Quick Hits: TNA Slammiversary XI 2013

TNA Slammiversary XI 2013

X Division Championship Ultimate X Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide

<- Definitely great to see the awesome Chris Sabin back on TV. He’s one of the first guy that got me into TNA.

<- I still find it funny that TNA keeps bringing back the weird character from their failed video game.

<- Damn that really was a “suicidal” drop kick by Suicide.

<- As great as Kenny King is, that was a great win for Sabin who deserves a run. The Hogan run was just terrible.

<- Why the hell did TNA/Hulk Hogan need to bring up terrorism in Boston for cheap heat in Boston. Unnecessary & tasteless.

Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy vs. Aces & Eights

<- I really did miss seeing Samoa Joe and Magnus as a tag team.

<- Looks like Jeff Hardy’s been taking grooming tips from James Storm. Let’s just hope Storm doesn’t take painting tips from Hardy.

<- I think it’s safe to say that Abyss may be in Boston tonight.

Gut Check Tournament Finals
Jay Bradley vs. Sam Shaw

<- I can’t wait for this match because apparently they are both better than Adam Pearce. Ugh.

<- There wasn’t anything overly bad about that match. There wasn’t anything good either though.

World Television Championship
Devon (c) vs. Joseph Park

<- “Gunner is no Bobby Roode.” – No truer words have ever been spoken…

<- Why can’t anyone decide on if it’s “Park” or “Parks”?

<- See? I can book TNA 😉

<- I seriously just tried to fast-forward the feed. Can you tell I never watch TNA live?

<- Abyss is the new TV champ, wrestling in Joseph Park’s place. Now things get REALLY confusing…

TNA Hall Of Fame 2013 Inductee Announcement

<- Kurt Angle’s a very good pick for the TNA HOF. He was A HUGE signing for TNA & took it to a larger stage.

<- Although his “shock” at being named the next inductee looked a little staged.

<- Angle really is a strong choice but the fact that he’s going in before Jeff Jarrett is pretty dicey.

<- Nice for Taz to break character and speak openly about Angle a bit. As weird as it seems, Taz & Angle have a long history.

World Tag Team Championship Four Way Elimination Match
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. James Storm and Gunner

<- It’s hysterical that Chavo Guerrero is still relevant in TNA.

<- I don’t know who to root for!? I’m happy Hernandez is gone & am a Storm fan but Gunner is his partner. GUNNER!??!!?!!

<- Gunner & Storm tag team champions… I am really baffled by this. If nothing else, Gunner should get some good experience teaming w/Storm.

Last Knockout Standing Match
Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim

<- I think Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell is the longest running feud in TNA right now. And it’s been pretty good.

<- Taryn’s going to go all “Drew” on Gail tonight! Wait, has someone made that joke already?

<- Well that Octopus was a slap in the WWE’s & AJ’s face.

<- Damn that chair crossbody was brave & must have hurt like a bitch!


<- Good God, the risks Kim & especially Taryn are taking are impressive & scary.

<- WTF!? Taryn Terrell with a cutter to Gail Kim OFF OF THE STAGE! My God!!!

<- That Knockouts match was incredible. Both women busted their asses & it definitely paid off. Incredible match!

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

<- What the hell is up with Styles’ music if he’s not with Aces & 8s? It’s like a bad version of Drew McIntyre‘s first theme.

<- I always enjoyed when Styles would get pissed. Now he’s pissed off all the time & it’s pretty cool. Except for the haircut.

<- AJ Styles might be the best athlete to ever become a professional wrestler.

<- Fantastic, phenomenal match between AJ & Angle once again. Simple finish but just perfect.

World Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred Match
Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting
(If Sting loses, he can never compete for the World Heavyweight Championship again)

<- Has Sting ever lost when challenging for the TNA Championship?

<- Sting is taking bumps tonight against Bully Ray that I never thought I’d see him take 10 years ago!

<- It’s not surprising that Bully Ray kept the belt but he & Sting went through hell tonight. I never expected a match like that!

<- Good show tonight that I think surprised a lot of people. Pleasantly surprised I was able to catch it. Goodnight everyone!