JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 12.30.13

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And The Break Up Begins

RAW started with CM Punk. Punk said he was excited to be there tonight and was ready for 2014. He said 2013 had its ups and downs. He started off the year as the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last 25 years. He faced The Rock and also The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He lost a friend after he beat him with a kendo stick. Punk said 2013 wasn’t his year. But there are three guys that he could say who did have a good year: The Shield. He wanted to end this year right and start 2014 the proper way. Punk said he had a proposition for The Shield tonight, and their music hit right on cue.

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9 Thoughts: WWE Raw 12.30.13 (CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, The Shield, Daniel Bryan, The Wyatt Family)

WWE Raw 11-13 Header

1. So apparently my recent “Random Thoughts” columns haven’t gone over so well with some readers. Mostly I think people didn’t realize that those columns were basically quick, “Twitter-esque” comments compiled together into one article. Either way I decided to keep those same Twitter comments on my Twitter account @MattHarrak during Raw & PPVs while also trying to give the readers another type of “Thoughts” column.

2. I love how Raw is starting out. From featuring each member of The Shield to Ziggler versus Axel and Fandango challenging Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship. Despite the announcement of another John Cena/Randy Orton match at the Royal Rumble, tonight seems like a perfect opportunity for the younger guys on the roster to shine during the last Raw of 2013. Even more established stars like CM Punk & Daniel Bryan are in segments featuring the future of the WWE; The Shield & The Wyatt Family.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Will We Have A First Time WWE Champion In 2014?

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It is something that is talked about almost constantly by pro wrestling fans: The need for new talent at the top of the card. And it is something that the WWE almost always seems to screw up one way or another. There have been times where it looks like the next breakout star is right there for the WWE and they find a way to make a total mess out of it. You can go back to Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett a few years ago. And of course, Dolph Ziggler this year.

This is the one thing I brought up when unifying the WWE and World Title came into the picture. The WWE absolutely cannot go into a state where the WWE Title picture has the same revolving door of 4 or 5 guys. If the WWE goes through all of 2014 with the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena, Batista, CM Punk and Big Show in the WWE Title picture, then 2014 will be an automatic fail. The World Title was always considered the Title given to new talent in the main event scene. Guys the WWE wasn’t ready to give the WWE Title to yet. Eliminating that Title means the WWE can’t be afraid to push new talents to the WWE Title scene.
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Quick Hits: TNA Impact 12.26.13 (w/Justin C)

Impact 12.26.13

-It’s my final Quick Hits Impact as we are switching up the rotation starting in 2014. I hope I have made Impact enjoyable for all of you. And wish my colleague Matt the best of luck when it comes to watching Impact in 2014!

Everyone Interrupts Dixie Carter

-First Jeff Hardy and Sting interrupt. They end up getting a tag match against Rockstar Spud and EC3.

-Gunner comes out with his Money in th, I mean Feast or Fired Case and wants to cash it in. She tells him Magnus is celebrating overseas.
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Wallpaper of the Week: Xavier Woods “Debut” Wallpaper

He may be new to the main WWE roster, but Xavier Woods (or Consequences Creed) has toiled around the wrestling circuit for a few years now and is definitely ready for the spotlight. Throw in the unbelievable fact that he’s currently working to complete his PhD in Psychology at Furman University while on the road with WWE and it’s obvious this man’s work ethic is off the charts. The future looks bright for the 27-year-old Mr. Woods. Now to see if he can live up to these lofty expectations.

Xavier Woods Debut Wallpaper

Random Thoughts: WWE Raw 12.23.13 (Can Sexual Chocolate Save Christmas?)

The SaGood Santa vs Bad Santa 2013

{Ed. Note: Happy Holidays to those readers who celebrate. In an effort of full disclosure, I completely underestimated the excitement & joy a three-year old feels around this time and the word “exhausted” can’t even begin to describe the shape I’m in. I apologize if my Thoughts are briefer than normal but right now my main struggle is keeping my eyes open.} 

<- “Good Santa” vs “Bad Santa” might actually put me down for a KO.

<- What a bitch it must be getting through security with those two titles. Randy Orton’s bus has paid for itself by now.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 12.23.13

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It’s the Christmas version of RAW. Don’t expect a lot of storyline development here. But I’m here so the least you could do is follow along with my live results. Plus, its Good Santa vs Bad Santa: ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!!

Giving The Gift Of Good Wrestling!

RAW started with The Authority and Kane walking to the ring, with their own elf. Triple H welcomed everyone. He said it was a special time of the year. He talked about making the employees volunteer at soup kitchens and that there is no place they would rather be than here. They talked about Bad Santa vs Good Santa, with some dramatic theme music. They also announced The Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Goldust. And finally, The Shield vs John Cena, CM Punk and Big E Langston.

Randy Orton then came out. Orton wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. He thanked Steph and HHH for all of their support. Orton said he is in a giving mood and decided to give The Authority a Christmas gift. Orton gave the gift of himself and Kane wished everyone a good night and then set the posts on fire.

It’s a Jingle Bells match. The Total Divas vs Kaitlyn, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Aksana and Vickie Guerrero. The Funkadactyls hit a double leg split leg drop on Alicia. Vickie tagged in and ran her reindeer antlers into Brie Bella. Eventually, all the Divas ended up in the ring. The Total Divas ended up forming a Rockette line and they clotheslined the other Divas one-by-one. Natalya ended up making Aksana submit with the Sharpshooter. Best part of the match was A.J. ripping on it doing commentary.

Sin Cara vs Curtis Axel. The two exchanged some early mat wrestling. Sin Cara hit a hurricarrana sending Axel to the outside. Axel was able to knock Sin Cara off the apron, then put him spine first into the ringpost. Sin Cara escaped an armbar but Axel hit a dropkick. Sin Cara escaped a bear hug and sent Axel to the outside. He then hit a Swanton over the ropes onto Axel. Sin Cara hit a clothesline off the top then his springboard elbow for two. Axel was able to recover and hit a clothesline for two. Sin Cara recovered and hit a neckbreaker followed by a Swanton for the win.

A Batista promo aired. I bet that wasn’t planned before the weekend.

The Wyatts Could Make A Good Traveling Santas Group

First six man tag of the evening. Cody Rhodes and Erik Rowan started. Rowan landed an early kick. Cody escaped a backdrop and he hit a dropkick then tagged in Goldust. Goldust landed a couple of uppercuts then tagged in Bryan. Bryan landed multiple kicks until Rowan shoved him away. Goldust applied a headlock but Rowan backed him into his corner and tagged in Harper. Goldust moved out of the way of a Harper charge and landed some punches. Cody came in and connected on a dropkick. Bryan came back in and landed more kicks until Harper caught him with a right hand. Bryan ducked a Harper charge and he got caught in the tree of woe position. More kicks from Bryan as Harper took a breather and they went to commercial.

Back from break The Wyatts had control of Cody Rhodes. Cody tried escaped a Harper headlock but he ate a headbutt. But Cody was able to hit a clothesline and tag in Goldust. He hit a clothesline and his trademark uppercut followed by ten corner punches. He hit a hurricarrana but was distracted by Bray, allowing Harper to connect on a boot. Bray came in and hit a splash in the corner. Harper came in but he missed on an elbow. Harper knocked Bryan and Cody off the apron and then tagged in Rowan. Rowan landed some punches then applied The Claw. Harper came in, but Goldust hit a Canadian Destoryer on him and tagged in Bryan. Rowan came back in. Bryan hit two dropkicks in the corner and a dropkick to the knee. Bryan landed multiple kicks followed by a kick to the head. Bryan hit a headbutt off the top then went after Bray Wyatt. Bryan chased him on the outside but he ran into a Rowan shoulder tackle on the outside.

Luke Harper caught Bryan with a shoulder tackle back from break. The Wyatts continued to dominate Bryan. Bryan caught Rowan with a boot to the face then a tornado DDT. Bryan tagged in Cody, who caught Harper with a missile dropkick. He caught Rowan with the Disaster Kick then a moonsault onto Harper. Bray took out Cody, but Bryan caught Bray with a missile dropkick. He hit the Flying Goat to the outside and went at Bray. Rowan took him out but Goldust took out Rowan. In the ring, Cody hit Harper with a Disaster Kick but Bray made a blind tag. He caught Cody with a clothesline then hit Sister Abigail to pick up the win.

After the match, The Wyatts took out all three members of the face team.

Santino and The Great Khali won a holiday sing off. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal attacked them but Xaiver Woods and R-Truth helped out. At least I got to see Renee Young during the segment.

If That’s A Scott Hall Picture Wrapped Up, Show gets a 578922

But alas, it is an Intercontinental Title shot. Why is the present wrapped up then? Its Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler. Both men tried early to grab the present off the pole. Fandango took out Ziggler with a clothesline. Dolph stopped him from climbing the pole and threw him into the opposite corner. Ziggler went up but Fandango stopped him. Ziggler hit a Fameasser. Ziggler climbed up but slipped on the ropes, then Fandango knocked him to the outside. Both men climbed up the corner, but Fandango caught Ziggler with a kick to the head. Ziggler recovered and crotched Fandango on the ropes. Ziggler had his hand on the gift, but Fandango slammed Ziggler’s head into the pole and he fell off onto the steps. Fandango grabbed the present to win.

The Prime Time Players vs The Usos. Titus started with a shoulder tackle followed by a slam. Darren Young came in and was suplexed onto an Uso. The Usos took control after a clothesline. They each took their turn hitting a couple armdrags. Darren Young started fighting back with a Northern Lights suplex followed by an elbow. The Usos made a blind tag. They hit a Samoan Drop followed by a butt splash. Titus was dumped to the outside and The Usos hit their finisher for the win.


Its’ Good Santa Mark Henry vs Bad Santa Damien Sandow. Henry threw Sandow down then revealed a toilet under a box and shoved Sandow’s face into it. Sandow tried using a fire extinguisher but he couldn’t operate it. Henry did and used it. They went up the stage where Sandow used a candy cane decoration on Henry. Sandow destroyed the gifts so Henry hit him with a headbutt. They made their way back to the ring. Sandow was unable to use the fire extinguisher again. Henry did, then hit the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. After the match, Henry shoved a plate of cupcakes into Sandow’s face.

Los Matadores defeated The Real Americans. El Torrito speared Cesaro in the mid-section at one point. Nothing much to see here.

Ryback defeated Kofi Kingston after the Meathook Clothesline and Shell Shocked.

Bad News Barrett said all the money he collected today wasn’t going to charity, but to his own pocket. What a heel!

Don’t We All Want Shield Six Man Tags As A Christmas Gift?

Main event time. Cena and Ambrose started. Cena took him down with a shoulder tackle and Ambrose immediately tagged in Rollins. Cena ducked a clothesline and went into CENA MODE early but Rollins bailed on the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Rollins regrouped and tagged in Reigns. Both men shoved each other but Reigns eventually caught Cena with a Samoan Drop as The Shield took control into commercial.

The Shield still had control back from break. Rollins hit a neckbreaker off the second rope. Cena tried fighting back but Ambrose locked in a sleeper. Cena was able to get to his feet and make the tag to CM Punk while still in the hold. Punk hit a dive onto Ambrose to the outside. He hit his neckbreaker, high knee, clothesline combo. Rollins distracted Punk and Ambrose dumped him to the outside. Ambrose hit a suplex on the outside. Now The Shield took their turns working over Punk. Punk eventually fought out of a key lock and hit a backdrop on Rollins. He tried making the tag but Reigns took out Cena on the outside and Ambrose tagged in to prevent a tag. Punk caught Ambrose with a kick to the head but Reigns tagged in. Punk, however, moved out of the way of a splash and tagged in Big E. Big E took out Rollins and hit a double splash on Rollins and Ambrose. Ambrose went for a pin on Big E but Cena broke it up. Reigns hit a spear on Cena. Punk took him out and then dumped Rollins to the outside. Big E hit the Big Ending on Ambrose, but Reigns and Rollins broke up the pin and the ref called for the bell.

After the match The Shield tried hitting the triple powerbomb on Big E, but Cena and Punk broke it up and the faces hit their finishers on The Shield as they stood tall to close the show.


I’m not really going to give this show a final score. Look, it is Christmas time. The one time a year where the WWE abandons storylines for one week and just throw out a show for us to enjoy. You aren’t under any obligation to watch it. The show is pre-taped. You know what to expect going in even if you didn’t read the spoilers. We have a full month until the Royal Rumble. We had two very good six man tag team matches. Yeah, everything else kind of felt like a house show. But like I said, this is the holiday season and if the WWE wants to have one week where they put a show on like this, I’m not going to complain. And quite frankly, if you want to complain about a show being Christmas themed during the Christmas season, then you take this stuff way too seriously. The show is what it is. A feel good type of show for the WWE’s audience during the Christmas season. Live with it, move on, and get ready for Wrestlemania season.

Have a good holiday season everyone.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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JC’s Top Rope Report: My Final Wrestlemania 30 Card

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We are just a few weeks away from the build to the Royal Rumble, which officially kicks off Wrestlemania season. Usually the WWE waits until the new year starts to get into Royal Rumble mode. We might see something on the last RAW of the year to get things going. But we know for a fact the WWE will go into over drive come January 2014.

I really think this year’s Wrestlemania has a lot of potential. If the card shapes up the way I think it will, it could end up being one of the better Wrestlemania’s of all time. There are a lot of different match combinations out there. You could go so many different ways with a lot of wrestlers at this point. The ending of RAW a couple weeks ago laid out a lot of possible roads to Wrestlemania. At this point last year, it seemed like we already knew what the top three matches on the card were going to be. This year is completely different.

So again, this is the way I would book Wrestlemania if I were in charge of the card.
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Quick Hits: WWE SmackDown 12.20.13 (The Shield vs John Cena & CM Punk)

SD 11-26-2013 (51)

Randy Orton/John Cena/Daniel Bryan Segment

<- Anyone else feel a triple threat WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble coming after Monday? I’d prefer a one-on-one match between Cena and  Orton with Bryan winning the Rumble itself.

<- Think Vince McMahon ever dreamed that his top, monster heels (The Shield) would have to back down from a guy that looks like CM Punk?

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