Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown 7.26.13 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

WWE Smackdown 2012 Header.jpg

Randy Orton v. Damien Sandow

: Money in the Bank winner against a misused Money in the Bank winner, who’s your money on? These two put on a great match, I would love to see them go at it again. Cody Rhodes comes down and steals Sandow’s briefcase receiving a decent babyface pop. Trust me, there is serious money in Rhodes being a face.

: CM Punk is back on top of his game. His promos the past two weeks must have every wrestling fan counting the minutes until Brock Lesnar against CM Punk at SummerSlam.

PrimeTime Players & Wade Barrett v. Mark Henry & The Usos

: I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t think Mark Henry and The Usos is a big enough match for The Shield at SummerSlam, titles or no titles on the line. None the less, Titus O’Neil continued to look impressive to me. I’d love to see him and Henry have a few singles matches.

Alberto Del Rio v. Rob Van Dam

: I was not expecting the type of match we got but boy did I LOVE that finish! I think RVD could do wonders for Del Rio’s role as a heel just like Dolph Ziggler did before his injury.

: I wasn’t the biggest fan of AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler’s back and forth banter but the pay off was nicely done. It’s starting to look like a possible mix tag team match at SummerSlam; huge let down for Ziggler.

Erik Rowan & Luke Harper (The Wyatt Family) v. Tons of Funk

: Maybe its just me but the televised wrestling debut of two-thirds of the Wyatt Family probably should have been advertised.

: Hey that’s funny, Tensai used to squash guys just like that.

Christian v. Jack Swagger

: I’ve written about the mid card of the WWE for almost a full year now for HTCWrestling (Creatively Endeavored) and FINALLY, FINALLY, the mid card is starting to be the main focus of at least Smackdown. Has hell frozen over?

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