a good citizen and watching the show “live” from 8-11p for all of you… Ok, seriously it was because I wasn’t home at 3pm this afternoon. I DID avoid reading anything today to stay spoiler free.)

1. That opening Undertaker package was something the WWE should have aired on EVERY SHOW at least twice for the last three weeks. The first Undertaker match on Raw in 3 YEARS! That’s absolutely insane. It’s kind of a shame it had to take place on a “live-to-tape” show though.

2. Very cool and expensive entrance for The Shield followed by yet another good promo from Ambrose and Rollins. The WWE is really attempting to build them up tonight as a threat to Team Hell No & especially The Undertaker. If they were smart, The Shield would go over AGAIN to maintain their legitimacy against Team Hell No for the tag team championships. The problem is, when a heel act usually gets this much attention & hype before a match, they’re the ones set up for the fall.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 4.22.13

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More Paul Heyman Carrying A Program For A Month

RAW started with Paul Heyman in the ring, saying he is there on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar. Heyman said the world is buzzing after Lesnar’s beating of 3MB and the challenge made to Triple H. Heyman replayed everything from last week. Heyman said they were ready for Triple H’s answer, but he isn’t there tonight. And the entire WWE Universe is let down by that. Heyman read an e-mail from HHH that said he never runs away from a fight, and that he will give his answer next week. Heyman called HHH a gutless coward who didn’t have the manhood to appear tonight.
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Cam’s SmackDown Recap 4.19.13

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: Does the WWE intentionally try to destroy a gimmick unless they want it over? First there was Zack Ryder, now its Fandango’s turn. Let this be a lesson to every professional wrestler that intends to work for the WWE, if they don’t want you over, you won’t get over.

Kofi Kingston (United States Champion) v. Wade Barrett (Intercontinental Champion)

: What did Kofi Kingston do/say during WrestleMania weekend to not only get him on the pre show commentary team but to win the United States Title and beat the Intercontinental Champion in less than two weeks?

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JC’s Top Rope Report: My EARLY Wrestlemania 30 Predictions

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When Wrestlemania 29 ends, everyone immediately starts speculating about what the next Wrestlemania will look like. Sure they may wonder what the next RAW or PPV will look like, but I know a lot of people who think about the next Wrestlemania and wonder if it will be better, what potential match-ups will be and what not. And the WWE better do a lot better job next year compared to what they did this year.

I never wish bad business on any corporation, but I hope these rumored bad Wrestlemania buyrate numbers are true. It has to serve as a wake up call to the WWE that their standard, everyday booking is not working anymore. We don’t want to see rematches of big PPV matches that have already taken place. We want the guys in the main event of the biggest show of the year to be there every week and interact with each other. The WWE needs to change the way they book things and not do their typical go through the motions way of booking.

Once again, these are my ideas and predictions and are free to criticism by everyone who reads them.
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Wallpaper Wednesday: “Have You Fandango’ed?”

So I couldn’t help myself, I HAD to capitalize on the Fandango craze, give you the wallpaper early and here you have the “Have You Fandango’ed” wallpaper. PLUS as a special bonus, I’ve included a Facebook timeline cover size so you can spread Fandango-mania across the globe!


Have You Fandango'ed



Facebook Timeline Cover:

Have You Fandango'ed - Facebook Cover

Cam’s NXT Recap: 4.17.13

Justin Gabriel v. Leo Kruger

: Justin Gabriel and Leo Kruger have competed against each other on a few other occasions since Kruger ‘hurt’ Gabriel’s tag team partner Tyson Kidd and while I have enjoyed their matches together nothing has really come of it.

: The two men exchanged submission moves until Gabriel climbed the top rope to hit the 450 Splash but Kruger punched and dragged Justin down and applied his finishing submission maneuver to pick up the victory.

: Nice video package of the NXT Stars at WrestleMania Axxess, especially the backstage moments with The Shield.

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