Match Of The Week: 6.23.13 – 6.29.13


Last week, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio stole the MotW title with their World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE’s Payback PPV. This week sees the return of some of the regulars in the “Match of the Week” category.

Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio kicked the week off right with their stellar match while Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton main-evented Raw in a vicious No DQ match.

Over in TNA, the X-Division shined again when Suicide (Austin Aries) won the X-Division title in a three-way match that also featured Chris Sabin and Kenny King. Bobby Roode and Magnus rounded out the night with a strong one-on-one match in the BFG standings.

And to finish off the week, SmackDown featured The Shield suffering their second loss in a 6-man tag team match against the thrown together team of Christian & the Usos.

Now it’s time to vote. Who stole the show last week? And remember… nominate matches for next week’s poll below!

Below are the nominations for MotW: 6.30.13 – 7.6.13


Flashback Thoughts: WCW Great American Bash 1999

Great American Bash 99

Hello everyone. Once again, I’m back with a look back at a PPV from wresting’s past. I did a WWE one last time, this time it is time for a WCW PPV! It’s Great American Bash 1999. Yes, I’m deciding to sit through a WCW PPV after Starrcade 1997. Mostly because it was the first full one that I could find.

-Oh look, it’s Master P and The No Limit Soldiers! Curt Hennig wants an autograph and gets one, then rips it up in Master P’s face.

-The story for the World Title Match between Kevin Nash and Randy Savage involved a lot of poop being thrown on each other. Was this as ripped on in 99 as it would have been now???
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Quick Hits: WWE NXT 6.26.13

WWE NXT Logo - 2013

Big E Langston vs Aiden English

<- I have no idea why Big E was still being featured in NXT after losing the title. Despite these shows being pre-taped, management definitely would have known by now that Langston was staying on the main roster.

<- Aiden English is all gimmicked up to look like an old-timey boxer. I love it! Too bad he’s jobbing.

<- Yup, Langston wins in 3 minutes.
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CM Punk’s Final Year: Is It The Last? Will It Be The Best Ever?

CM Punk '434' Wallpaper

CM Punk is in the final year of his latest contract with the WWE. The rumors are always floating around the Punk will be done and won’t sign another deal with the WWE once his contract expires. If this indeed is the last year CM Punk competes in a WWE ring it will be a ride that will have everyone talking the ‘Final Year of Punk’ instead of the constant ‘Bring Back the Attitude Era’ crap I’m always seeing on twitter and wrestling forums. CM Punk has done just about everything to do in the WWE, he is the 4th longest reigning WWE Champion of all time, he won the Money in the Bank twice, and cut a promo that could be argued as the best shoot promo in wrestling history. But there are still a few things Punk can do to really stir up the conversation of was CM Punk the best of all time?

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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 6.25.13 (CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

1. I can say with total honesty that it never even entered my mind that the man to get Daniel Bryan over as a massive star would be Randy Orton. The man for so long to be rumored to have the “Triple H-syndrome” of wanting to protect his spot is putting over the small “internet darling” into a main event spot.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 6.24.13

JC Top Rope Logo

After a very newsworthy RAW last week, the WWE faces an important follow up show this week. Will Mark Henry drop more great one liners? Will Brock Lesnar attack whoever looks at Paul Heyman the wrong way backstage? Follow along to find out!

Rubber Match? Nah

After a video recap of last week, Daniel Bryan came out to start RAW. Bryan said he’s been accused of having a complex and little man syndrome. People ask if he was an extra in The Hobbit. Bryan said people who call him the weak link are morons. He said standing toe-to-toe with the best is not good enough. He won’t be satisfied until he pins Randy Orton in the ring. Bryan said that will happen tonight. Randy Orton came out and told Bryan to shut up and fight.
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