Quick Hits: WWE Main Event 11.27.13 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

WWE Main Event Logo - 2013

Alberto Del Rio v. Dolph Ziggler

: Del Rio and Ziggler rekindled their feud Wednesday night and these two picked up right where they left off. Dolph sure brings out the best in Del Rio, maybe once the WWE Title and World Title are unified these two could feud again over the second most important title; the Intercontinental Title.

Damien Sandow v. Santino Marella

: Santino is back to his jobbing ways, when did the countdown to his release start? I have never been a fan of Marella’s and there are far too many better comedy acts in the WWE already. Where did Damien Sandow’s push go? I’m all for letting Sandow and Ziggler beat the crap out of each other while getting them both on tv, but when oh when will Damien get his chance to shine? I thought the little time they gave him with John Cena was great.

 Kofi Kingston v. Fandango

: Fandango lost to Kingston? What in the name of all that is holly in pro wrestling is going on? Is it just me or has Summer Rae passed Fandango by? The WWE hasn’t really given Fandango anything new or fresh since his debut and the rumors of the WWE having Summer Rae on a short list of people they are very high on and Fandango not being one doesn’t help.

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Quick Hits: TNA Impact 11.28.13 (w/Justin C)

Impact Thanksgiving

Dixie Carter Opening

-Dixie announces a new Chief of Staff, Rockstar Spud. Because what TNA needed was more authority figures!

-She announces Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy will be a Tables Match. So she at least said something useful.
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From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: “Total Divas – Ep 11”

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{Ed. Note: Its been talked about for years and it’s finally happening! Mrs. Colleen Harrak has joined the Hittin’ The Canvas crew with an irregular column where she covers shows or topics that she feels compelled to write about. – MJH}

* I think Nikki and John should have discussed what they expected out of this relationship before they moved in together.

* Yes Nikki I do believe you are catching on to the fact that you may not be John’s long-term plan… I mean let’s face it, he is literally moulding you into his kind of girl; boob job, car, living arrangements complete with contract. It’s quite possible Cena has mistaken you for a high-priced prostitute or well-kept mistress but hey how long can you really wrestle for? Maybe this is a good long-term career path.

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Quick Hits: WWE Total Divas – Episode 11 (w/MJH)

Total Divas 500x250



SEASON RECAP: Nikki struggles with signing a contract to live with John Cena. Brie feels abandoned by new main-eventer, Daniel Bryan and that’s all we’re shown for this episode.

– I still don’t understand how either woman feels blindsided by their circumstances. Brie has seen how much Cena is away from Nikki so why would she be surprised when Bryan essentially takes over Cena’s spot as the main event? And John Cena is a f’n millionaire. He needs to cover his ass and that’s exactly what he’s doing with this agreement. Suck it up and look past your own ego.

– REALLY too much information from Ariane and Vinny. Keep your “wiener” talk off the air please.

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Quick Hits: WWE Main Event 11.20.13 (w/Cameron Dougharty)

WWE Main Event Logo - 2013

Tamina v. Naomi

: Naomi, other than Brie Bella and Natalya, is the only Total Diva that seems to actually being in the WWE. Putting the Funkadactlys with Xavier Woods is much better than with Brodus Clay and Tensai who haven’t been used on TV in quite some time. This match was booked as well as it could have been, the Survivor Series Elimination Match was not only acknowledged but the heel Tamina picked up the win putting doubt in people’s minds that the Total Divas could actually lose; unless you have a brain.

Alberto Del Rio v. Santino Marella

Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the guy feuding with the number one Superstar in the WWE be above taking on Santino Marella? I sure am not the biggest fan of Del Rio’s but putting him over Santino did absolutely nothing but leave everyone wondering, who books this crap?

Fandango v. Kofi Kingston

: Like most of Fandango and Summer Rae’s fans we all continue to wait to see if Fandango will rise above matches with the likes of lifetime mid carder’s like Kofi Kingston. Once Triple H is done reviving the tag team division the mid card could sure use a face lift.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 11.25.13

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Is The WWE On The Verge Of A Revolt From Their Audience?

RAW started with Randy Orton. He said he’s owed an apology from everyone who thought he wouldn’t show up tonight WWE Champion. He welcomed The Authority to the ring with him. Triple H congratulated Randy Orton on his victory. He said when he hand picked Orton to be the future of the WWE ten years ago, he knew he would live up to his potential. Steph said they gave him motivation last week and he used it to be victorious last night. Orton said they both made it all about themselves. He said he didn’t need their help last night. HHH said he needed their protection and Orton said he can protect himself. The crowd broke out into “Daniel Bryan” chants. Orton said he is the greatest star ever in the WWE and no one can take that away from him.

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Random Thoughts: WWE Raw 11.25.13 (The “World” & “WWE” Are The Same Thing Now?)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

<- Quick Note: I’ll be at SmackDown live tomorrow night so be sure to follow me @MattHarrak on Twitter or right here for updates/spoilers, photos and videos throughout the night.

Randy Orton/The Authority Promo

<- Hello 2007 and John Cena vs Randy Orton.

<- I think we all had an inkling that it might be a match involving John Cena if there every would be a World title unification match. But notice that neither Stephanie nor HHH actually said “title unification” match.

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Random Thoughts: WWE Survivor Series 2013 (Who Will Survive?)

NWWE Survivor Series 2013

<- The opening 5-on-5 match is going to be a hard match to follow & definitely a show-stealer!

<- Trending now – “The GOATS”! The Greatest Of All Teams! Awesome!

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

<- I feel completely betrayed by The Miz after he sold out Kofi Kingston on Raw. Miz has always been so trustworthy before now!

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Flashback Thoughts: WWE Survivor Series 2012

– Whew made it in time for the pre-show. Wait… why was I rushing for this?

– 3MB = 2012 “Double J” Jeff Jarrett.

– Wonder if the Road Dogg Jesse James will sing 3MB’s first single too…

– What’s with the suddenly heel Matt Striker? Michael Cole’s out so SOMEONE has to be a heel commentator?

– Nice to see Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd getting the upgrade to a PPV match.

– God I love Traditional Survivor Series Elimination matches. No matter how bad some of the talent in the match may be.

– Ok it was pretty awesome to see the Sharpshooter (done well) on a Survivor Series again.

– I LOVE how the announce team is overly putting over (?) Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. They don’t get enough TV time as it is so they need to get as much out of each moment as possible.

– Gotta say, the WWE tag division is looking great.

– I wouldn’t be surprised to see a title change here. They need babyface Divas and Kaitlyn can be a strong addition.

– It’s actually refreshing to see Kaitlyn’s non-Bedazzled ring gear. Way to stand out among the cookie cutter Divas.

– Did I seriously just hear a “We Want Puppies!” chant? Sigh…

– I’m pretty surprised. There could be alot more to this feud but they need the crowd behind Kaitlyn.

– I’m depressed that Richardo Rodriguez didn’t get the final spot on Team Ziggler. God that’d be awesome.

– Already starting to plant seeds of a Randy Orton heel turn. That was quick.

– I know that was supposed to a showcase for Antonio Cesaro but R-Truth was the wrong choice. Bad match.

– This angle REALLY didn’t need to be carried over onto PPV.

– I actually forgot that Tamina was still employed. But did this really need to take place on Survivor Series?

– Jeez! Sheamus and The Big Show are going for all the super-heavyweight spots early!

– I don’t know what it is about Sheamus but he REALLY knows how to work with big men. First Mark Henry and now the Big Show.

– GOOD LORD! That electric chair was amazing!

– This crowd is HOT for Sheamus!

– Well it looks like we’ll be getting a Chairs match at TLC. Crappy finish to pretty damn good and PHYSICAL match.

– God Cody Rhodes’ injury looked nasty. I don’t even know how he got turned so sideways in mid-air!

– Can’t help but love the fact that Dolph Ziggler isn’t coming out with Vickie Guerrero anymore. He needed to get rid of that crutch if he wants to be a main-eventer.

– Love the fact that Ziggler pinned Kane. This match should showcase Ziggler and Barrett. That’s it.

– Oh and the new Miz.

– Damn it’s weird seeing Miz taking out heels and the crowd going nuts for it.

– Really? We get Randy Orton as the final member of Team Foley? Ugh, at least TRY something new…

– Did Dolph Ziggler seriously just win with Sweet Chin Music?!

– Overall a very good Survivor Series match with the right guy going over. Ziggler really needed a clean win like that.

– Ah John Cena. Only you would wear a shirt with “U (Can’t) See Me” in FLUORESCENT YELLOW!

– Why is EVERYONE wearing yellow?!

– Very nice spot. Totally logical for Cena & Punk to work together to eliminate Ryback.

– That run-in MUST have set the internet on fire but what about the regular WWE fan? There’s got to be a great followup planned for tomorrow.

– I’m sure they’ll say Punk & Heyman had nothing to do with the run-in… at first. But God I hope they go through with a Punk led “indy wrestler” stable. A heel team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose alone would be fantastic.

– Was the reason for all the yellow? A subliminal “Nexus” message since they are all from NXT?

– I’m glad they went with the right decision of having CM Punk retain the title but what is going to bridge the gap at TLC before he faces the Rock at the Royal Rumble? Tonight’s run-in was a “mark out” moment for the “internet smart marks” but now what? Another triple threat ladder match like he had last year? I don’t know if I can stand watching Cena or Ryback SLOWLY climb a ladder for 20-30 minutes.

**NOTE: Thanks to MandyMau5 of deviantART for the cover image.**