HTC Wrestling Pulsecast from 8.29.13

Pulsecast Wall BIG

This past Thursday, Justin Czerwonka and Cam Dougharty brought you the first ever LIVE Inside Pulse Wrestling Pulsecast. Despite BlogTalkRadio’s best efforts to disrupt us, we still put together a show worth listening too. We talked TNA with Hulk Hogan rumors and addressing A.J. Styles contract situation. Then the focus shifted to WWE with the CM Punk/Paul Heyman storyline, and the possible roads the Daniel Bryan/New Corporation story might take.

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We did have some technical difficulties this past week, which were all on BlogTalkRadio’s end and not ours. Be sure to listen again in two weeks when our next LIVE show takes place. This week is a Top 5 show which we know you guys love. So keep downloading the show and leaving us your comments.