Which Woman Of Wrestling Wallpaper Do You Choose?


So the women won by a landslide on the previous post. Now you have to choose WHICH woman you want on your desktop.

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Welcome To The New “Hittin’ The Canvas”!


Welcome to the new HTC (Hittin' The Canvas)!

Formerly CreativelyEndeavored.com, we've decided to change our name to correspond with a ton of new features that will be introduced right here on HTC:

– New TV reviews covering WWE Main Event, TNA Impact & Ring Of Honor to go along with our coverage of Raw, SmackDown, NXT and all PPVs.

– Exclusive interviews with some of the top personalities in the wrestling world today.

– A new page exclusively dedicated to the popular feature, “Wrestling Is An Artform”. You can find it on the top navigation bar.

– Weekly polls and topics to spark community discussions right here on the site.

– Stream the HTC Wrestling Pulsecast straight from this website.

And so much more! We look forward to growing with all of you every week. Feel free to comment on this post or email HTCwrestling@gmail.com with any suggestions or comments. Plus be sure to take the poll on the right side of your screen letting us know what you think of the site!


HTC’s Top 5 Most Underrated Finishers Of All-Time

HTC Wrestling Pulsecast

Matt Harrak, Justin Czerwonka, Cameron Dougharty & special guest former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein debate some of the most devastating and most overlooked finishers in wrestling history.

Make sure to leave your own “Top 5” down below!

Quick Hits: WWE Main Event Results for 5.29.13 (w/Justin C)

WWE Main Event Logo - 2013

And here we are again for another Main Event Review. And for the second week in a row, a match advertised on RAW did not take place on this show.

Sheamus vs Wade Barrett

-About a year ago I thought this could have been a big main event match for the WWE. Now? Because there are so many hours of WWE TV to fill, it happens at least once a month.

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Quick Hits: ROH TV 5.25.13 (w/Matt Harrak)

ROH TV - 2013

Colin Delaney vs. Mark Briscoe

– Well this is a blast from the horrible past of WWECW! Colin’s definitely put on some meat and muscle since he’s been on TV. Too bad it looks like he’s still in the same spot on the card – to do the job.

– Random “Daniel Bryan” chant… I guess because Delaney now looks vaguely like Bryan? I don’t really know.

– Mark Briscoe wins with a frogsplash top-rope elbow in a glorified enhancement match.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 5.27.13

JC Top Rope Logo

Ryback is Satan?

After the usual Memorial Day video package, and our first recap of the night, John Cena came out. Cena came out and said there was a lot of unrest in the building. He said there was also controversy after Extreme Rules, since neither man could answer the referee’s ten count. That means both men have a right to the WWE Championship. And last week Ryback wanted to solve that dilemma with an Ambulance Match. Cena said that at Payback, it is going to be a Three Stages of Hell Match. The first stage is a Lumberjack Match, the second a Tables Match, and finally an ambulance match. Cena said after he wins the first two falls, the ambulance from the third stage would be used to drive Ryback out of the building.
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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 5.27.13 (John Cena, Curtis Axel, Ryback, The Shield)

Raw Bridgeport 2012

1. There are so many things that happened in that first segment that made me want to turn off Raw. John Cena opened the show, again. Proposed a completely unnecessary “3 Stages Hell” match against Ryback (THEY’VE HAD ONE OTHER MATCH!). Ryback cut a horrible and generic promo. Then, in what could have been a helluva rub, Curtis Axel comes out to challenge the WWE Champion… but he comes out to a HORRIBLE remix of his fantastic theme music he debuted with last week. Why does WWE INSIST on shooting themselves in the foot when they actually produce something good?

2. Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston again? Normally I would despise this booking. I hate when the WWE feels they need to put the same guys in the same matches week after week, especially when it includes Kofi Kingston. But damn do Ambrose and Kingston work well together! I’d really like to see Ambrose one-on-one with other upper-midcarders for the US title but anytime the US champion & Dean Ambrose can be featured on Raw is a good thing.
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JC’s Top Rope Report: Why This Triple H Story Is Bound To Fail

JC Top Rope Logo

This past Monday on RAW we saw the beginning of what looks like a “Triple H/Concussion” storyline on RAW. We also saw the beginning of what looks to be a significant push for Curtis Axel, the former Michael McGillicutty. By the time the night was over, I think it was pretty clear that neither one of these angles are going to work.
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Quick Hits: WWE NXT 5.23.13 (w.Matt Harrak)

WWE NXT Logo - 2013

Curt Hawkins  vs. Sami Zayn

– Woah, Curt Hawkins sighting! Interesting side note, Hawkins new ring gear was actually made by a local New York Mets fan-run clothing designer similar to what Barber Shop Window does for wrestling.

– This is the WWE TV debut for Zayn and I’m interested to see how he works with a guy who’s been working the WWE-style for a long time now.

– Nice Steamboat-esque armdrags from Zayn.

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Quick Hits: WWE Main Event Results for 5.23.13 (w/Justin C)

WWE Main Event Logo - 2013

Hello everyone. I’m back with my second review of WWE Main Event this week!

Alberto del Rio vs Big E Langston

-A rematch from RAW already? Surprised this wasn’t saved for Smackdown. I’m sure Teddy Long must have some kind of tag team match planned instead.

-If you ask me, A.J. Lee has been the most watchable Diva in the WWE since Trish Stratus left. She plays her part as a manager perfectly and she has made the psycho crazy chick gimmick work. And she is good in the ring to top it off. Of course, who doesn’t love her finisher too?
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