Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown 7.19.13 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

WWE Smackdown 2012 Header.jpg : Making Vickie Guerrero the Smackdown GM is the best decision you can make if the WWE wants to continue with these General Manager storylines. Teddy Long, Booker T (Yes he returned to TV) and Brad Maddox aren’t as over as Vickie and putting her with Ryback probably would have been disasterious.

Dolph Ziggler v. Jack Swagger

: I thought after WrestleMania the WWE was going to give the Universe a Dolph Ziggler against Jack Swagger feud involving the World Heavyweight Title. How far off was I? Ziggler is coming into his role as a babyface nicely but it looks like it’s going to be at least another pay per view or so until he is the champion again.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns v. The Usos

: They are going to beat this feud to death, aren’t they? Adding Mark Henry is a nice touch but a six man tag match against likely Mark Henry and The Usos is kind of lackluster for The Shield, isn’t it?

Daniel Bryan v. Wade Barrett

: This match was rumored to be dropped from Raw and added to Smackdown but you couldn’t tell. There wasn’t enough time for the former Nexus partners to really please the crowd. Either way, Daniel Bryan picks up the win and continues to be on the hottest streak in pro wrestling.

: Paul Heyman could sell ice to Eskimos or whatever cliché I could put there. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk could be left off TV for the entire build to SummerSlam and tickets would still be sold. On a side note, The Miz was fantastic with his mannerisms, maybe hosting is really his bag.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Curtis Axel (c) v. Chris Jericho

: After their second match in two nights it’s nice to see the WWE really kill off that horrible non exist feud between Y2J and Ryback.

: Once Jericho comes back from tour, if Axel is still relevant then, a long term feud with Jericho would really help Axel’s progress.

: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes have already entertained the WWE Universe as a tag team, now they get a chance to shine as singles stars against each other. Much like the Paul Heyman/CM Punk feud, these two have had some time to really think this through so I’m expecting magic.

RVD v. Darren Young

: What a great way to utilize RVD then to have him beat one half of the Prime Time Players? I’m not saying Darren isn’t a good talent, I’m saying he is so far down the line there are so many other guys that need wins over RVD.

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio v. Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton

: A lot of you may disagree with me but there is serious money in a long term baby face Randy Orton against heel Alberto Del Rio. Orton is really on top of his game lately as well as Del Rio. For me it’s all about two guys who I like in the ring but hate their characters and I just want wrestling.

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