Quick Hits: TNA Impact 7.25.13 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

TNA Impact Wrestling 2012 Header.jpg

:The Main Event Mafia comes out to help celebrate Chris Sabin‘s win over Bully Ray last week for the TNA World Title. Is it just me or is the Main Event Mafia just one big group of John Cena babyfaces? Bully Ray suing TNA, who does he think he is? The half of the roster that was released this week?

X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Sonjay Dutt v. Manik v. Greg Marasciulo

: Greg or Trent Barretta or Trent ? if you prefer should be a top guy in TNA but like everything else in this company he will be a big swing and a miss. Oh great, now TNA is promoting Dixie Carter‘s Twitter during their X-Division Title Match. Maybe her and Hulk Hogan are a match made in heaven.

: While Greg and Sonjay hovered above the ring Manik snuck in and steal the X-Division Title. Great another guy carrying a title who can’t cut a promo to help sell his matches.

Bound for Glory Series: Mr. Anderson v. Hernandez

: Kind of a lack luster match between two guys who can move in the ring. Almost every match in the Bound for Glory Series Match has been great but hey they all can’t do be winners.

Knocksouts Title Match: Mickie James (c) v. Gail Kim

: I still will never understand why the Knockout matches have a woman referee. Hardcore TNA fans, can anyone help me?

: What a great match between Kim and James. The WWE just needs that one or two solid Divas to help AJ make the Divas Division a must see.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Christopher Daniels v. Samoa Joe

: Wow, it is such a shame that instead of giving Joe and Daniels more time we all had to sit through a ‘private’ meeting between Hogan and Dixie Carter. I thought the WWE App plugging was bad but this is on a whole other level of bad.

: Mr. Anderson comes down and not only screws Joe out of a win but he also ruined a great match. TNA is on a roll tonight.

Bound for Glory Series: AJ Styles v. Jeff Hardy

: This match was fantastic, it told a story between two former friends and entertained the hell out of me. Styles picked up a much needed win and left Hardy in the middle of the ring was his hand left out waiting for AJ.

: Chris Sabin and Bully Ray yelling back and forth at each other about laws and wrestling makes me wish Joseph Park was a major player in TNA. Don’t worry, Hogan
came out, blabbed a bit and announced Bully Ray would get a rematch for the TNA World Title on August 15th at Hardcore Justice in a cage.

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