JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 9.30.13

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CM Punk Knows WWE Booking

RAW, for a change, started with CM Punk. He said the show thrives on unpredictability. Punk said last week in his hometown, however, it was predictable that he was going to get beat up. And it was predictable what would happen when he tried to beat up Paul Heyman: He was going to get beat up. But he knows how this story ends: He puts Curtis Axel to sleep, shows Ryback what really happens to bullies, and he finally gets his hands on Paul Heyman. Punk said he doesn’t know when this story ends, but he would love for it to end tonight. Punk said the record books may say Paul Heyman defeated CM Punk, but everyone will know that Punk put Paul Heyman out of his misery.
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Extra Wallpaper Of The Week: Daniel Bryan – “Old School” Wallpaper

Yup, two wallpapers in one week but I just couldn’t pass up this new photoshoot of Daniel Bryan with the greatest championship belt in WWF history, the “Winged Eagle” WWF Championship. I even went so far as creating a regular and iPad version of the design.

Daniel Bryan - Old School

Daniel Bryan - Old School (iPad Version)

JC’s Top Rope Report: Random Thoughts From This Week’s Wresting News

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Hello everyone. I’m back again with my random thoughts on this week’s news and rumblings from the world of pro wrestling. Hopefully, starting next week, I will be back to my normal columns and Flashback Thoughts. My dad will be released from the hospital this week so that will put my schedule somewhat back to normal. No more hospital visits that rearrange my schedule.

With that said, let me address the news from this week.

1. I Still Don’t Get The Booking of the 11-on-3 Handicap Match From RAW
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Quick Hits: WWE NXT 9.25.13 (w/Justin C)

WWE NXT Logo - 2013

Tag Team Turmoil: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs Tyler Breeze & CJ Parker vs Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson vs The Ascension

-This is to determine the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles. Breeze and Parker both wanted to be in this earlier, so Brad Maddox made them partners. A big “Breeze is Gorgeous” chant breaks out.
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Quick Hits: WWE Raw 9.23.13 (w/MJH)

Raw (Hartford 2013)



Triple H & Stephanie McMahon/Babyfaces Segment

<- Well it’s a good thing RVD is a part-timer because that type of talk definitely deserves a firing.

<- Great line by HHH about Superstars always fought to be WWE Champion not FOR the current WWE Champion. A logical point coming from a heel is always smart.

<- Interesting twist booking The Shield at a disadvantage that somewhat played off of Triple H’s SmackDown role where he went around apologizing to Superstars. You couldn’t tell if The Shield were truly surprised or just acting their part & I’m liking that unknown factor of this story.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 9.23.13

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RAW started with all the men who helped Daniel Bryan on the stage then Stephanie McMahon and Triple H walking to the ring. Triple H said he asked everyone to be on the stage and say thank you. Steph thanked them for finally standing up and being men. RVD stepped up to the mic. He said they were fighting for Daniel Bryan. RVD said he screwed him over and was doing what was right. Triple H said he didn’t think people fought for the WWE Champion, but they fought to become WWE Champion. Triple H then asked Dolph Ziggler his opinion. Steph asked why R-Truth and Zack Ryder aren’t the face of the WWE. Triple H said it was because of The Shield. Triple H said last week’s frustration was because The Shield has run rough shot over everyone on the stage. Triple H made an elimination match with all of them and Daniel Bryan against the WWE. Stephanie then said the fans could vote on who gets to face Randy Orton later: R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler or Rob Van Dam.
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Quick Hits: WWE SmackDown 9.20.13 (w/MJH)

WWE Smackdown 2012 Header.jpg

Vickie Guerrero/Daniel Bryan Segment

<- I wonder if Vickie Guerrero’s heat will ever diminish. She’s been the same character since her debut in 2005 but yet is always welcome with a ridiculous amount of boos.

<- That must have been a tough match to describe simply. 11 on 3 gauntlet match? I think it’s safe to say that’s a first.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Random Thoughts From This Past Week

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Hello everyone. I didn’t really have a set topic to talk about this week, so I decided to do a random thoughts column on some of the recent news and stories that have come from the world of wrestling this week. No particular order of importance, just whatever pops in my head as I’m writing.
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