Quick Hits: WWE SmackDown 3.30.13 (w/MJH)

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MizTV With The Big Show & Dolph Ziggler

<- Who would have thought that MizTV would be going as long as it has.

<- Damn, that was a massive pop for Ziggler.

<- Wait, so the Superstars are allowed to talk out against Triple H because this is SmackDown and not Raw?

<- Triple H is on SmackDown? Looks like they really are going full board with this new story. I like it.

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Flashback Thoughts: WCW New Blood Rising (w/Justin C)

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Yes, once again I am sitting through a PPV from the dying days of WCW for your entertainment. This time it is New Blood Rising!

3 Count (w/Tank Abbott) vs The Jung Dragons

-If you listened to are recent Top 5, you know I despise everything about 3 Count. Especially with the addition of Tank Abbott.

-It’s a ladder match with the Gold Record and recording contract hanging above the ring. Yes, WCW in 2000 people!
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HTC Wrestling Pulsecast from 8.29.13

Pulsecast Wall BIG

This past Thursday, Justin Czerwonka and Cam Dougharty brought you the first ever LIVE Inside Pulse Wrestling Pulsecast. Despite BlogTalkRadio’s best efforts to disrupt us, we still put together a show worth listening too. We talked TNA with Hulk Hogan rumors and addressing A.J. Styles contract situation. Then the focus shifted to WWE with the CM Punk/Paul Heyman storyline, and the possible roads the Daniel Bryan/New Corporation story might take.

Click for more and to listen to the show!

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Quick Hits: WWE NXT 8.28.13 (w/Justin C)

WWE NXT Logo - 2013

-The Ascension starts the night taking out Corey Graves. Once again, I like the look of The Ascension. Unique and different.

C.J. Parker vs Tyler Breeze

-These are two polar opposites for me. It’s been two weeks only and I hate this new “free living” gimmick of Parker. Nothing good will come of it and it is something that just won’t work in the WWE. I like the male model gimmick of Breeze, but I think it needs some tweaking to make it work in the WWE.
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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 8.26.13 (Triple H, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

{Ed. Note: I apologize for the lateness of this post. If you caught my note earlier in the week on Twitter, you know why and hopefully this column makes sense and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Thanks for your understanding. – Harrak}

1. Switching Triple H’s music back to the “King Of Kings” track was a subtle but smart move. The audience is pre-conditioned to pop for Triple H’s “The Game” music so at least this gives the audience a different sound to relate to a different character. I’m also surprised that I really have no problem with The Shield being HHH’s stooges. Once they accomplished their immediate goals of winning WWE championships, there wasn’t a clear direction for any of them. Now they’re involved in the main event storyline and even if they are booked to look weaker than Triple H or Randy Orton, they are still sharing optimum screen-time and have been placed in a prime position to turn babyface if the WWE felt to move in that direction.
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Quick Hits: WWE Main Event 8.28.13 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

WWE Main Event Logo - 2013

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel v. Cody Rhodes

: With another solid match between Axel and Rhodes could the WWE be setting Rhodes up for another IC Title run? Last week when these two wrestled I said Cody would be a great feud for Axel but it would be a push in the wrong direction for Rhodes; but hey a push is a push.

: Axel picks up another cheap win over Rhodes. The way these two tell a story every time they are in a ring together really goes to show their blood is in wrestling.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 8.26.13

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RAW started with The Shield standing outside the ring. Triple H came out. HHH replayed what happened at SummerSlam. He said that was what was best for business. He then replayed what happened at the end of RAW last week. Triple H admitted that was personal. HHH said he had Bryan beat down because of his actions. Bryan insulted his wife, himself, and his family. HHH said he was willing to move on and the choice was his. Triple H then said that ratings were through the roof and it was because of one man, Randy Orton.
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10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 8.23.13 (Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Darren Young, Randy Orton)


1. Who needs John Cena when the WWE can do Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton for the next few months? Not only is this feud fresh but Bryan and Orton play their characters so perfectly. Orton has been great the past few months so another WWE Title run was due but the best thing to come out of all of this is the WWE is making another star that will still be over ten years from now.

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